Day Out With Pam

It was a jampacked day today. Pam and I talked over the phone this morning and agreed to go to Greenbelt 3 with MH, Dhong and Basti. I had to cook lunch for Papa first and then we left at 1:30 to go to BF Caloocan and fetch Pam.

It was a very hot day so I decided to borrow Papa’s car since it has better AC than mine. However, during the trip, I noticed that the AC doesn’t seem to be working well. But then again, I thought it might be that it’s just too hot outside and it’s having a hard time adjusting.

Traffic was unusually good so it didn’t take us long to get there. We met Dhong at Royal Mall and then went to BF Caloocan. We stayed there for a couple of minutes and for the first time, Pam saw her godson in the flesh. Of course, she only had very good words for my son. Gwapo raw si Basti sabi nya. Of course, kanino pa ba magmamana diba?? Eh di ke Mommy!!! Hehehehe!

Anyway, we were surprised how traffic turned from good to worst in less than 30 minutes. Traffic was already everywhere and what’s really bad was that the AC’s busted. It wasn’t cooling the car at all and it was terribly hot outside. I knew there was something wrong. I called up Papa and told him about it. He said that we’ll just have to bring it to the service center tomorrow if it’s not really cooling well at all.

Along the way, I realized that I left my wallet at home. Now, we just decided that MH will just drop us off at Greenbelt then he’ll need to hurry back home to get my wallet. What a very good day for me to pick to leave my wallet at home! Oh gosh!!! I felt so stupid realizing it that late already 😦

I was kinda embarrassed because I knew that Pam was very uncomfortable due to the heat. Basti was so fussy on the way to Makati. It took us 2 horrendous hours to get from BF Caloocan to Greenbelt 3. It was already past 5PM when we got there. We decided to have dinner already and since Pam wanted Pinoy food, the only restaurant there that I know (that’s really affordable and within my budget) is Krocodile Grill. I had a hard time choosing what I would eat since I’m on SBD. I just ordered bistek tagalog and fried string beans.

The food wasn’t bad and I loved it. It’s just that I was a little itchy after eating the fried beans that had bagoong (I think). But the itchy feeling subsided anyway so I didn’t bother. Anyway, Pam said that she loved the food too and she was full. Of course, I wouldn’t want my best friend getting hungry when she’s with me.

We took a few pictures and I posted them in my photo album. I would’ve wanted more pictures but then again, we got kinda lazy because we had a very good dinner. We had coffee at Starbucks after the dinner. As we were talking, Jen Rosendahl and her friend passed by in front of us and I told Pam about it. She’s always on the lookout for celebrities and it’s really an opportune time for her because Greenbelt 3 is always full of that even on ordinary days. I loved Jen Rosendahl’s Boracay-tanned body but I really didn’t like what she was wearing. I’m not really against girls wearing skimpy clothing for as long as they can carry it. However, I just felt that what she was wearing was just too skimpy for comfort. She should have just worn a 2-piece ensemble (read: bra and panty) instead of those widely-holed knits on both her skirt and top that showed those 2 pieces of clothing she had underneath. Oh well! To each his own, so they say!

We didn’t hear from Ate Percy nor from Ate Bonette yet so we decided to just go home first while we’re waiting for them. Papa met her for the first time and I’m glad that finally they got to meet each other. Papa apologized for not being able to go to the dinner due to his condition. I’m just happy that they’ve already met. 🙂

Basti was already sleepy but he tried to keep himself awake by running around the living room. At around 9:30, Ate Percy messaged me the address where we’ll be dropping off Pam. I told Papa that we’ll just bring Pam to Sampaloc and then go home.

On our way there, MH and I had an argument in the car. It was too bad that Pam had to witness our bickering. I didn’t say anything anymore. On the way home, I just kept quiet and slept. That was the best way I can handle the situation.

I’m too tired to think right now. At least, my day was pretty much okay except for its ending. Oh well *sighs*


Before anything else, Happy Easter to everyone! I hope all went well with your Easter celebrations.

It’s been a couple of days since my last post. I was just a little busy with some happenings here at home. Papa’s still sick with his hurting right leg and all he ever do was whine about it. He’s been getting into my nerves every so often but I try to keep my cool so as not to be cranky the rest of my day. Yesterday, he got into my nerves so bad that I wanted to shout. But I couldn’t do anything about it. He’s my father and it’s not a good thing to fight with him.

