Weird Comment

I just want to share with you the entry that I wrote in my scrapping blog regarding a weird comment I received for one of my layouts. Please read on.

I got a notification in my mailbox telling me that I have a comment in this blog. It’s one of those kinds of e-mail that you can get in your e-mail client’s junk mail folder. You can find the comment in this post.

I’ve already written Blogger support and reported them. I won’t be deleting the comment for now so that everyone will see that people are now starting to get this kind of things even in the comments of your blogs. And I thought that blogs are supposed to be fun things!

Don’t hesitate to report to Blogger support just in case you receive this kind of comment on your blogs. I’m just waiting for their response and hopefully they’ll be able to clear the air.

I’ll keep you guys posted!

Fundraising Marathon

Abbie is my friend’s sister-in-law. Please take some time to read through the details and hopefully decide to donate to the project. Your generosity is highly-appreciated. Thank you!

Hello everyone!

Let me share with you some good news. I have raised 40% of the goal amount of $5,000 I aimed to raised. That’s enough to build 2 homes for 2 homeless families. Yeeeey! Thank you, thank you, thank you toall of you who have given their support.

Last Saturday, we had our longest weekend run, so far: 18 miles.We started an hour early then our usual 7AM runs. So yes, by 5:45AM, most of us have gathered at La Mirada Regional park waiting for 6AM so we could start running. Since I live in Riverside (about 45-50 mins away from the venue), I had to get up extra early that morning. I was up by 4AM…on a Saturday morning. =)

I have to admit, I felt a litle bit scared that day. A lot of apprehensions: Can I do this? Can I REALLY do this? 18 miles? Will I be able to finish my run today? What if my knee starts to hurt again? But, as we gathered for our morning prayer (we always start with a prayer before we run), I knew I was in HIS mercy alone.

It was one of the long runs when I actually had fun. Since my pace group members and I have been running together for a while now, we have gotten kinda close and actually share about our lives to each other (Some of us have this crazy idea of training for another marathon!!!). And the best part was, the weather was PERFECT for running. It was cool and the sun decided to hide itself the whole morning.

All was well up until about the 14th mile. During that time, my old injury started to kick in. The side of my left knee started to hurt. Again, as I always do when I know I have only One person to goto, I said a prayer. No, the pain did not completely go away but I found a different way to land on my left foot so as to alleviate the pain when I put pressure on that foot/knee. That knee hurts when I run downhill so I had to be REALLY careful from then on.

With God’s grace, I was still able to finish my run. I was tired and my feet were achy but all in all, I was fine. Later that day, I was still able to help my mom babysit my adorable nephew and 2 cutie nieces. Tiring day…busy day…a day well-spent.

I have about 2 months left of training before the big day. Again, I ask for your prayers for me and the rest of the runners and other volunteers. Each weekend run is getting tougher and tougher. More and more of us are getting injured (myself included); but we are determined to complete this training AND this marathon. Pray for our health and safety, for good weather and for more volutneers to help us. Pray for more people to respond to this call; that more people open their hearts and share their blessings for this cause. Most of all, pray for the poor. That they may be able to see the Lord’s work in their lives inspite of the hardships they experience everyday.

I may sound like a broken record saying this: PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. Tell people about this cause and forward my e-mails to others. The results are pleasantly surprising! Recently, I’ve received donations from old friends who I haven’t seen or heard from in a while; all because of people forwarding my e-mails.

Thank you very much and God Bless!

Still running,

Please use the link in this email to donate online quickly & securely. You will receive email confirmation of your donation and Iwill be notified as soon as you make your donation.

It’s Great To Be Back

Ahhhhhhhhh! I’m back – better than ever (I hope!). So far my computer’s stable and I was able to do a lot of things for the past couple of days on this computer. I love it when my computer runs smoothly without any hint of trouble. I’m at peace (at least in reference to my computer) and that’s really good for me.

We got to go to the Toyota World Car Show this afternoon. I had my picture taken beside the actual race car that they use for F1. I also got to see their exciting concept car called Fine-N. I adore that one! It’s just COOL! The pictures I took of the Fine-N car were not really good because it was moving in circles. You know with camera phones, they’re not fit for moving objects (which really got me to think and consider buying a better digital camera when my next manna from heaven comes!). I got 2 ballpens and a cap as freebies from the event. Not bad for the PhP20.00 ticket fee.

