Woke up quite late today and I didn’t have the drive to eat breakfast. I just drank a glass of fiber-filled water and then I faced my monitor again. I got a new MMS picture from my brother and a video that were both taken at Northridge Park. Pretty cool! At least, they had a nice day at the park.

For the past 2 weeks or so, I’ve been using Mozilla Firefox as my browser. So far, I’ve been happy using the browser but I noticed that my blog looks different when viewed using Firefox. I was wondering if I have to do or place something (maybe an HTML code or whatever) in order for my blog to be viewed just like it is being viewed from IE. Maybe the techies out there can help me out.

I’m also trying to figure out how I can put video in my blog. I just wanna share some videos I have here with me. Anyone who can spoon-feed me the HTML code? 😀

I’ve also been reading through tweaks in XP. Honestly, my brain finds it hard to understand and apply what I’ve been reading. I don’t know if it’s just the resource that’s plain high-falluting for my taste but it’s simply driving me nuts. I want to try some of it but I’m afraid I’ll wreak havoc on my computer. As the saying goes, “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it!” But then again, it seems to be doable (according to the computer geeks around). I don’t know. I’m actually undecided.

According to my updated weather forecast on my phone, it’s 35 degrees outside right now! Oh geez! How I wish it will rain! Grabe ang init!!!

I have to do some accounting stuff for Papa. I don’t wanna miss a single centavo with the money he left for us here.

Constantine’s out of American Idol! I knew it! Hehehehehe! Sorry, but I’m just not a Constantine fan.

I miss Basti already! MH is there in Valenzuela with him and I’m here, left at home with my brother. Sometimes I’d like to demand for a maid to be hired. But keeping in mind the horror stories I’ve been hearing about nannies and maids, I’d rather that we don’t get one at all. It’s just that the distance sometimes kills me but on the other hand, I’m still thankful that we don’t have to get along with people we don’t know.

More to come later!



The repairs are finally over! We have a newly-renovated library bathroom and hopefully a better drainage system from that location. We just need to clean up the mess later and I’ve contracted our regular maintenance guy for it. Papa’s guava tree was uprooted due to that repair but we’re gonna replace it with simple garden plants. I don’t have a green thumb so it’s better if it will be Manong who’s going to do the planting for us. Baka masayang ang pera pag ako ang nagtanim. 😀

My day wasn’t really good today. I got a message from Papa to call him because it was urgent. I did do just that and it was not good news after all. I asked where he was and he told me that he’s outside, on the street. He wanted me to get the next available flight back home. My parents had a huge fight and I sensed Papa’s blood pressure was up all throughout the talk that we had. Nagsumbong sa ‘kin si Papa – inaway daw sya ni Mama. Apparently, Mama leashed out her frustrations from work (and most probably from her life) on my brother and on him. It’s not something new to me. It’s been like that ever since. Kung ako ang andun, malamang kami ang nag-away. I understand Papa’s feelings but I also understand how Mama feels – even if we haven’t spoken to each other yet. I know how my mother thinks. Siguro nga sanayan lang kaya alam ko. I feel for Papa because he went there to have a vacation – be with the kids and be with his wife but it turns out that Mama’s just giving him all the headaches he can imagine.

I asked Papa if it would be okay for me to talk to Mama. He told me that it’s gonna be a waste of time and money talking to her for she won’t listen. I heeded Papa’s request not to talk to my mother because he doesn’t want her to know na nagsumbong sya. During the talk, I actually cried. I just don’t know if Papa noticed that in my voice. I guess I was frustrated and was disappointed because it seems to me that Papa’s vacation is not really a vacation for him after all. It was something in Papa’s voice that made me cry. I sensed the frustration and disappointment. That triggered the tears.

I told him that I’m going to call the airline to ask about the next available flight from LA going back here. He told me to call him at his cell and he doesn’t care about the cost because he’s going to pay it anyway. I did just that and was informed that the next available flight he can get is on the 2nd of May. I called him again and informed him about what I got. I told him to think about it first before he makes a decision. Baka naman pwede pang mapag-usapan yung problema. I explained to him that Mama must be going through some changes (most probably brought about by menopause) or maybe she has some personal issues she wants to get settled but couldn’t really talk about it. Mukhang napaliwanagan ko naman ang tatay ko and I’m glad I was able to do that for him. In the meantime, I told him that I’m gonna call my cousin to talk about what happened and I told him to go back home and rest.

