Grrrrr day!

We woke up early and prepared early to go to Makati Medical Center to fix my brother, Dexter’s, birth certificate. He doesn’t have any birth certificate registered so we needed to go to the hospital to check on his hospital records. We were able to speak with the persons from the Admissions Office and Medical Records. They were really nice and helpful and asked me to call them back the next day to check if they got it.

We then proceeded to the Makati City Hall because we needed to verify the negativity of his records to be able to file for a delayed registration for my brother. We had to spend most of the day there to get the document. It wasn’t fun after all considering the disorganized procedures they have for those getting civil registry documents.

Shortly before 4PM, we went to Papa’s office. Traffic was everywhere and it was really a drag being on the passenger side of the car. I was really so sleepy. We had snacks with Papa at the office cafeteria and then we went to Starbucks Magallanes for a much-needed caffeine boost and then went home.

I was so appalled to see the house in disarray. The kitchen was grossly dirty, the garage was so dirty, the clothes that I pressed were everywhere in the living room. That blew it for me. I told Gian na wala talaga silang silbi iwanan sa bahay. He and Via just locked themselves up in their room the whole day, playing PS2, without even checking on what Dexter was doing to the house. Talagang pinagsalitaan ko na sila and I didn’t care whether Via was hurt or what. I’ve been passing on comments every now and then because they don’t seem to be doing their share of the house work. They just lock themselves up in their room, just going out when they need to eat or whatever. When they do the dishes, they don’t do it properly and still leave the kitchen dirty.

Papa came home and I told him what happened. Papa and I clashed. He told me it was wrong timing for me to say that to him. I admitted I was wrong and apologized. But I still told him to tell Gian to fix their act. Papa then told me that he’s giving me a week to have Via out of the house. Papa spoke to Gian and then before I knew it, Via packed her things and left, which was really a sigh of relief for me.

I know I may seem to be too harsh sometimes but I just had to do it. They didn’t heed my warning call before and they seemed to be pushing me to my limits. I am a very nice friend and I can be very generous. All I wanted was a little help from them with the housework since we don’t have a maid who will do things for us. A little consideration and concern were the least they could show when they’re left here at home.

Gian came home from the UK through me. He wasn’t happy there and I did what I can so that I can convince my parents to bring him back here. He has done things unimaginable before. I came home from Canada because Papa couldn’t bear his misdoings anymore and asked me to go back and help him out with him. He almost failed to graduate from high school if I didn’t help him out of his grave misconduct in school. Before he came home from UK, we specifically agreed that he would do what we would ask him to do – that is, finish his studies and he won’t be having any girlfriend living here at home with him. He broke the second condition when he asked Via to move in with him. Papa didn’t say anything about it because he knows that his words will just fall on deaf ears. I allowed it blindly but warned him that if he screws up, they’re out.

I knew we were wrong to tolerate my brother’s living-in with his girlfriend at 19. Papa’s the one shouldering Via’s food and other expenses through Gian. To be honest, Papa has expressed to me his dislike for Via. He doesn’t like her at all for his son. He has been embarrassed when a colleague of his saw Gian and Via and asked whether Gian was with his older aunt. Papa told his colleague that she is Gian’s girlfriend and the colleague commented:”Sayang ang gwapo pa naman ng anak mo. Bakit ganon yung girlfriend nya?” Papa didn’t comment at all anymore. But he was definitely embarrassed by the comment.

I heave a sigh of relief to see another burden out of our house. It’s gonna be tough considering that I’ll be left with Basti, Dex, hubby and Papa. There will be less malling and stuff but I know we can manage. At least I wouldn’t have to contend with hypertension and more wrinkles.

Husband and Wife Bonding

I woke up quite earlier than the usual and prepared breakfast. Surprisingly, Papa didn’t have any plans for today so he just stayed home.