Incidentally, there will be a motor show from Sept. 15-18 or 19. I really can’t remember the exact dates. And that will be really exciting!! To my readers who are car enthusiasts, maybe we can meet up there or something? That would be really nice 😀

There are about 2 other significant things that made me smile today – I finally have my new HP DeskJet 1280 wide-format printer and I was able to eat a good dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. Now, I can finally print my layouts and my stomach was happy. Great combination! And here’s my newest baby 😀

However, things turned about when we got home last night. We got home late only to find the house in total disarray. It was only my sister and my brother who was left at home – a 12-year old and a special kid! Oh geez! I was so totally irritated! We all had to clean the house until about 1am. I was so exhausted and that was the last thing I wanted to do but I HAD TO! Bummer really!

Oh well, I’m now up early (though still sleepy) to finish a couple of chores then I intend to sleep the whole afternoon. My now regular fare of cough and cold are killing me!


My good ol’ companion, my very own PC, crashed yesterday. I was devastated. Imagine those hours I need to spend downloading and installing everything back again. This is SUCH A BUMMER for me! I was hoping I could spend a good time this weekend with some friends. But from the looks of it, I might just have to be brooding here in my little nook redoing all the stuff that was in here before this happened.

My week started last Monday with me and Mama bickering. And then 2 days after, my computer crashed. As Suzanne told me, “When it rains, really pours!” Oh well!

Good thing about all this? Well, I’ve started to laugh about it now. Imagine almost all my layouts (close to 100) were all gone. I have to at least try and re-do my stuff – e-mails, documents and other things. Ain’t this great!?!? LOL

Okay, I sound sarcastic but honestly, I’m laughing right now. One thing I learned in life is to laugh at the things that we consider unfortunate. I almost cried yesterday out of frustration but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that there are far better things to cry about than a piece of useful metal crashing on you. It can be repaired. It can be fixed and that’s what I’m doing right now.

My Friendster Horoscope

The Bottom Line

That little voice in your head might be more anxiety than anything else.

In Detail

You’ve got the magic touch when it comes to dealing with personal situations — or rather, the magic ear. Your generous listening skills are just what the doctor ordered when someone comes to you with a list full of grievances although you’re not the object of their ire. Just your ability to really hear what someone is saying without interruptions and opinions is a healing action full of grace that they well appreciate.

I just really hope that I do have that magic touch!


Friday night, my computer started acting very weird. I dunno if it was because of the heavy rains that night which caused my DSL connection to drop and my computer to keep shutting down by itself. I tolerated it for the first hour. I was still able to chat and co-host a crop at 3S with Kerri. In the middle of the crop, my computer shut down again. I was able to boot it back up normally and without pesky errors but it kept shutting down after a minute of staying on. I was so frustrated because I was in the middle of a crop. But after 5 tries, I gave up. Something was wrong with the computer. I just decided to call it a night (at 1AM!!!).

I grabbed my phone and connected to GPRS so I can access Yahoo! and try to send a message to Kerri to tell her what happened. I was frustrated all the more because I can’t seem to get into Yahoo! using my supposedly high-tech phone! Now talk about being UNLUCKY!

I just slept and tried it the next morning. I registered for WAP mail but I don’t know if the message went through. Anyway, I hurriedly prepared to take the computer to PC Express to buy a new power supply. I didn’t have a car so I had to take a taxi to bring my darn computer to the shop. I called up a taxi service and was promised that in 5 minutes the driver will be there.

While waiting at the garage for the cab, I noticed the scratch and bump on my good ol’ mother’s car. Out of concern, I told her about it. I asked her if they got into any accident or something. Sabi nya ‘di naman daw sila nababangga. Sabi ko baka naman di nila alam na nabangga sila or something – baka pag nakapark sila somewhere or wherever. Bigla ba namang nagalit!!!! And oh boy she started saying kilometric lines – naglitanya na tungkol sa do nya pag-imik sa mga nakita nyang gasgas sa kotse nya pero pag sya raw eh galit kami. Like DUH! Ano bang sinabi ko? Nakita lang ng tatay ko yung bangga at sinabi sa ‘kin na tingnan ko at banggitin ko sa kanya pero ano’ng nangyari? Kami pa ang napasama. Mas me concern daw kami sa kotse kesa sa kanya. Sabi ko nga, kung ‘di inalagaan ng tatay ko ang sasakyan, wala syang masasakyan at magagamit ngayon. Ilang taon sya sa Amerika pero ni minsan di sya nagpapadala ng pera para sa maintenance at gasolina o kahit man lang rehistro o insurance ng kotse nya. Kami naman daw ang gumagamit kaya dapat lang daw yun. Like DUH again! As I’ve said, kung ‘di iningatan ang kotse nya, malamang wala syang ginagamit ngayon!!

