After 10,000 years

I’m back from a short hiatus. I may have been away from the “limelight” for a couple of days (hmmm…to be more accurate, I was away for 13 days) but I made sure that there will be a lot of entries to look forward to with my comeback.

My ever-reliable pen and notebook was my companion to keep me in touch with myself during those days that I was missing online and through text. I kinda found it difficult to write again and had to practice my handwriting so I can read it myself. I welcomed the idea of having to write down my thoughts again – literally. It was a breather for me.

So many things have happened during those days that I was away, but definitely you’ll be reading about it by this weekend.

Of course, I’m now here to answer the perennial question, “Where was I during those days that I wasn’t around?”

I had to contend with some personal issues and made sure that I have enough time and energy to face all of them. It was tough but still I’m alive and kicking.

There was also the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company I had to deal with. I’ve been having problems with my DSL connection since the start of September regarding my very slow internet bandwidth. And then one day, I woke up only to realize that my phone’s dial tone vanished into thin air without any warning. I was able to tolerate the DSL connection problem since it started but hearing nothing from my phone threw me into the pits! It’s not because I make telebabad all the time (I hate the idea of talking over the phone for hours!), but because that phone line is the lifeblood of my family. And most of my father’s personal and other business transactions are done through that phone line! I couldn’t help but to again become the irate customer who demanded for the supervisor to have everything resolved ASAP! That did it – so now, I’m back online! 😀

Tomorrow’s the start of a brand new month – my birthday month. And now I’m starting to wonder what it would be like to be 29 real soon.

To the people who missed me or otherwise just wanted to know where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing, I’m so touched by your concern. People like you are one of the reasons why I have a smile on my face despite the not-so-pleasant things in my life right now 🙂 Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 😀

And now, I need to take a dose of cough syrup to get rid of this pesky cough! I’m sick again 😦

To a dear friend…on his natal day

Happy birthday Matt! 🙂 I know that you’re happy right now and despite the odds, you’re still alive and kicking – and of course, still cute 🙂

I wish you all the best and I’ll see you soon! I’m not going to take any excuse from you if you’ll be absent during Basti’s 1st birthday celebration! Hehehehe!

*hugs* to you, my dear friend! 🙂

Superwoman for a day

Last night, my siblings, my best friend and hubby went on a drinking spree here at home. I slept early because I was too tired and too sleepy.

I woke up early because we needed to go to Bulacan for Basti’s hilot session with Aling Lina at Reggie’s house by 9am. And then, we’ll be going to the first birthday celebration of my godchild, Jerin, at their house in Valenzuela. And last but not the least, my father-in-law will be having his birthday celebration in Malabon later in the afternoon as well. It was really a jampacked day for us so I was looking forward to a tiring day ahead.

It took me a while before I was able to wake up hubby and Dhong (who slept over). Then we picked up Reggie at her Teletech office at around 7:30. We had a good breakfast at the paresan along Retiro then we headed to my in-laws’ place to get Basti. After which, we went straight to Reggie’s house for the hilot session. Basti had to go back next week for another round so that his pilay would be fully healed.

I was surprised to hear my mobile phone ringing with my Dad as the caller. I answered it and was shocked to hear that he was rushed to the ER of the Manila Sanitarium (the hospital was just a block away from the law school) because he felt so weak and light. He told me that he had palpitations and he wasn’t feeling really good so he asked a co-professor to bring him to the hospital. I was so worried because I was too far from where he was at that moment. I just told him to keep in touch and we’ll be there in a couple of hours.

I called up my brother at home to tell him to go to the hospital ASAP. He was nearer the hospital so I told him to cancel whatever plans he has for the day and hurry to the hospital. As usual, he wasn’t happy with what I told him to do but I told him that he had to do it.

We rushed to bring Basti to my in-laws so that we can go to the hospital and see how my father was doing. We got to the hospital shortly after 3pm and it was a staff from the school who was looking after him. My brother, Ryan, and Via just got there a few minutes earlier than we did. Good thing I bought some food from McDonald’s because we were all so damn hungry.