After lunch, hubby and I went to the opening Sway which is the newest clothing shop for plus-sized women located in Sta. Mesa. The store’s opening was announced in the parenting mailing list that I’m part of and I decided to visit it since they’re offering a 10% discount for their opening. I was convinced to go there because we were told that the owner is a plus-sized woman herself and as far as I can remember, she also designs the clothes for the shop. I found that credible enough for me to check out the items that are being sold. I had a hard time deciding on what to buy because I would love to have them all (See? I’m really a girl!!!). And after a couple of fittings, I decided to buy the orange off-shoulder ruffled top blouse. I picked out the orange one because I think it suits my skin tone and it’s easy to pair it off with a pair of black pants or jeans. I’ll also get the electric blue color in the future 😀

I normally buy my clothes from Marks and Spencer, Tubby and Rustan’s Maxi and occasionally at Exquisite since their designs suit my taste quite well – comfy yet stylish. When I travel, I never fail to buy at Tabi or Old Navy because their clothes fit me so well to a T. Other stores carry the typical “manang” look for their plus-sized collection which turns me off. The designs at Sway are cool and trendy. It’s something that I don’t usually see in other plus-sized women stores. At least, there’s another addition to my list of favorite stores. The only drawback is the location since I live in the southern Manila area. But nevertheless, the trip’s worth it.

I’m proud to say that I wear a size 18-22 depending on the cut and style of the clothes. I’m sure not everyone will be pleased to know that but I’m definitely proud of it. Gone are the days that I used to wear size 6 clothes and flaunted my assets. Although I have in mind to start going on a diet and an exercise regimen to get me back in shape, I am still not focused on it for now. It takes guts and will power to lose weight and I haven’t reached that point yet. I know I’ve grown so big but what the heck! It’s not something that can make me less of a person. It’s just stored fat and that’s it, it won’t change who I am from the inside – it only takes a toll on my physical being and that’s the least of my concerns for now.

From Sta.Mesa, we went to Glorietta and tried out the Spam restaurant. The store’s been there for a long time and yet it was only today that we were able to try it out. I ate baked mac and hubby tried the sweetened Spam combo meal. All I can say is that I love Spam!!! This store gets added to my list of favorites 😀

We went around the mall for about an hour and then I craved for something sweet. I decided to try out Cheesecake Melliza at the Food Choices. It looked yummy so I decided to buy their junior package of 4 different slices. They told me that it’s baked cheesecake so it won’t melt easily. Believe me, the taste is heavenly!!! I highly recommend it!!!!

From Glorietta, hubby and I decided to go to SM and take a look at the different shops that offer facial cleaning services. Hubby has long been wanting to have a facial so I finally gave in and helped him out. We ended up having our facials at David’s Day Spa. The price is affordable and the staff is friendly and well-trained. I had a facial before at David’s Salon but I didn’t have a repeat because my face was “traumatized” with the person who handled my face. Sobrang bigat kasi ng kamay nya and I felt like I was punched so many times after the session. It was a totally different experience at David’s Day Spa – as I asked questions, they gave me straightforward and factual answers with explanations, which I really appreciated. 🙂

The session lasted for about an hour and after which I felt so refreshed and invigorated. I would’ve wanted to have a full body massage but my wallet couldn’t afford it anymore. As hubby and I were walking, I told him that this is a cool way for us to bond. We would have to regularly have our facials every 2 weeks so that we can achieve our goal to at least have a blackheads ad whiteheads-free face. Since we’re both kikays in our little way, at least there’s this one thing that we never argue about – VANITY!

It was generally a good day for me. I did enjoy being with hubby the whole day. I just hope that he felt the same way. Off to bed for me now…

Happy 18th Birthday

To continue my entry earlier, Papa, Dex, hubby and I had late lunch at French Baker. I was so hungry because I didn’t have breakfast and that’s the reason why. After the late lunch, we strolled inside the mall. I decided to buy a new lipstick for myself since it’s been a while since I added anything onto my make-up kit. I had a hard time deciding on what to buy and finally, after 100 years, I was able to buy Revlon’s Overstay Lip Color. I finally found one that wouldn’t leave my lips for at least an hour, hehehehe! We then had coffee at Gloria Jean’s after that. It was a pretty good bonding moment for us. This is just one of the times that I wish time would stop.

Hubby and I then went to attend Ash’s 18th birthday party at their house in Bayview along Roxas Boulevard. I felt kinda awkward because imagine, I’m pushing to my 30’s and yet I’m being invited to events like this. I just feel that I’m already past that stage of partying and stuff. It’s just that I couldn’t turn down this one because I’m part of the 18 treasures. I didn’t know there was such a thing until we attended Augae’s debut party last January. I’m only familiar with the 18 roses and 18 candles. The food was great and yummy. We had to leave by 12mn because there was nothing to do anyways. Hubby wasn’t feeling too well also so we just decided to leave early.