Napikon talaga ako. Dinagdagan na naman daw namin ang sama ng loob nya. Nananahimik na daw sya tapos ganon daw ang gagawin namin sa kanya. Magsilayas daw kami dito sa bahay NIYA (like DUH again – sa kanila ito ng tatay ko!). Sinagot ko at sabi ko, hangga’t di tatay ko nagpapalayas sa ‘min ‘di ako aalis. Sa sobrang pikon ko, tears started falling down my eyes.

Sabi ko sa nanay ko, marami syang sinasabi pero ayaw nila mag-usap ng tatay ko. Wala na raw silang dapat pag-usapan. Sabi ko, marami kayong dapat pag-usapan pero ayaw nyo mag-usap. Kung ayaw na nila sa isa’t isa, maghiwalay na sila. Sinagot ako at sabi nya, ‘di nya raw kelangan sabihin sa ‘min kung anuman ang nangyayari sa kanila. Sabi ko karapatan namin malaman yun. Then she said, wala raw kaming karapatan dahil wala na syang pakialam sa ‘ming mga anak nya. ‘Di naman nya kami tinuturing na mga anak dahil walang tumuring sa kanya na magulang. Sabi ko ikaw ang me problema, we’re trying to reach out to you but you’re shutting us out. Ikaw ang me problema, hindi kami.

I really felt so bad about what she said that I started crying. I wasn’t expecting to hear that coming from a mother. Dun ko na-realize na baka tama nga ang mga kapatid ko after all to feel that way towards her – yung feeling na balewala sila sa nanay ko at ‘di sila mahal o minahal.

Masyado nang umiikot ang mundo ng nanay ko sa pera nya. Wala na syang pinakikinggan. Feeling nya lahat ng tao pinagkakaisahan sya, feeling nya ‘di sya iniintindi ng mga taong nakapaligid sa kanya. I told myself from this day forth, ‘di ko na sya kakausapin. Wala na rin kaming dapat pang pag-usapan. MH and I are planning to leave the house, but only if Papa gives us the go signal. Naaawa ako sa mga bata. Ayaw nila kaming umalis, pa’no raw sila. Sasama raw sila sa ‘min dahil ayaw nila sa nanay ko – ayaw na nila bumalik sa Amerika. Marami pang sinabi ang nanay ko na masakit sa ‘kin pero I’m letting it all pass. Marami syang sinasabi pero kung sabihin ko man lahat ng mga nararamdaman namin, baka ‘di nya kayanin. Wala raw syang ginagawang masama sa ‘min (kala nya lang yun!). Maraming hinanakit ang tatay ko sa kanya pero ni minsan ‘di nya sinumbatan ang nanay ko dahil mahal nya ang nanay namin. Kung malalaman nyo ang buong istorya ng buhay nila iisipin nyong hango sa komiks pero totoong nangyari sa ‘min.

For now, I’m not talking to her. Ayoko na. I give up. Ipagdadasal ko na lang sya na sana mawala na ang influence ng pera sa utak nya. Mahirap man aminin pero pera na ang nagpapatakbo sa buhay ng nanay ko. Mukha ng pera ang nanay ko. Pera ng mga bata ang hawak nya pero ni minsan ‘di sila nakatikim ng magandang buhay sa Amerika. Pinangakuan nya na magdi-Disneyland sila nung birthday ni Kimberly pero walang nangyari. Sinira nya ang bakasyon ng tatay ko sa Amerika. Pangakong napako ang kinalabasan. Oo nga’t marami silang branded clothes and toys pero ang mga bata, ‘di nila na-eenjoy ang pagiging bata nila. ‘Di alam ng nanay ko kung ga’no kasaya ang mga bata pag kumakain sa labas, pag nakakapunta sila sa mall, pag nakakasama namin sila sa Starbucks at kung saan man – nakikipagkwentuhan sa ‘min at nakikipagtawanan. Ni minsan ‘di yun nagawa sa kanila ng nanay ko sa Amerika dahil iniisip nya na sayang ang pera. Ilang beses na rin nilang sinabi sa ‘kin na napakaswerte ni Basti dahil ako ang nanay nya at makailang beses na rin nilang sinabi sa ‘kin na sana ako na lang ang nanay nila. Siguro kung malalaman ng nanay ko yan, baka mapag-isip-isip sya sa mga ginagawa nya, pero ewan ko lang din. Masyadon nang nakasentro ang nanay ko kung papano mas dadami ang dolyares nya at kung papano ‘di mauubos yun. Kasalanan ba namin kung binubusabos nya sarili nya dahil sa wala na sa lugar na pagtitipid nya? Kasalanan ba namin kung ayaw nyang sumaya? Kasalanan ba namin kung ayaw nya kumain paminsan-minsan sa labas dahil sayang ang pera? Kasalanan ba namin kung ‘di nya binibili ang sarili nya ng damit, sapatos at kung anu-ano pa dahil iniisip nya na sayang lang ang dolyares nya? Punyetang pera yan! Lecheng pera yan!

