Type A+ blood urgently needed

I haven’t posted for a while now but I’ll have the updates up and about real soon.

Since this is an urgent need, I hope you can spread the word around or get in touch with me for immediate coordination. I got this message from my former boss through Friendster. As much as I wanted to donate (I’m a blood donor), my blood type doesn’t match that of the recipient. I know there are a lot of you out there who can help. Let’s all end 2004 beautifully.

Kindly pass the word around to your friends and relatives. Thanks a lot!



My good friend May’s mom is in St Luke’s needing Type A blood. Nanay has been there since last week (sadly spent Christmas there and possibly New Year’s), and now she’s needing blood transfusion desperately.

It’s Christmas… None of us would like to spend holidays in this sad state, but May’s family did… You may not know her, but she is a real and good person. She is my friend, and since you are, too, i think you can establish some connection. You know me, and I know May… isnt this what Friendster is about, to connect with people who mean or can mean something to you. This place isnt a “dating” place, at least not for me. This is a place to find good people who have good hearts.

Kindness to strangers is one of the noblest things God has given us free will to do. It is also a great gift, the true meaning of what this season is about. If you could find it in your heart to help someone you dont know, please do.

PLEASE HELP. You all have MOMs, so you should know how it feels. Imagine it for one minute, to have a loved one suffer, to think of the possibility that that person might not be in your life it nothing is done — it’s heart-wrenching. If you cant feel the pain… I dont know what to tell you.

So please try to help. Let me know if you or someone you know can donate blood (Type A+) … I’m sure there are at least 10 people in here who are Type A+. Message me asap so i can coordinate how you can help May. I will not be able to repay you, but your goodness will be rewarded by God all the days of your life.





infantile asthma

Last night was a terrible night for us. I wasn’t expecting that Basti will be rushed to the ER. Since Basti was with my in-laws, we visited him yesterday and then we went home after a couple of hours with him. Just right before dinner, my MIL called hubby at his cellphone and told him that Basti’s having difficulty breathing. I immediately knew there was something wrong when hubby told me that it was my MIL calling. I told hubby that we’ll pick up Basti and bring him to St. Luke’s, regardless of whether we have the money or not.

I called up Basti’s pediatrician after my MIL’s call and I spoke with his pedia’s reliever. Basti’s pediatrician is out of the country for the holidays and won’t be back until January 22nd. The doctor gave me instructions and she informed me not to worry and panic because they’lll assess his condition immediately as soon as we get to the ER.

Basti was already asleep when we fetched him. He awoke in the middle of the trip. I knew that it was asthma because I saw the same symptoms with my younger siblings during their earlier years. As soon as we gave the information at the ER counter, the doctor on duty (Dra. Narciso) assessed Basti’s condition and told me he had to be nebulized with Ventolin nebules. If after 2 sessions and his breathing wouldn’t improve, he would have to be confined for further tests and observation.

I was praying in my mind the whole time. It was a shock to us when Basti struggled his face out of the face mask. He was really in this panic mode when the nebulizer started to whirl and the smoke started to envelope his nasal and mouth areas. I had to restrain him so that he could inhale the medication properly and it pained me to see him crying so hard. I’ve never seen him cry that hard. Sa mga tusok ng karayom ‘di kasi sya umiiyak pero sa face mask ng nebulizer, talagang sobrang umiyak sya! Eh diba mas masakit ang tusok ng karayom kesa maglagay ka lang ng face mask? I really don’t know what happened but it was the worst 20 minutes or so of our mother and son relationship.

His breathing improved after the first session. The doctor wanted to make sure that there’s nothing else bothering him aside from infantile asthma. He had his very first x-ray and it was another crying session for him. The procedure had to be repeated because the print didn’t come out well the first time. Oh geez! The perils a child has to go through just to be treated. Sana ako na lang ang nagkasakit!!!

His second nebulization was quite a breeze compared to the first one. I had to chide him with a lot of stuff and things and even had to make him play with the other kids that were confined in the ER due to asthma too. It was only then that I realized that our air is so polluted already and I wish we could still do something about it.

While waiting for the results of the x-ray, a bloodied man and a young teener was rushed inside the ER for immediate treatment. From what hubby gathered, there was a hip-hop street dancing contest at a nearby barangay that led to a very bloody end. A group of young people made a drive-by, pulled out a gun and started shooting at random. The bloodied man only tried to protect his niece from the commotion – and he was the one who got all the bullets that went his way.

Blood literally flowed down the body and the ER staff had to use a lot of blankets and linen to wipe off the blood. The man was rushed to the ICU after failed attempts of stabilizing his vital signs. And then after a couple of minutes, hubby told me that the man died while being treated.

There was a little commotion outside of the hospital because the relatives of the dead man wanted to pounce on the suspects but instead of doing that, they ordered the barangay officials and police to just leave the premises before they kill the suspects. The teener was in critical condition. It was really sad that it had to happen.