Anyway, last Saturday was my MIL’s birthday. I messaged her and she replied with a “Thank you” which really felt good. At least, she appreciated my gesture. We went to their place and brought her a cake. It was just the thing we could afford then. I just hope she liked it.

Basti was so thrilled to see his new Tonka truck. I was so elated to hear his “Woooooow” when he saw the toy. He played with it right away. Then Basti went to the room and we saw his learning charts up on the wall and he started pointing out the things he learned. My toddler is already home schooling 😀 I started it off here at home with his books and now he’s so proud to tell us that he knows the fishes and the Filipino alphabet. I laughed when he pointed out at Manuel L. Quezon’s picture when we asked where Papa was. He already knows the difference between real birds and birds in a picture. Neat, isn’t it?

We went to Reggie’s place with Basti to visit them. It’s been a while since we went there for a visit. We stayed there for about an hour or so and then we proceeded to pick-up the pancit Malabon that my MIL ordered before we left.

It was so bad that I could only eat the shrimps and the steamed pork meat on the pancit. Favorite ko pa naman ang pancit Malabon 😦 Anyway, MIL cooked beef sarciado (one of my favorites from her kitchen) and I just ate a piece of meat for my snack. Basti ate a lot of the pancit (he’s a pancit freak especially bihon guisado) and then he played with his grandpa afterwards.

Pam called me up and we agreed on going there to pay them a visit. I was excited. We met Dhong at the Royal Mall and then proceeded to BF Caloocan to see Pam. Of course, we were both teary-eyed upon seeing each other. Syempre, kwento-kwento and all other stuff. Pam wasn’t allowed to go with us to Baywalk but it was okay. We left quite late already and although she didn’t really want us to leave, I told her that they needed to rest and we’ll just keep in touch as to when we’ll be going out. I don’t really want to be intrusive of their 3-week schedule but she promised that we’ll be going out real soon before she leaves. Of course we have some pictures of that visit. 🙂

We had a late dinner at Goodies along MacArthur highway. The food was good but I only ate soup and beef. We dropped off Dhong near their place and then went home. It was a tiring day for us but it was all fun! At least I got to see my best friend and that made the day special. And of course, I survived day 13 of SBD phase 1.

Easter Sunday, I just watched the mass with Papa on TV since he could barely walk. I wanted to go to church with the whole family but it’s just isn’t possible 😦 Anyway, we went to the mall late in the afternoon for my scheduled facial. I decided to have a full-body sparomatherapy after it. It was my first time to have a full-body massage – I didn’t realize that I had to be naked in front of a stranger (good thing she was a girl so I really didn’t bother to be ashamed hehehehee!). I had a shower first and then went to the sauna. The sauna was good but I couldn’t stand the heat! It was just too much for my head that I felt I wanted to explode. I lasted there for 3 minutes and then I went out. I told the masseuse that I can’t stay in there for 15 minutes. Maybe I would need to accustom my body to the heat since it causes me to have terrible throbbing in my head. She told me that I can do it little by little until I can stand at least 15 minutes in there. I told myself that next time I’ll try to stay in there a little bit longer. Besides, I felt that if I stayed in there, some of my excess fat can turn into steam. Outrageous thought but who knows? Hehehehe! Anyway, heat helps in losing weight 😀

I felt so relaxed after the massage. I would like to have it again and maybe this time with a body scrub. 🙂 I’m getting too expensive to maintain!!! Haahahhaha!

Anyway, we ate dinner at Tokyo Tokyo, just having tuna sashimi and miso soup and a little beef misono. Since I wanted some caffeine boost, we went to Starbucks Magallanes and had my dose of latte w/ non-fat milk and sugar-free vanilla syrup. On our way there, I looked at my cellphone and there it was – dead! Darn it! The battery got drained since I failed to charge it the night before. There must be some important messages that came in but I was helpless. Again, I fell victim to my own irresponsibility.

When I went home, I hooked up my phone on the dock and then slept. I was so tired. But then again in the morning, I realized that I survived Day 14 and I’m now 10 pounds lighter 😀

I congratulated myself for a job well-done! There’s 2 inches off my waist and it felt good having to wear a belt over a size 40 pair of pants! Hahahaha!