I tried to call my cousin on her cellphone but I keep on getting her voice mail. I didn’t bother to leave a message since I really couldn’t think very straight.

After about an hour I sent my brother a message asking him what’s the latest. He replied that he and Papa each had 2 bottles of beer already and told me that they’re going to call. I asked Papa how he was and he said that he’s better (which was really good). Tumahimik na raw ang nanay ko at ok na raw. Sinabi rin nya na uminom nga sila ni Ryan. Then I have an incoming call that I needed to answer. It was my cousin. I put the 3 of us on conference and Papa spoke with my cousin. Papa requested my cousin to take care of Mama’s problem with her credit standing and to let him know what he has to do to resolve it. Bahala na raw muna sya makipag-usap dun sa creditor at bahala na raw muna syang kausapin ang nanay ko.

My cousin and I talked for about an hour. She informed me that Mama’s credit was approved by the bank and that’s really good news. I asked her to just explain to Mama what she needs to do so that she’ll be able to build good credit over the bad one that she currently has. Sana lang matauhan ang nanay ko na ang sinasabi namin eh para rin naman sa kanya 🙂 Mabait naman si Mama eh. Kadalasan nga lang eh me saltik, gaya ko. Hehehehe!

This was kind of a long day for me. I’m tired but I couldn’t sleep right away. I’m just going to do some Neopet stuff and work on my Friendster blog then I’m off to my favorite place: dreamland.

It’s another payday weekend. I’m pretty sure that malls and groceries will be jampacked with people tomorrow. Good luck on your shopping! Take it easy! Spend wisely and most of all, beware of bad people (read: snatchers, holduppers, etc.!).

I’m uploading the first digital scrapbook page I did for the ice cream day pictures that my family sent me from the US. I’ve been paperscapping since I got pregnant with Basti. But due to financial constraints (mahal ang scrapbook materials dito!!! grabe!!!), I decided to learn Photoshop (this is quite a hard one to learn) and do my own digital scrapbooking. It should’ve been dated 27 April 2005 but I got lost in the time difference (di bale, April 28 ko naman sya nareceive eh :p). I’ll get away with it for now.

Thanks to Tej for introducing me to the wonderful and less costly world of digital scrapbooking (maraming freebies sa internet!!) 🙂 Let me know what you think 🙂 Just don’t be too harsh on me, okay? I’m a newbie. 😀 Posted by Hello

Thanks to Turtlemama for the kit I used 🙂

So Far…

The repairs being made on our library bathroom have been going on smoothly, so far! Although it’s draining the little bit of money that I have here, I really think it’s all worth it. We still have food to eat on the table anyway so I guess that’s good enough for the meantime.

I was startled this morning when the phone rang at 4am. It was my brother who called. I messaged him yesterday about the talk I had with my cousin over at Yahoo. I wanted to find out the complete details about the misunderstanding they’re having over the new car that they bought. Here’s the full story.

My cousin went online yesterday and I found out from her that finally, Mama was able to buy the 2005 Nissan Quest that they’ve been eyeing on since last week. When my brother mentioned that to me in one of his messages, I looked it up and found out that it’s a cool mini-van that will suit them to a T (so long as the kids won’t grow as big as me for their age! Hahahaha!). Anyway, I knew that Mama had bad credit and I was actually thinking that she’ll have a hard time buying the car because of that. You know how Americans are so into one’s credit standing and all the works. Having worked for a US-based credit card company in one of my call center stints, I know that one’s credit report and standing does make a difference in an American’s purchasing power.

I was glad that the salesman was so kind enough to assist them buy the car and all the works. Of course, my cousin’s boss helped them out too (that’s according to my cousin). My cousin told me yesterday that Mama wants to return the car because she was assessed a value for the low jack car alarm (it’s a satellite-based alarm that traces one’s vehicle in the event it’s carnapped) and the extended maintenance warranty for 6 years (this would include repairs for whatever reason or causes and they only have to pay $50 for it – kahit pa mabangga pa yung sasakyan!). Regardless of whether these things are in the package, she would need to pay US$460++ monthly for the car for 5 years. This became a cause of argument between my parents because Mama wouldn’t accept Papa’s nor my cousin’s explanation. After the chat I had with my cousin, I immediately sent a message to my brother telling him to explain to Mama the benefits of those things included in the package.