Hindi ko sinasabing kakalimutan ko na ang nanay ko. Wala akong magagawa, nanay ko yun. Utang ko pa rin sa kanya ang buhay ko. Pero ano’ng gagawin ko? Mas gusto ng nanay ko na nag-iisa at kasama ang pera nya kesa sa ‘min. Masamang-masama ang loob ko sa kanya ngayon. Hindi pala anak ang turing nya sa ‘min. Balewala kami sa kanya dahil mas pinahahalagahan nya ang mga naipundar nya galing sa perang hindi naman kanya; mas binibigyang halaga nya yung sulsol ng addict nyang anak; mas mahalaga sa kanya ang mga dolyares na pinagmamalaki nya. Kanya na lahat yan at sana madala nya sa hukay nya.

Naiintindihan ko na ang mga kapatid kong nagdesisyong umalis sa bahay namin. ‘Di ko na sila masisi kung bakit ganon na lang ang sama ng loob nila sa nanay ko. ‘Di man sila sinabihan ng direcho kagaya ng sa ‘kin, naramdaman nila na ganon mula pa noon. Pag umalis ang tatay dito, kasama kaming aalis. Wala na rin akong balak kausapin ang nanay ko. Totoong wala na kaming dapat pag-usapan. Magkakanya-kanya na kami. Sana lang damayan sya ng pera nya pag nag-umpisa nang kainin ng diabetes ang katawan nya. Sana lang damayan sya ng pera nya at ng anak nyang addict pag nalulungkot sya. Sana mapasaya siya ng pera nya kahit isang saglit lang. Sana lang pag kinuha na siya ni Lord, tanggapin ni Lord kung ga’no karaming dolyares ang naipon nya para makapasok sya sa langit.

Siguro ang sama na ng imahe ko ngayon bilang anak pero sana naintindihan nyo kung bakit ako nagkakaganito ngayon. Sinubukan kong maging malapit sa nanay ko – kinakausap ko sya kahit dinedeadma nya lang ako kadalasan; ginawa ko ang lahat para maging isang mabuting anak sa kabila ng mga pagkakamaling nagawa ko sa buhay ko – pero wala palang halaga lahat yun sa nanay ko. Dahil para sa kanya, wala kaming kwenta at wala kaming silbi sa kanya.

3Scrapateers Reopened

3Scrapateers has reopened. For all digiscrappers out there, kindly drop by and re-register (if you’ve had an account before) so you can enjoy the numerous activities we have in store for you.

Christmas in July will be Christmas in August. I’m sure for those of you who’d like to snag at lots of freebies, then this is the right time for you to get ’em.

See ya at our home.

My First Piano Lesson

Sir Francis was just in time for my first piano lesson at 6pm last night. He and Mama had a little chat before we started. This was my very first formal piano lesson. Papa taught me a little about how to play when I was younger but I already forgot all about it since I didn’t play for years. I can play a tune or two but only with one hand even without the need for those music guides. Widow, as they would say. I did enjoy the lesson though. Sir Francis was kinda pushy but I loved the challenge. My first assignment? Chopstick Revels! Hahahaha!

It’s August

Time really flies so fast!! It’s already August and 7 months passed by just like that. So many things have happened and sometimes I can’t help but wonder how it all happened so fast.

To give you an update on 3S, it’s gonna be up and running very, very soon. I’m just so excited about it. But it’s all gonna be work once we get back online. For the past weekend, my mails have increased from 1 to about a million e-mails per day for correspondence (ok, I’m exaggerating :D). It’s pretty tough because sometimes I am just TOO lazy to read but just the same I have to read ’em.

The past couple of days have been a little busy not just for me but for all of us, I guess. Mama was in a hurry to buy a piano last week and it was delivered yesterday. I am even going to take piano lessons later! It’s exciting because I already forgot how to play and now I’ll have to brush up on lessons and maybe try to play again. 🙂 I know that I’m quite old for it but no one’s too old if you want to learn something, right?

So what else? Hmmm, well, I guess that’s it for now. I have nothing to say regarding MH because there’s nothing to talk about anyway. My marriage is still on the rocks and I’m not too keen about it anymore. As I always say, “bahala na si Batman!