Yesterday, I had my first serving of whole wheat pasta for lunch after 2 weeks of not having any starch on my food. It felt so great! I topped the pasta with sauteed chicken w/ broccoli and baguio beans. It was a weird combination but it tasted so well. My blood sugar was at 112 which isn’t really bad. Afternoon snack was a piece of whole wheat bread and a very thin spread of peanut butter. It was heavenly but I felt full right away. I felt like I wanted to throw up.

Dhong and I decided to meet later in the evening. We met at Greenhills and had our usual coffee talk at Starbucks. After about 2 hours of staying there, we decided to go to Metrowalk to see what’s there. It was all our first time so we just wanted to look at it. The place is full of restaurants. Not bad for an alternative. We saw Zoren Legaspi with his kids sans Carmina. The kids literally looked like dolls – they’re both adorable and oh-so good-looking!!!!!! The boy looked more like Zoren and not Aga Muhlach. Hahahahah! And the girl is a little Carmina, very pretty!!! They were eating at Chicken Bacolod. They were very low profile. I give Zoren a salute for being such a patient father. It’s rare that we see kids being taken cared of by just the father outside o their home, and take note, he didn’t have a nanny with them. Lucky kids with lucky parents! 🙂

We got home at around 11pm and then Dhong cooked a pork meal that smelled great. Too bad I couldn’t eat it. Besides, I was too sleepy to join them in the drinking spree (I can’t drink anyway).

Oh well, that’s it. I’m now on phase 2 of SBD – the adjustment and the sacrifice continues but w/ lesser guilt on my part. It’s all worth it! Now, I need to move my butt to go back to playing basic badminton as part of my exercise. I brisk walk once in a while but it gets to be a lonely task to do when you do it alone.

Kudos to me for losing 10 pounds and 2 inches off my waist. I couldn’t have done it without the help of 2 fellow SB dieters that I know: Liz and Ate Monique. They were so patient in answering my queries through SMS and e-mail despite their respective busy schedules. Who knows? In time I might be back to my old 115 frame from 8 years ago 😀

We have to pick-up Basti so it’s bye-bye time for me – for now.

South Beach Diet – Day 12

I wasn’t able to go do my yearly Visita Iglesia because no one will be left here at home with Papa. The day was quite boring so I just had to spend most of my day in front of the computer playing Neopets. Hehehehe!

I am really excited because Ate Percy confirmed to me earlier that Pam and Ate Bonette will be arriving tomorrow morning. Oh I just can’t wait to hear from my best friend again – not just in e-mail but I can see her face-to-face and hug her real tight! Gosh! I can’t believe that it’s been 3 years since the last time. I know 3 weeks won’t be enough to cover up for those years that we haven’t been together but I’ll make sure that she’ll have a grand time here in the Philippines.

2 more days and I’m done with phase 1. I still have to see if I lost more weight other than the 7 pounds that I lost on my 1st week. I’m quite nervous about it.

There was a procession late in the afternoon that passed by our street. It reminded me of the sacrifice that Jesus gave for our sins. I hope I’ll be worthy of his sacrifice when my time comes.

Today’s my sister’s birthday and it’s my MIL’s turn to blow the candles on her cake tomorrow. We don’t have any gift for her. We might just buy her a cake or something. I really don’t know. My husband doesn’t really care anyway. 😦

Basti’s Claim To Fame

I saw this test from my friend’s blog.

You knew from the beginning that your baby was different from the other newborns in the nursery. It’s clear your babe’s very bright and exceptionally observant — and you may have even heard people say it seems like your little one’s already an old soul with a flair for insight and artistry. That’s why we think they might be next in line to write the Great American Novel or open a revolutionary new exhibit at the Met.

You probably encourage your baby’s individuality and creativity, providing them with lots of toys and crafts with which to experiment with self-expression. You’re also probably likely to spend tons of time developing your baby’s brain by reading to them and playing music – classical or otherwise. That’s great. But don’t be afraid to throw in a little baby talk or dance the tango with them now and then. Their artistic spirit isn’t going anywhere, and even creative geniuses need time to kick back, loosen up, and crack a goofy smile.

