There’s a reason behind every decision

After several overseas calls to Mama and a heart-to-heart talk with Papa, I decided to postpone my trip ’til January 2005.

I have to admit that I was disappointed. First of all, I had a hard time scheduling my flight and now I have to pay a fee to have my flight rebooked on a later date. I discussed it with my travel agent and it’s a good thing Papa will shoulder whatever expense this decision incurred. Secondly, I was excited to set foot in a country whose people speak in a totally different accent from that of Americans and Canadians. I wanted to challenge myself to learn their way of speaking. Lastly, I had to postpone an opportunity that comes only once in a lifetime – to work in a foreign land for the sake of my family.

Despite the disappointment, I would have to say that I’m happier with the decision I made. For one, I wouldn’t have to be away from my family for Christmas. I once spent Christmas alone in a foreign land and I wouldn’t want that to happen again. But of course, if the trip pushed through, I was already prepared to face that scenario again. I imagined myself crying and wishing that I was home having Christmas Eve dinner with my family and friends.

Papa “indirectly” requested for the postponement of my trip. He felt uncomfortable that I’ll be leaving him with just my brothers here at home. Since Mama lives at the other side of the world, Papa relies on me so much when it comes to running the household – from paying the bills down to calling up the water delivery service for our overhead tank – I make sure that everything’s right around here. I’ve been his PA (personal assistant) for the longest time now and I guess, that’s mainly the reason why he entrusts the household to me. It’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it.

Leaving my son and my husband behind was the heaviest consideration I had in mind about this trip. For one, Basti’s growing up so fast and I was really hesitant to leave because he might not recognize me anymore when I go back. Since I’ll be away for a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of one year, it isn’t going to be easy for me to be away for that long. And then, hubby already told me (even before the plans for my trip were finalized) that in case I’ll leave the country without them for a long time, he wasn’t going to be bring me to the airport at all costs. I asked why but he didn’t want to answer. It took me several tries before he gave in. Then he said: “Ayokong makitang umalis ka.” This, he said sincerely and without a trace of joke or sarcasm. The statement made me teary-eyed. For the first time in a long while, I heard something from my husband that made me smile that I considered changing my mind about leaving him behind.

This trip was supposed to give me another chance at living my own life but with the consequence of being away from the people I love. It was a tough decision to make. But right now, I know I made the right decision. For now, my trip would take a backseat until January. By then, it would be a different story.


Family bonding on a Sunday

Just like our typical Sundays, we would all wake up at around 9am and then do our routine of playing with Basti, changing his nappies from the night before, feeding Basti with milk and cereal, giving his vitamins, playing with him, washing him when he poos and then playing with him again until he takes his morning nap. Hubby and I would eat brunch by then and then discuss whether or not we’ll be going to my in-laws in Valenzuela or just spend the day here at home.

When Basti woke up, I asked hubby if we could go on a stroll either at Glorietta or Greenbelt because I’m so bored. I also wanted to browse into shops for some Christmas gifts and at the same time, I wanted to take Basti out with us. He agreed and then I asked my 2 brothers and Gian’s his girlfriend if they wanted to go. They agreed to and then the hustle and bustle of preparing for a trip to the mall started.

I decided to call Papa to ask if he wanted to join us in Makati. He told me to wait for him so that we could all go. We left home at around 4:30pm and got to Makati shortly before 5PM. We decided that Basti and I would ride in Papa’s car and Gian and Via in my car.

We got into a very bad encounter with a reckless driver. This green E150 van wanted to have the roads all to himself. He first tailgated and almost sideswiped my car (being driven by hubby) and then just as when my brother was making his turn going to the carpark, the driver hit the right front bumper of Papa’s car. We caused traffic because Papa went down the car and confronted the driver who was in his most arrogant form!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not looking down on his job because I’m a driver myself. It’s just that it was his fault and still, he was so arrogant about it, blaming us for not giving him way. He wasn’t in the proper lane so it was his fault. He couldn’t wait for his turn to go inside the carpark and what he did was to make the usual “singit” from the outer lane going to the inner lane just to have the road all to himself. Basta makauna lang, wala syang pakialam kung me babanggain sya o wala. The guards were all trying to pacify the situation but they couldn’t do anything about it. Papa was so fuming mad because it was the first time that his car got figured in an accident, to think that his car still looks as good as new after all these years.