My father had a very high blood pressure rate when he was admitted so he was advised that he needed to be confined. His blood sugar was also high so a total change in diet was required of him. The hospital is run by Adventists so all of their food items are vegetable-based. I can’t afford to be a vegetarian! My father couldn’t take it as well but he has to be even for just the time that he’ll be in the hospital.

When my other brother arrived from school, hubby, Dhong and I left for Jerin’s birthday party. Although we knew that we would be super duper late, we still decided to go there because I gave my word to Jerin’s parents that we’ll be there. We arrived at around 9pm and then ate a very sumptuous dinner. The oriental pasta was superb and the kaldereta was so yummy! And then the torrential rains fell!

Where we were at that moment is not spared of flood waters. We decided to leave just a couple of minutes after dinner because we don’t want to be caught in the flood. Despite our expectation, we still encountered flooded areas and I was so worried that my car would conk out on us. It’s so hard to be driving an automatic car on flood waters. Good thing, hubby was a great driver. We got home safe.

I’m so tired today. As I write this one, I’m thinking of how my father is right now. I texted my brother earlier and he told me that he was already sleeping. We have to be at the hospital early morning tomorrow. My father told me that he doesn’t like to stay long in the hospital and if it’s possible for him to go home tomorrow, he will go home tomorrow. Now talk about being hard-headed, eh?

I’m gonna take my well-deserved rest but I surely miss my Sweetie Basti tonight.

Toxic Part 2

Not a good day for me!

Aside from the fact that these PLDT people took away my phone’s dial tone for some unknown reason, my cousin told me through SMS that they didn’t use the reservation I made because they got a ticket that sent his BIL off this afternoon to Japan. I was really disappointed because they were “harassing” me since Saturday for help and when we did it, they did this thing. It really pissed me off because we did all that we can to help them and yet they put it all to waste just like that.

I wasn’t expecting this to happen since they were really following up on everything since last week and now they’re just gonna throw away all that has been done. I don’t really think it was fair for them to do that. Moreover, they didn’t even apologize for the harm done.

I told my Dad about it and he told me to just treat it as a lesson learned from an experience. Of course, I couldn’t help but comment.

Mahirap talaga makipag-usap sa adik!” Oh well! 😦


This is one tough day for me. I spent half of my day making flight arrangements for my cousin’s brother-in-law so that he could go to Japan and claim the body of my cousin-in-law. I also arranged for an NBI meeting for them with a special investigator (who happens to be a student of my Dad from law school). My cousin told us that they didn’t have enough money to spend for the airfare. Since I just received a mailer from my airline that they have a promo for cash and miles, I had a consultation with my parents and we decided to donate my flight miles so that my cousin’s brother-in-law can go and make that trip to Japan. There was still some cash involved but my cousin agreed that they would be shouldering the cash needed (just US$120) for the reservation. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any coach slots available so I decided to just upgrade their booking from coach to business class. Anyway, it was just an additional US$100 on their part for a US$1700 flight booking. Not bad at all, right?! I had to talk with a supervisor so that they can accommodate my request. I really want to commend the Northwest Airlines reservations department for their very courteous and helpful staff. 🙂

I told my cousin to drop by our house to get the documents they need to be able to claim the ticket. They did come and I explained to them what they needed to do. I also reminded them to meet Mark from the NBI, who’s waiting for them so that they can get the fingerprinted document that they need.

Hopefully everything will turn out well so that Ate Beng will be finally laid to rest here at the place she called home. It’s about time.

Homecoming for the nth time…

Earlier when I was at the driving range with my brothers, my guy best friend and my son, hubby and I had a very bad exchange of text messages that simply blew my patience off. Included in those exchange of messages was his allegation that I was flirting with another man – a friend whom I met through chat a couple of years back. Hubby knows him by face and name because he’s been to one of the EBs that I set up when I was still an active channel owner of a chat server. Apparently, he read one of my chat logs with him and he got jealous. I was freaking out and at the same time laughing. It was one of the most hideous accusations I’ve received in my entire life. I stopped replying from his messages; not because I wanted to make him all the more madder at me but I wanted to make sutil na lang. Hehehehe!