Going back, Basti’s x-ray revealed that he has mild pneumonia. The doctor asked me if I have a nebulizer at home. My family is a family of asthmatics and we do have the same apparatus that they are using in the hospital. However, we had to retire it because it already malfunctioned – and understandable thing to happen since it’s been with us since 1996. I told the doctor that we don’t but we can buy one. The doctor wanted to confine Basti for further tests and antibiotics administration. It’s not that I didn’t want to confine him but I asked if it’s just okay if we do the antibiotic treatment at home and she said that it’s possible. Anyway, we can just buy the nebulizer and the medicines needed and do the procedures at home. I didn’t allow Basti to be confined – not during this time of the year.

After the second nebulization, the doctor checked on Basti’s breathing again and then gave her discharge instructions and follow-up appointment with Basti’s pediatrician. I was very anxious because I know that I didn’t have the money but there I was waiting for the discharge order.

When the statement came, I decided to just get the payment from the cellphone bills payment that was given to me by Papa last night. It was more than enough to pay for Basti’s emergency but I didn’t have the guts to tell Papa about it because I know that he’ll be upset. I’ll tell him later.

We were discharged at around 3AM already and then we proceeded to Mercury Drug Park Square 1 in Makati to buy his medicines and the nebulizer. The nebulizer took a big chunk out of the cellphone bills payment and I know that it’s gonna be a bit hard for me to explain what happened. But I’m pretty sure that Papa will understand.

We got home at around 4:30AM and both hubby and I were exhausted to the brim. I didn’t even notice that I was already sleeping.

Basti’s asleep now and hopefully he’ll be on his way to a full recovery by Christmas Eve.

I am really so sad that this had to happen. I know it’s hard on my son but I’m sure that we’ll go through his condition together. It’s just good that this was discovered early on, in that way, we’ll be more guided on dealing with his daily activities or routine.

I’m still hoping that we’ll have a really merry Christmas!

Feeling senti

It was a usual day for me. Basti’s practicing his walking skills and of course, he turned our room topsy-turvy to my dismay. Fixing the room seemed to be an endless task. I just had to give up running after my son’s mess for now.

Christmas is coming up pretty fast and I haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet. I planned to start it last October but apparently, there were more pressing financial matters that I needed to face so just had to postpone it until I realized it was already less than 2 weeks before Christmas. It has been my yearly tradition to send out cards and give out gifts during Christmas but it seems like all I can do for this year was send out Christmas cards (which I already did). Some people asked me why I had to send out cards when there are already e-cards available for my friends and family who live overseas. For me, it’s still a great feeling to be getting true cards from people who remember. A couple of years ago, when I spent my first Christmas away from home, I jumped in joy when I got a couple of holiday cards from friends here in the Philippines. It was really a different joy that I felt being remembered from someone who lives far away from me at that time. From then on, I really told myself to send out cards during special and important occasions.

Aside from the financial difficulties that we’re having now, I still feel so blessed that I have a house to live in, food to eat on the table whenever I feel like eating, and I have family and friends who are always there for me.


We decided to go to Greenbelt 3 while waiting for my brother from his UK visa interview. I was with Gian, Via and Basti and we just met Ahyee at Starbucks. We got to meet him shortly before 6pm and he told me that he had to go back tomorrow for his passport. He’s actually at a loss whether he was given the visa or not but he was assured by the consul that he was given one – it’s just that there was a problem in the stamping of the visa on his passport. He just needed to come back tomorrow for his passport. I’m pretty sure Mama will be happy to hear of the news.

We all decided to have dinner at Tokyo Tokyo in Greenbelt 1 and then Papa called me up to ask where we are. I told him that we can just meet him at Starbucks Magallanes for an after dinner coffee and chit-chat.

We were at Starbucks Magallanes a couple of minutes past 7. Papa arrived at around 7:30. Basti was at his usual kulit mode and he kept on flashing his signature nguso and swanget smile to the people inside the cafe. There’s this one little girl that played with him and Basti flashed his sweet smile to the girl’s parents. He also gave them flying kisses and I couldn’t help but just smile to myself. I actually told hubby:“Hay naku, magaling mambola ng magulang ang anak mo!” Papa just laughed at my comment.

It was a good start of the week for me. Although I’m still pissed at my sister (well, that’s another story), still, I feel happy today.

Giant Leap

Basti goes around our house and our cozy room by holding on to whatever he can hold on to – the bed, any chair, the cabinets, the sofa, the table, his walker, his stroller. Believe me, this 13-month old kid can turn our house upside down in one minute, or even less. His strong arms and big hands can shove anything that will come his way. His feet can kick things as far as it can reach in a flick of a finger. As his mother, I’m literally shocked as to what this kid can do.

When he’s in his walker, he strikes our house like lightning. It’s the main reason why I’ve kept our center table and other tables made of glass at the farthest corner of our house when he’s around. Vases and figurines are kept out of his sight and reach. I make that extra effort of keeping them in the morning and then putting it back to where they were at night rather than to see these pieces multiply and get the ire of my mother over the phone. Believe it or not, when my son’s at his grannies’ place, they do the same thing! Hahaha!