I’m actually tired and I need to go to bed now. I wanted to play games on Neopets but I guess I’ll pass on that for tonight.

Quick entry

I just wanted to make a quick post before I prepare to go to the mall with Dex and hubby. Papa called and told me that he’s at SM and he’d like us to join him there. I told him to wait because we’ll be bringing Dex along so that he can make pasyal naman this weekend. It’s been a while since he last went to the mall to enjoy a meal or watch a movie. We would have preferred to watch Son of the Mask but we don’t have the time because we’ll be going to Ash’s debut party later in the evening.

Gotta go for now. We’re having a late lunch at French Baker (yummy!) and we’ll be having coffee at Gloria Jean’s afterwards. Another bonding moment for us – something that I really enjoy having.

Night before EDSA day

Hubby and I agreed to take our son to my in-laws’ place in Valenzuela after they called and asked if we’re bringing him over there. Since we’re having a long weekend after PGMA declared today as EDSA Day, hubby’s parents wanted our little one to stay there for the weekend. Also, I was invited by my former classmates from law school to a get-together dinner in Malate. Good thing I was able to convince hubby to come with me. Initially, he told me that I can go but after Basti sleeps in the evening. And then after his Mom called, hubby changed his mind. I wasn’t surprised because he’s more fickle-minded that I am when it comes to deciding on things like this.

Anyway, since my car was number coded yesterday, we left the house only after 7PM. Papa went home early from the office – to my surprise of course. He played with Basti for a couple of minutes and then rested.

The tension between my youngest brother and I are getting quite intense. I’ve been telling him in bits and pieces how disgusted I am with the way he and his girlfriend are living in the house. Each and every day, I’ve been seeing more of their mistakes than ever before. I don’t know if it’s just me but I’m pretty sure that my feelings are justified. I’ll just tell you more about it later.

Traffic wasn’t so bad when we left. The trip wasn’t boring because Basti and I were playing. He’s just growing to be more and more makulit but very, very charming. He sure knows how to melt my heart and that just endears him to me even more. And I know that I’m going to miss him this weekend 😦 The house will be a little more quiet starting today 😦 No little guy running around; no one shoving every little thing that comes his way; no “Mama, fish, feed,” (he definitely knows when we should feed the fish!!!); no “Wow” when he’s given food; no dancing when he hears “Choopeta” and the Eat Bulaga theme…awwwwwwww, I’ll really miss him! 😦

Basti was so excited to see his new pets – 4 pairs of lovely African lovebirds that were given by hubby’s uncle. But all the more was he excited to his grannies. It gave me a little pinch when we waved goodbye to him. It was a realization that it would be a weekend without my precious little one beside me. 😦

Hubby and I arrived at the Legend in Malate shortly after 10PM. It was last year when we last checked out Malate (with my best friend and his brother) and it was my first time at the Legend. The band was good and they’re all good-looking and versatile musicians (all of them sings and each of them knows how to play the different instruments they have for their band). Too bad I wasn’t able to get the name of the group. There’s a P100.00 consumable entrance fee but I think that was just okay.

We haven’t eaten dinner yet so we decided to check out the food which was pricey for my standards. We agreed to share the garlic chicken and fried rice that we ordered. However, we were disappointed to see that the P240-food order consisted only of 4 pieces of chicken wings that’s flavored with fried garlic. 😦 Imagine, a piece of chicken wing for P60????!!! Despite my disappointment, I was forced to eat it anyway because my stomach has been grumbling for hours. The fried rice was good though. But then again, I thought that we should have just spent our 440 bucks (inclusive of service charge) somewhere else for a more decent and a more filling meal.

San Mig Light was 75/bottle and my order of iced tea was priced at 70. The glass of iced tea was my last paid drink for the night. I just pumped myself with tap water which is the only thing that’s free in that place. Legend is too far off my budget and I will have to think twice of going there again. Unplugged (this was the place we checked out last year in the area) is much better and more affordable than this one sans the deafening noise of a live band – which is more relaxing for me. 🙂

This was the first time I saw my former classmates since I went on indefinite leave from law school in October 2001. It was nice seeing them again and it felt good knowing how they are after 3+ years. I told them that we should do this again some other time, maybe in a quieter place or restaurant where we can really talk and not shout at each other.