The results say that he is bound to be a writer or an artist 😀 I actually want him to be a pilot or a lawyer, but that’s just me. I know that I’m his parent but I don’t want to impose on him. I want to give him the freedom to choose what he would like to be. All I’m hoping and praying is that he’ll be successful in whatever path he chooses to trek on. As much as I would hate that feeling of letting him loose in this wild jungle of life, he would need the freedom of choice to learn and be a well-rounded individual. But definitely, he’s assured that I’ll be there with him, giving him all the support and love that he’ll be needing, every step of the way.

South Beach Diet – Day 11

I can’t believe that I’m already on the final stretch of phase 1. Just 3 more days to go and I’m moving on to phase 2 of the diet. It excites me to know that I can add back a little of my favorite carbs into my diet. Hopefully, I’ll be less cranky and less hungry by the time I start phase 2. Whew! I must admit that it’s been a struggle to control the temptation especially when I cook “normal” meals for the other members of the household and I see them loving every bite that they have on the rice and viand. Oh well! I guess, this is the worst thing about dieting. I’m just happy that my body and will are resisting the temptation very well. 🙂

While most people are out vacationing because it’s a rather long weekend, I’m stuck at home with nothing to do. I finished doing the dishes very early and just decided to do my usual stuff in the computer. I’m actually searching for designs for the guild game page that I’m going to run for my Neopets’ guild. I’m so excited about it. 🙂 I’ve been a netizen for the past 9 years (oh geez! there goes my age! hehehehe!) or so and meeting and talking to other people online through forums or groups still amaze me. Imagine we get to be so close despite the fact that we’re thousands of miles away from each other. It’s just wonderful 🙂

Good night! Kudos to me for surviving day 11! 😀

South Beach Diet – Day 10

Last night, we met Dhong and Joymee at Cafe Adriatico at the Baywalk. We had coffee at Figaro and then since we didn’t have that much money, we decided that we all go back home and we just spend the night there.

We arrived shortly after midnight and I cooked some pica-pica for them: fried canadian ham, bacon and sliced mozzarella cheese. Dhong and MH (my husband) bought half a case of beer for them and Joymee (beer and other alcoholic drinks are a no-no for one on SBD phase 1).

We had a lot of good talk, especially about Joymee’s problems the whole night. Joymee got drunk and we had a couple of good laughs to go with all that chatting. Mahirap talaga pag nalalasing si Joymee! Hehehehehe! Anyway, our conversations were good because we had like a boy vs girl showdown of opinions. I welcomed that because it still pays to know how the male brain thinks when it comes to certain personal matters. Joymee intimated a lot of personal things about her and I’m glad that she trusted us with those. I just pray that everything will be all right for her in time.

We were up ’til the wee hours of the morning. Dhong and I had a short but good talk about MH and he told me that he can’t do anything about what happened anymore. He didn’t know. He told me to be strong for myself and for my son. He told me that I wouldn’t be the friend that he knew if I wouldn’t stay alive in my battles. I’m just thankful that I have a friend like him whom I can count on in times of trouble. He really deserves to be my guy best friend.

I prepared my breakfast after Dhong and Joymee left at 6am and waited for Papa to leave for the office. Chinkee and the kids left with him and it won’t be ’til Friday that they’ll be back. I think it was already past 8am when I finally had my much-needed sleep.

I woke up sometime after 1pm and then I prepared my lunch. Then it was just the computer for me and some household chores since my sister already left this morning. MH did the laundry.

Nothing much really happened today after I woke up except that I’m already on my 10th day of doing the diet. I miss my son 😦

4 more days to go and I’m going on phase 2 already. I know that I didn’t lose that significant amount of weight in my body but at least it’s a good start. I’ll be weighing myself again this weekend. Hopefully, I’ve lost more than 7 pounds already 🙂

Hooray!!! Day 10 is over!

South Beach Diet – Day 9

We went to meet Mang Toto to give him his ID card and the check. He had his artificial eye already and his eyes looked normal again. I told him that finally he can already go to the UK real soon. He told me that he plans to go in May. He looked thinner now than the last time I saw him and for sure it’s because of the chemotherapy he’s been having. But at least, he feels and looks better now.