The police was still nowhere to be found after 10 minutes of creating traffic along a main road. I told Papa to calm down because I was worried about his hypertension. He got his cane and went out of the car again. I couldn’t get out of the car to follow him because I was holding Basti on my lap. I told my brother to pacify our father. Then I heard Papa tell the driver to get out of his sight and then rammed the rear bumper of the E150 with his metal cane. My father got even!!!

Hubby tried to follow the van inside the parking area but the driver drove away so quickly. I wasn’t too happy about the bump. Although it was tolerable and no lights were damaged, still, it would be another hassle on our part to have it fixed, considering the very busy schedule that my Papa has. We’ll talk about it at a later time.

We had a hard time deciding where to eat since it’s already dinner time. We voted for Dad’s and to Dad’s we went. It was my third time to eat there and still I’m always overwhelmed with the food that I see available for my mouth to taste. We all had a grand time hopping from one meal to another. Basti loved the steak and soup and he was just a darling inside the restaurant – smiling at everyone and waving bye-bye to everyone that he sees.

After dinner, most stores were already closing so we decided to have coffee at Starbucks Magallanes before going home. At last, my stickers are complete and I got myself the Starbucks Coffee 2005 planner that I wanted so much to have!!!!

The day was generally great for all of us. It was another one of those bonding times that we had with our Papa. This is just one of the days that I don’t want to end because it’s great having these times together with our father.

Idiot Box

The other day, one of Sony’s customer service reps called me up to ask if I’d like to avail of their service clinic today which was to be held at an establishment very near our house. It was a good thing she called because I was really contemplating on having our TV checked because of its snowy picture. I know that our TV’s been working since 1997 so I’m pretty sure that something must be wrong from within. I had it scheduled at 10am today but the technician arrived after lunch. So -5000 points went to this company for having failed to come in on time.

Just as I expected, there was something wrong from within. The CRT sockets of the TV are damaged and needed to be replaced. Since the TV had 3 of those, we would need to replace all 3. After making several phone calls to Papa, he agreed to have our TV unit serviced and we paid the PhP400 as downpayment. I thought that it was the technician who’s gonna have our TV scheduled for repair the next week. But he told me that I’d have to give their call center a call to have our unit fixed. I was disappointed and hesitantly called up their call center hotline to have our unit repaired for Monday.

After an hour, Sony confirmed that their technician will be coming in on Monday to have the parts replaced. They scheduled it at 10AM.

From now until Monday, we won’t be able to use the TV in the living room, as per the technician’s recommendation. I’m actually glad that the TV’s “resting” for a couple of days because it’s basically on a 24/7 operation courtesy of my sister’s husband and their kids. I’ve been complaining to Papa about her family’s TV habits and I have this funny grin on my face that can’t seem to disappear after hearing the recommendation – buti nga at wala silang TV ngayon!!!!!!!! Aleluya!!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!! It’s gonna be a big help in my quest to lower down our electricity costs!!! I can’t wait to see the bill next month!!!!

For now, hubby and I are confined to watching TV inside the room. I only have to contend with Papa about what we should watch 😀

NBA brawl

I’m no ignoramus when it comes to NBA teams. I was once a Chicago Bulls fan when the team was at the peak of its career – and I still keep and use the official team jacket that my father bought during one of his US vacations. Currently, I’m rooting for the Dallas Mavericks and I’m so familiar with the impeccable court moves of Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash.

