July’s Almost Over

Wow! It’s been a while again. I better get my act straight before I lose my audience. Hehehehe!

Anyway, I’ve been really busy with my CT member status at 3S. We kicked off our Christmas In July last July 16. We’ve been having a time of our lives having lots of new members, giving out freebies, holding crops/chats until that fateful day of July 22, our site had hardware failure. Since then, we’ve been waiting endlessly to have our site up and running again because we still have 5 more days left for CIJ. Anyway, our technical team is working double-time 24/7 to have everything working again. Rest assured, you’ll have a better 3S site when we get back. 🙂 For now, it’s petiks time for me and the rest of the team!

I’ve been attending several crops and chats since it’s Digiscrapfest week until the 27th. Furthermore, a lot of sites are also holding their own Christmas in July events and the digiscrapping world is just so busy! Believe me, the kits available are OH SO WONDERFUL and PRETTY!!! At Do It Digi alone, I’ve been spending hard my store credits and I have to save a little for some other kits that I want. I might be sending some more money to constantly have in hand kits that I can buy for my convenience 🙂 At The Daily Scrap, I’ll be sending another Western Union remittance to one of their designers for my store credits. I’m still waiting to hear word from the owner of Digiscrappin if I can send her a WU remittance to pay for my yearly membership (just US$15) and store credits to purchase kits as well. I guess I’m a real shopping addict – make it DIGISCRAPPING SHOPPING ADDICT. It’s just a BIG BUMMER that I can’t use credit cards that are issued here in good ol’ Philippines to purchase my desired kits. Imagine, Papa is so supportive of what I’m doing that he’s willing to purchase kits for me using his card and yet, I feel like I’m so deprived because even if I can pay the kits, I can’t buy ’em. To give you an idea of how much a whole digital kit costs, it ranges from US$2 (for kits on sale) to US$15 (for mega kits). Converting it to our moolah, that’s roughly 100 to 800 pesos only. That’s way, way cheaper compared to paper scrapping and spending thousands of pesos to come up with just one album. Oh well!!! Okay, so much for ranting! I just find it frustrating! Just let me rant! Hehehehehe!

It has been a relatively peaceful week for me. I’ve been on the PC almost 24/7. I’m just too eager to work on my layouts, especially with those kits I bought 🙂 It keeps me busy and keeps my mind off my problems. At least, I’m productive 😀

I recently updated my Multiply account. It has so many features now than before. It’s giving Friendster a real run for their money, eh? I’m still quite pissed with Friendster because they can’t seem to get their act straight on their photo uploads and they can’t seem to make their site updated real time. Imagine having to upload your photos one at a time. Oh puhleez! I just hope they can fix that thing because it’s been 2 years already. But don’t get me wrong, I love their blog 🙂

If you have the time, you can view my latest works at MyScrappies.

And here’s to another controversial week for the Philippines. I wonder what’s on SONA. Hehehehe!


It’s been a week since my last entry. Soooooooo much has happened. First of all, I’ve started on my newest journey as an exclusive Creative Team Member for 3Scrapateers. I’ve already submitted some of my works and so far, I think, I’m doing fine with my new adventure. It surely is hard to balance my style, the work requirements and sometimes the designer’s tastes but hopefully I’ll be able to achieve that balance as I do more and more layouts.

Don’t think that I’m earning $$$ out of this. No, I’m not. This is all a labor of love for digiscrapping and rewards come in the form of comments and constructive criticism given to my work that I love to read on my layouts. It helps me to grow as a digiscrapper 🙂 This is the next best thing that happened to me (second to having the little kiddos back from the US even just for a vacation) since last month. Digiscrapping has come a long way for me and I hope I’ll be really good at it. I’m already thinking of enrolling in a formal course in Adobe Photoshop but I need a good computer school for that. I enrolled at Informatics before for Java and basic webpage design but I found their classes to be quite slow and boring. Of course, I have to consider the tuition fee too because money seems to be aloof with us nowadays (and I wonder why). Any recommendations? Please leave me a note about it.

About MH, everything’s still the same – no serious talks, no sex, no whatever. I don’t even know what our status is in terms of our relationship. But I feel better about it. Again, less talk, less mistakes, less worries, less heartaches and less headaches.

Basti’s now 20 months old. I’m transferring all his photo album data to another website because I decided to cancel my subscription with PictureTrail. I was happy with how the site worked for me but I don’t need another expense against my account for now. I still have debts to clear.