Sabi nga ng pinsan ko, baka makinig sa ‘kin ang nanay ko kasi sa ‘kin lang takot yun. Ako lang kasi ang katangi-tangi nyang anak na kayang sumuway sa mga gusto nyang mangyari! Hahahaha! Anyway, I told my cousin to also explain to my mother the situation and what may happen. It’s a good thing that she was still able to buy that car despite her having bad credit. But my cousin told me too that it’s also possible that the car may be retrieved if the bank doesn’t approve of the arrangement they had with the dealer. I just hope everything will be settled real soon.

Going back to the phone call I got this morning, Papa and I discussed certain things, especially the one pertaining to Mama’s bad credit standing. He wanted to pay whatever debt Mama has (it’s just a very minimal amount due to a blouse that she bought years ago) so that she can start building her credit again. Papa told me that Mama doesn’t want to pay even a dollar to that debt so he told me to ask the help of my cousin if she could find a way for him to pay off whatever Mama owes – basta wag na lang ipapaalam sa nanay ko. Ayaw kasi ng tatay ko na me utang and he wants Mama’s credit records to be updated para ‘di na sya magkaroon ng problema. Ewan ko ba naman sa nanay ko kung bakit ganon ang mentalidad!!! Tapos puro reklamo naman ang maririnig ko sa kanya *sighs*

Papa informed me that Ryan was able to rebook his return flight from May 22nd to May 18th. He’ll be arriving here on the 19th! It put a smile on my sleepy face because he’ll be here just in time. I wanted him to be here when I go through that nerve-wracking interview on the 23rd. His presence will surely help me relax. 😀 Papa mentioned that he already wants to go home kasi napupundi na sya sa nanay ko. I can’t blame him. Kahit naman pag umuuwi si Mama dito, wala kaming ginawa kundi mag-away! Nagalit pa raw sa kanya kasi binilhan nya ng nuggets yung mga bata pero nagreklamo raw ang aking Mama na dapat yung tig-$1 lang ang binili nya. Hay naku! Ang nanay ko talaga! ‘Di ko maintindihan! Sabi ko nga pagpasensyahan na lang at baka nagmemenopause lang. Mahirap talaga ispelengin ang aking butihing ina!!!

I was able to talk to Nikki and she told me that she wants to make use of the chance she has to cook up something for Mama since Mother’s Day’s just around the corner. She told me that she wants to go to the craft store for the things that she needs on the project she’s working on for Mama on Mother’s Day. She even told me that she can’t do the project on weekends because Mama will be with them and since Mama’s working 7am-7pm everyday, she has all the time to do it. I just told Ryan to bring her to the nearest craft store for whatever she’ll be needing.

The call lasted for about 40 minutes. My brother just made kwento about the cotillion he’ll participate in and all that boy stuff. Papa, on the other hand, told me that he wants to go to the mall to stroll with the kids. I told him to just go and have fun. After the call, I went back to sleep and it was almost 5am.

Anyway, I just finished chatting with my cousin again and she told me that she’ll do what she can to try and see what they can do with Mama’s credit. I’ll know by tomorrow or later today what happens. Hopefully, everything will go well.

Haay! Ang hirap magpalaki ng magulang! I hope Basti won’t go through this with us 🙂 Hehehehe!

MH sent me this picture from the office. Pinag-eksperimentuhan ni BIL yung picture ni Dobie (their doberman), sinama si Basti para kunwari magkatabi sila. Justine is Dobie’s mother. Hehehe! This is the power of Adobe Photoshop. 🙂 Posted by Hello

The 1st Philippine Blogging Summit

While waiting for our lunch viand to be cooked (we’re having beef sarciado today, yummy!) I came across Janette’s post on Friendster about the 1st Philippine blogging summit to be held on May 7th. Here’s her invitation:

The U.P. Law Internet & Society Program will be hosting the first Philippine blogging summit entitled iBlog on May 7, 2005 Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm at the UP NISMED, UP Campus. This is a FREE event but registration at the iBlog website ( is required.

This will be a whole-day conference featuring CICT Commissioner Dondi Mapa, The Sassy Lawyer, Yugatech, Dean Alfar, the PCIJ Bloggers and many more. See you folks at iBlog!

I’m encouraging all of you to join because I’m sure this will be a great chance for us to get together and see the faces behind the blogs that we read everyday. I registered already so you may want to register too 🙂 Besides, it’s free so what have you got to lose??

Let me know if you can join too para masaya!!! See ya all at the blogging summit!