Anyway, I’m not that much of a basketball fan but there are times when I can’t help but just watch the game on TV because I simply can’t overthrow the male population in the house – which is a majority. It was a typical Saturday morning, they were all watching the live coverage of the Indiana PacersDetroit Pistons when suddenly I overheard my brother-in-law shout “Uy, me away na!”

I got curious and watched with them. Everything just happened so fast. I was watching a very bad example of unprofessionalism, unruly behavior and lack of sportsmanship from the players and the audience as well. It was such an ugly sight that good thing my son isn’t that grown up yet to have watched it. And then the game was called with 45 seconds remaining in the last quarter.

The whole thing started when Ben Wallace of the Pistons overreacted over a foul that was made by Ron Artest. Hubby quipped: “Talo na kasi kaya napikon!” – something that I think is actually true. Besides, knowing that the Pistons are about 15 points behind, I guess that fact got into their nerves and they forgot the term “sportsmanship.”

It was just really disappointing to see such players and watchers in their worst form. But then again, I couldn’t blame the Pacers for reacting that way though. In my opinion, they were actually the aggrieved party. Beer cans, water bottles and water were thrown at the Pacers players, literally hurting them. It was just a ghastly sight to see! I wouldn’t like to think that the audience that night were mostly uneducated people but that was the impression I got from the brawl that happened.

I’m not a Pacers fan, nor am I a Pistons follower. Both parties have made a mistake but maybe the NBA Commission should look at how it all started. Hopefully, things will be better next time and this will be the first and the last time a brawl of this kind would happen during an NBA game. Also, maybe the coaches and the teams’ respective owners can refresh their players’ knowledge about Sportsmanship 101 and Professionalism 101 so that they’ll know how to handle situations like that the next time around.

And to the audience? Oh well, I guess the NBA would need to ban beer drinking inside any sports event such as this to prevent this kind of incident from happening again.

Meanwhile, click here for the detailed account of what happened this morning (Friday night Eastern Time).


I was reading through one of my favorite blogs and came across this quiz. I left a comment for her to share her secrets, not knowing that we’ll have the same quiz results. I was laughing so hard when I saw the results and I’m still giggling up to now.

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My "TO DO" and "TO HAVE" List


1. Start on my Christmas list and Christmas shopping.

2. Buy and send out Christmas cards and birthday cards to my friends and relatives abroad.

3. Clear out my closet and that of my Dad’s.

4. Hold a garage sale.

5. Pay off all my debts before Christmas.

6. Read the books that I bought and borrowed.

7. Clear out my mailboxes of backlogged e-mails.

8. Backup all my PC data.

9. Start a new briskwalking schedule.

10. Go to my doctors and have a complete check-up.

11. Have all of Basti’s digital pictures printed for his scrapbook/album


1. Extra battery for my Xda

2. Bluetooth headset for my Xda

3. Car charger kit for my Xda

4. 512MB or 1GB SD card for my Xda

5. secondary 40GB hard drive for my PC

6. 2 new pairs of jeans

7. a new set of PC speakers

8. Starbucks 2005 Planner (6 more stickers to go for the promo! Hehehehe!)done !!! as of 11-21-2004 😀

9. new set of car mats

10. more money in the bank! (Hahaha!)

There’s still more in my mind but that’s the “most urgent” for now. Hopefully I’ll be able to do and have all of these before the year ends.

My sister in the UK sent me news that she just got her US visa. I’m so very happy for her!!! At least all her efforts paid off. Imagine, she was already on the road to London at 5am and she had to wait until noon before she got interviewed. It’s a 3-4 hour trip from where she lives going to the US embassy in London. The bus for her return trip was an hour late so she had problems booking a return trip to Wales. She got stuck with a schedule that will be arriving shortly before 2am tomorrow. I just told her to sleep during the trip so she won’t be too cranky and all that.

I had a very lousy day today. Highlights of it, of course, was my bonding time with my son. He’s just so adorable! He makes my day as bright as the sunshine despite the problems that I have.