From the Legend, hubby and I decided to drive thru at McDonald’s in Greenbelt for some food that we can bring home. We were both hungry and food from McD’s are more filling and I was actually craving for it for a couple of days now. It was a sight for me when I smelled the freshly cooked french fries and cheeseburger. We ate the food right away as soon as we got home.

I’m off to bed now. I’ll be staying home the rest of the day today since hubby will be doing the laundry and my “good” brother and his GF are going to Enchanted Kingdom. Papa will also be out making lakwatsa. Is this the life? Yeah, I guess it really is – for now.

So-So Day

Hubby, Basti and me went to Ortigas today to get Papa’s ID and certification from the IBP. Basti was asleep all throughout the trip which wasn’t really that bad. I was sleepy but I had to keep myself awake by talking to hubby about anything we can think of.

I would’ve wanted to go to the Galleria to stroll and eat at Sushi-ya (I’ve been craving and longing for their agedashi tofu) but hubby insisted on going to Market!Market to try out the barbecue of Aling Indang. Instead of sweating it out in convincing him to just go to the Galleria, I just said okay.

Market!Market wasn’t that full of people and it somehow eased my worries. It was a good time to take Basti for a stroll. 🙂 We ate barbecue (which was really good and yummy!) and rice. Basti had the same and as soon as he saw the food, he said:”Wow!!!!” with matching clapping of hands. He must have been really hungry. 😀

After eating, we checked out the stores at the gift market. I was able to buy a set of silver necklace and earrings for Ash who’s going to have her debutante’s party on Saturday. Ash used to be my youngest brother’s girlfriend before he left for the UK in 2003. We have remained friends since then – we still text one another and I have her in my network on Friendster. And I still treat her as my younger sister. I was surprised, but at the same time, I felt honored when she texted me last week about being one of the 18 treasures in her party. I just hope she likes the gift that we bought for her.

After our window shopping galore, we went to Starbucks to have a round of coffee before going home. As usual, hubby had his vanilla frappuccino while I had my iced latte w/ sugar-free vanilla syrup. Basti was his usual makulit self, screaming at me while I was by the counter waiting for my order. I took pictures of him drinking from a water cup that didn’t contain water. I got him 3 empty cups for him to play with while we finished our drinks. That kept him busy for a while until he made us busy by throwing the cups as far as he could for his play. I just let his Daddy do the fetching. Hehehehe!

I was doubly careful and cautious about my bag while inside the store premises because I didn’t want anything similar to my father’s ordeal the last time we went there. I wasn’t keen about the money since I have very little of that in my bag. I was more careful of my identification cards and other important stuff that I have in it. Good thing, nothing untoward happened ’til we left the coffee shop.

We got home a couple of minutes past 6. Via prepared dinner while we took turns in taking care of Basti. We knew that he was already tired but he didn’t get to sleep until about an hour ago.

That’s it for now. Meanwhile, I’ll just take care of my Neopets until I get to sleep.


I’ve finally published this new design for my blog. Whew!

Why did I choose this design? This design attracted me the moment I laid my eyes on it. Aside from the fact that the two kids are cute, the look on a child’s eyes is fresh, innocent and inspiring. And this is what I’m aiming at right now – to look at things the way that a child does. My life is in a whirlwind right now and I need this breath of fresh air to keep my sanity.

Still here

I know most of my readers are wondering where I’ve been. I’ve been quite busy. For the past couple of weeks, my life has been in a “wonderful” rollercoaster ride. But don’t worry because I’m still very much alive. I’m a survivor and I’ll always be one no matter what.

I’m working on a new skin for my blog and that’s taking me forever to finish because I’m just doing it when I’m free (read: no hubby around, no son around, no books around me!). My entries are all waiting to be published out of my drafts folder. And I’m just as excited to share them with all of you. However, I’m forever waiting for my new hard drive to arrive since this one that I’m using is giving hints of giving up one day real soon. I just hope it doesn’t happen instantly. Hehehehe!

While I’m still working on my blog, I just hope you won’t forget me. I’m still here, making my presence felt every now and then.

Meanwhile, I’m posting this weirdo test I chanced upon sunshine’s blog. This is pretty cool.

What is your weird quotient? Click to find out!

It’s getting hot out here and I’m sure the dry and hot season’s coming very soon.

Love y’all! Thanks for all the messages!!! *mwah*