I can’t believe that Basti’s turning 2 real soon. How time flies! He’s like 5 kids all rolled into one. How I wish he was still the baby that I carried in my arms before. At least I get to move around and not worry of where he is or what he’s doing. I’ve learned to keep a “patpat” (stick) beside me because he’s getting to be very naughty already – most of the time, he gets into my nerves because he can’t stay put nor does he listen. He does, but there are lots of times that he insists to go his way and that’s where the problem begins. I’ve learned to live with it but it still pays to know that he’s scared of something. MH and I clash over this (and we really fight over it) because I’ve caught him a couple of times hitting DS with his own hands when DS goes overboard and the poor little boy comes running to me crying “Mama, Mama.” It breaks my heart when it happens and I don’t even control myself when I shout at MH. This is just one of the things that make me have those fine lines each and every day that I stay here at home.

There were birthday celebrants for the past few days. I just wanna greet JM (July 3rd), Shannie (July 8th), and my ex (I won’t mention his name anymore) who celebrated his birthday yesterday. I hope all of you had a grand time on your birthdays. 😀

July 10 at exactly 3am, something creepy happened. I saw an image just right at my bedroom window. My PC is situated near the AC and I face the window when working on it. It was creepy. He was there for about 5 minutes. I kept playing with the AC remote while I was there stuck in my seat looking at him. I didn’t see his face – although from the looks of it, he was a guy. His silhoutte was very clear and vivid. I knew it was a ghost because he faded right before my very eyes. The area behind the window is well-lit and my windows don’t have curtains. I couldn’t sleep after that “apparition.” Papa woke up and I told him all about it. I barely slept – just 3 hours (from 5am-8am). I couldn’t help but talk about it the whole day yesterday. I conferred with Nathan through text and he told me that my 3rd eye has been opened again because I’ve been thinking too much. He told me to expect more sightings soon. And now I don’t know if I’ll welcome that or not. The last sighting I had was when I was 10. It’s just really so weird that all of a sudden I’m now seeing things again. I’m used to just feeling but seeing is a different thing!

I have to go back to work now. I have lots of layouts to do. Meanwhile, I hope you can drop by my scrapping blog when you have the time. I’ll surely love to hear from you. I intend to upload photos to a different photo host because my site has been quite slow recently but that’s still tentative. I’ll still see what I can do about it. All of my layouts are posted to my different galleries scrattered all over the internet but I consolidate everything in this site.

By the way, the last movie I saw was Batman Begins! One of the best Batman movies ever made. I couldn’t move in my seat. But I learned 2 new lessons that day (June 28): (1) a 19-month old kid is not free in the theater and (2) never ever bring a toddler when you watch a movie! Good thing MH was “kind” enough to take care of him but I couldn’t resist it when DS calls me. Oh well!

Now, I have to stop blabbering and start working 😀

Out of My Shell (for the meantime)

I know I’ve been “away” for a couple of weeks. I have to admit that I’ve been busy with my new hobby – digiscrapping. I have made several layouts already and I hope the time and effort I’m spending on the hobby is all worth it. If you are curious as to what I’ve already done, you can check out my works here.

My personal life has been a roller coaster ride since my Mom and the girls arrived last June 9. Not only did I gain back some of the little weight I’ve lost but I’ve also noticed more fine lines in my face since Mama came back. As for MH, he went back to my house last week but we haven’t spoken to each other nor are we sleeping in one bed or even in one room. I’m just not ready to talk to him for now. I really feel that somehow, it’s better that we’re not talking to each other – less talk, less fights, less mistakes, less heartaches and less headaches.

I have to go for now and maybe check on the other things real life has to offer for me. I sought and found comfort in the arms of the different digiscrapping forums and galleries I joined in. Their comments made me feel better because at least, someone out there appreciates what I’m doing. As for my Neopian friends, I’ve neglected them for a couple of weeks already – but I plan to organize my day starting tomorrow: 10 hours for Neopets, 10 hours for my digiscrapping stuff and 4 hours of sleep. Cool, huh? Hahahahahahaha!

To all those who’ve been keeping abreast of the news in my life through my blog but has been finding nothing to read for the past couple of weeks, I hope you won’t get tired of going back to check what I have in my site. Please don’t remove me in your bookmarks. I intend to bloghop tonight so expect me for a visit to your humble homes. I hope you can spare me some cookies and milk while I visit. Hihihihihihi!

Happy birthday Nikki! Happy 4th of July to all my US friends and family! And Happy Canada Day (last Friday) to all my Canadian friends and family!

Love y’all!