We dropped by Papa’s office to get some things and then we went to Price Smart to get the big red toy firetruck for Basti. Traffic was everywhere!!! When we got to the store, the last 2 pieces of that toy for sale was already on the counter. 😦 The other one has been paid for but the other one was paid for later. We knew that the couple was thinking twice of buying it but they had it reserved. We then asked the dispatcher if the couple’s gonna pay for the toy because if not, we’ll already be paying for it. The dispatcher told us that it has been reserved. I said:”I thought you don’t reserve items for buyers?” Later na raw babayaran nung customer and it has just been issued a dispatch paper of some sort.

Anyway, I didn’t bother to push the issue anymore. We just picked the other toy that was available. We looked around for a couple of minutes and then decided to check out. We then went to Pasay to give the toy to Basti but they already left for Valenzuela. Anyway, we decided to go home and then I cooked chicken tinola for dinner (requested by my husband).

Joymee messaged me and asked whether we’re going out tonight or not. Then Dhong called about it. We agreed that he’s just going to message me where we’ll be meeting since Papa had to undergo a therapy session at the Deep Nerve Therapy Center.

Papa has been feeling pain on his right leg for more than a month now. I told him that we can try out the newly-opened Deep Nerve Therapy Center that was recommended by Mr. Jim Paredes in his entry last February 26. True enough to his testimonial about the center, Papa felt relieved of the pain he was feeling after the more than an hour therapy that he had. I was so glad about it because I know that Papa’s been suffering the pain long enough. True to the arterial doppler’s result, he had a constricted nerve where blood isn’t flowing that well in that part of his body. I was amazed because we never told them about the arterial doppler that he had. At least, Papa will be able to sleep better now because the pain is gone.

I intend to undergo the therapy myself because I’ve been having aches and pains all over my body. I’m pretty sure it would benefit me too.

Anyway, as I’m writing this, Dhong messaged me and said that they were already in Sta. Cruz. We’re going to meet them somewhere along Baywalk. Papa’s soundly asleep now and he looks like a baby. Hehehe! Gosh! I know how relieved he was after that therapy. He loved it and he has a follow-up therapy on Monday. Pain doesn’t go away in one session of therapy, you know. 🙂

Okay, I better get ready. Any minute now, Dhong might message me that they’re already there so I better end this for now.

Day 9 was good for me. Not much cravings though. My blood sugar levels were all good. 5 more days to go and I’m done with phase 1 and it’s time to move on to phase 2. I just hope that I lost more weight by the time I finish phase 1. 🙂

South Beach Diet – Day 8

I won the EZ 2 Lotto draw last night by betting on 10-22, which, incidentally, is my birthday. A couple of days ago it was my husband’s birthday that came out. I got the prize money before we went to the mall to do some errands.

We met Papa at the mall for dinner and we had it at Kenny Rogers. Oh how I love the food at Kenny Rogers! But then again, I can only eat the chicken (w/out the skin) and the steamed veggies. I was already starving by the time the food got to us. I finished the food in no time but I was already full just as when I started eating the veggies. Too bad that I couldn’t eat macaroni and cheese 😦 There were some leftovers and we just brought them home.

Papa bought a new luggage for his trip to the US this coming April. Finally, he’ll be having that much-needed vacation I’ve always wanted him to have. He hasn’t had a vacation for the past 3-4 years and it would be nice because he’ll be seeing the rest of my siblings and Mama. It’ll just be for a month but that would also mean, leaving me here for a month too. Too bad I couldn’t join him yet. Maybe soon.

Day 8 was a struggle because I always felt hungry. Anyway, I still survived it!

South Beach Diet – Day 7

Whew! Day 7! I can’t believe I’ve come this far. 7 days without my favorite rice, pasta or bread, and very, very limited sweets. Geez! Sometimes I begin to question myself: Why only now? But then again, I can only be proud of myself for doing what I should do to make this thing work. 🙂

There were already some people who commented and I wanna thank you guys for the encouragement. It boosts my morale a lot to know that people I only interact with through the internet and some far-away friends are there for me, supporting me, in this newest project of mine. Again, my sincerest thanks 🙂

Day 7 survivor! Wow!!! Is this me??? A dieter??? Hehehehehe!

My conscience says: “Yes, it’s you!!! Who else is here?”

And I answer, “Of course Papa Jesus is also here to help me out. 🙂