So he’s home – my husband is home for the nth time. I couldn’t help but make a comment about his accusation. It was a very nasty comment that I made and I laughed my heart out. Oh geez! I can’t believe that we went from one serious scenario to another the past couple of days and then it’s just gonna end up with a comic relief. It was good though.

I don’t wanna say that we’re already in good terms. There’s still a lot more to talk about us. Our relationship – our marriage – is not stable. It can break anytime. I still don’t know why he doesn’t want to have a heart-to-heart talk about the 2 of us. I guess he’s not ready. Guys don’t like confrontation and I hate it. I don’t like confrontation too but it’s just too important not to deal with our situation head on.

Now, I won’t be surprised if in the next couple of weeks, we’ll have another round of this kind of talk. Now I believe that marriage is just one tough joyride!

Getting there

I’m on the brink of emotional exhaustion. I’m feeling so down and out and I can feel that I’m just ready to burst – into tears – once again. But no, I’m not doing that. I know that I’m a stronger person now and I know that this is just a test to my character and emotions.

Good thing that we’ll be going to the driving range later. That would be cool! At least, I’ll spend some quality time with friends and my son at the same time.

And now, I’m going to sleep with puffy eyes and lots of emotional burden. *sigh* Can’t wait ’til the morning comes!

Twist of Fate

At first I couldn’t believe it, but right now it’s really happening.

For so many times, I’ve been asked the question: “Ano’ng gagawin mo kung magkita kayo ng naging 3rd party sa relationship nyo ni ******? Eh diba batchmates kayo? So pa’no kaya yun?”

When I learned about her (directly from my ex), it was like I was hit on the head with a hammer and I couldn’t think straight. I remember that the only thing I did was to tell him to leave before I change my mind about throwing anything I lay my hands on at him. To be honest, I wasn’t even expecting that we’ll cross each others’ paths after several years. I actually didn’t want that to happen because definitely it’s gonna be such an awkward situation.

I have to admit that I deliberately psyched myself that we won’t be crossing each others’ paths again for the plain and simple reason that I won’t allow it to happen. But fate is much stronger than my will. We’ve crossed each others’ paths once more – not only are we high school batchmates but she’s connected to the same office where a very good friend of mine works and he happens to know her so I would like to believe that she knows him too. Small world, eh?

To be honest, I can only laugh about it right now. In fact, her blog is in my favorites list and I do read it everyday, just checking out what she’s been doing. But I’m still thinking of whether or not I’ll be putting a link of her site on mine. These all felt weird but it did happen – and I allowed it to happen.

Sometimes, I get a feeling that fate’s playing a trick on me. Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if in any case, I’ll come across a website where my ex’s wife may also be blogging and see their oh so happy family pictures right on my screen. Don’t get the notion that I’m sourgraping or I’m bitter – I’m not. I’ve already recovered from that bitter part of my past. It’s just that I’m amazed at how small the world can be and how fate can play a trick on a person’s life. The more I stay away from the people and things that will remind me of my past, the more that they come into my life. These things taught me that I really can’t run away and totally forget what happened. Memories will always be memories. They’ll always come back in ways and at times that you don’t even expect them to come.

Just another day…

Hubby came home yesterday. I didn’t say a word. It was as if he wasn’t here. I was too engrossed doing the household chores and taking care of my son.

He didn’t even make any attempt to apologize. Bummer ‘no?

To my friends who have aired their thoughts on what happened, thank you so much!!! Reading your thoughts kept my sanity and it appeased my pent up emotions one way or the other. I know I haven’t written anything positive the past couple of days but I’m still glad you don’t get tired of reading about my experiences as a wife. Hopefully, something positive will come out of all these and definitely I’ll be writing about it here 😀

Oh well, I have a busy day ahead of me. My son’s gonna keep my hands full for the next couple of hours until it’s time for his afternoon nap. Hehehe! And also, I’m once again rebuilding my PC as it got hit by a virus. I don’t know who the culprit was but it’s definitely one from here at home. Now I’m thinking of just giving limited access to the ones using my PC – including my husband. This is so much time wasted on reinstalling everything and transferring files. Grrrr…

I’ll see you guys then…