I laugh at his swanget smile and his signature pout whenever he would do something naughty. My heart melts very easily when he kisses me when he knows that he did something a bit wrong. I hug him when I feel that I’m running out of patience because he wouldn’t listen and he’ll just smile naughtily and stare back at me when I tell him to stop his kakulitan. I have to admit that my son is hyperactive. I get tired chasing him when he crawls around the bed or when he would just go up and down our bed to shove everything that’s above the side tables like there’s no tomorrow. I get annoyed when he cries like a spoiled brat when I couldn’t make him another bottle of chocolate milk after he gulps down the first one right away. He likes playing rough – something that he and his Daddy enjoys so much, but I enjoy less.

When I see my son do his swanget smile when he does something naughty, or when he flashes that signature pout that makes my heart melt, or when he kisses and hugs me when he knows that I’m mad at him, I know that my son knows how to manipulate my feelings to his advantage. He knows that whatever happens, I’ll still hug him and love him even more.

These are but some of the things that endear my son to me even more. And this kid sure knows his way around his mother’s feelings. Believe me, I don’t want to see all of these pass before my eyes just like that. I’d rather see him do all these for the longest time because I know that my baby will just be mine and mine alone. Selfish as it seems, but yes, that’s how I feel. Countless of times, I have hated the thought of seeing him all grown-up and doing things on his own and there will be some points in his life when he wouldn’t need me anymore. But on the other hand, I know that it will be for his own good. He’s growing up to be a one fine man and that’s what I want him to be.

Basti was brave enough to take his first steps today – without his walker and without me holding him. I was so happy to see his newly-found independence. Sure, he still needs to practice – he still falls down and he’s still a bit hesitant to walk on his own for a longer time, but the fact remains that he can already walk on his own. He has conquered his fear of walking alone and unassisted. I screamed upon seeing him walk on his own for the first time. I was so excited and called on every family member to see him walk. I also saw his excitement with his new accomplishment. He was almost running to me on his own too!

He may start walking more on his own in the next couple of days and start to discover and do more things as he develops more skills and talents. But his Daddy and I will always be there to guide him every step of the way – whatever happens.

Christmas traffic and then some…

Traffic was really bad today. What used to be a 15-minute trip to the Alabang Town Center from our place took us 45 minutes because of heavy traffic. We went there this afternoon to meet up with my brother who was going for his interview on Monday for his visa to the UK. I gave him the other documents that my sister sent to me for his application. It’s gonna be his first time to apply for a visa so I gave him some tips and bits of advice about what he’ll be going through. My sister wants him to go there because of a job opportunity that’s waiting for him. Basti is the type of kid who can’t stay put in one place. He needs to be up and about ALL THE TIME! Good thing we brought along his stroller. So as I was having this meeting with my brother for 2 hours at Starbucks, hubby and Basti were strolling at the mall. Well, hopefully, he’ll be issued that visa he needs on Monday.

At long last, I was able to save up for some of the money I need to change Basti’s feeding bottle nipples and dome caps for his bottles. They’re quite pricey but all worth it. His feeding bottles still look new after 13 months of continuous use. They were all such a good buy after all.

Traffic was worse from Alabang to Bicutan. It took us more than an hour to get to SM Bicutan to meet up with Papa, Gian and Via for dinner at French Baker. While we were waiting for our orders, Basti flashed his swanget smile and nguso to the ladies at the other table. He was smiling back at them, waving his hands, did flying kisses for them to their delight. Until they left, they were all enjoying how Basti was so accommodating to their “hi’s,” “hellos,” and “bye-bye’s.” When they left I told hubby that there’s a big possibility that our son’s gonna be a celebrity or a politician in due time. Of course, I was thinking out loud although deep inside me, I don’t agree with that. I just noticed that Basti has this charm with people. He’s the type of baby who is not afraid to respond and interact with others. He has a very happy disposition and I’m really glad about it.

We were so tired when we got home and our pockets were drained too. It doesn’t feel like Christmas at all here at home. But I’m still optimistic that things will change real soon – and I’m really looking forward to that.

Basti’s 13 months old today. Arrrrrrgggggghhhhhh!!! How time flies!!!

Basti’s Day Out

We went to SM Bicutan yesterday with my 2 brothers and Via to unwind and window-shop. Since hubby forgot to bring home Basti’s stroller, we tried out the new kiddie car service called KidSpot. It charges PhP30 for the first 30 minutes and PhP50 for the hour. Look at how Basti enjoyed “driving” his own car for more than 2 hours in the mall. And of course, don’t forget his signature “nguso.” 🙂 Posted by Hello

Basti’s signature “Swanget Smile!” Posted by Hello

Trying to get off the car Posted by Hello

Hmmmm…so how does this thing work?? Posted by Hello

Mommy!! Look!! I’m driving!!! Posted by Hello