Introducing….Tisha, Sly and Steph – and then some…

More than a week has passed since my last entry. I know most of you are curious who Tisha is. I got Tisha last February 11 and I’ve just been quite busy dressing her up. She’s been taking most of my time for the past couple of days now because I just want her to be the most beautiful thing I can see everyday (aside from Basti, of course). So here she is…Tisha…my newest ride! 🙂

I welcomed her with widely-open arms because Victoria (my old car) has been giving me a lot of growing old pains for the past couple of months. She’s turning 9 in April and she’s been a sickly car lately. We’re still using her though and of course, I love her so much! She was witness to a lot of good, bad, naughty and nasty things all throughout those years and she’s the one and only thing who never blurted out my darkest secrets! LOL! She’s still a beauty though after all these years. But Tisha came at the right time. We want to give Victoria a little break and I think she did welcome it with open arms too 🙂

Now meet, Sly. Papa woke me up in the morning of February 18th and told me to meet up with him at the mall after his class so we can bring him home. Time was so slow that day as I waited but the smile on my face was pasted all throughout the day with the thought of having Sly in mind, FINALLY! When we met and went to the store, the feeling was just exhilarating! And the thing was on sale and I didn’t even know it! They were offering the 20D but our budget won’t allow it. Besides, I am thinking that Sly’s already overwhelming enough for me so I guess I better stick to this one first and learn the ropes of digital photography with it. Look at him – so sturdy and manly! Ain’t he a dahlin’?!

I also got Steph – a Canon Selphy CP710 photo printer. Papa was just thrilled as to how beautiful the photos were printed out using this small but very cool and powerful machine. We had a trial print from the printer and we were amazed at how the photo came out dry and coated with plastic so even if we poured alcohol on it, the photo didn’t smudge a bit. Cool, eh?! I also got a 1GB compact flash card for Sly and an extra stash of photo cards for printing. Those are enough to keep me busy for maybe 2-3 months at the least! LOL!

I took some photos with Sly in the store to try him out and boy oh boy! The photos are just SO BEAUTIFUL! The photos taken with the Ixus are already beautiful but with Sly, everything was just picture perfect – detailed, vibrant colors, etc! I was very excited to use my new babies and I’m so happy with them. Now I have more reasons to take pictures and scrap even more! YAY! Dreams do come true and I’m so lucky to have a father like my Papa! Thanks Pa! You really love me don’t ya?! LOL!

Pam got mad at me because I didn’t want to blabber about my newest babies. All I was telling her was that she’ll meet them very soon and I’ll be sending photos. Well, she finally met Tisha, Sly and Steph and now she’s not mad at me anymore! I love you my best friend and I’m sorry I had to keep you from meeting them until I took their pictures 🙂 I know you’ll forgive and I really hope you do.

Anyway, I was supposed to meet up with my kumpare for some free basic photography lessons but he had to postpone it the last minute. Hopefully we could have the lessons either tomorrow or on Friday. It would really be great to learn more about my toy and be able to apply the lessons real soon. I’ve been tinkering with Sly’s settings and it’s really fun! However, I have to admit that I still get so stumped with the highly-technical photographer’s terminology but I’m hopeful that I can get past it in no time. I’m really excited!

As agreed upon, Reggie and I met for dinner and coffee at Harbour Square. MH, Basti and me were there at around 7PM and just used up the time taking photos of my precocious Sweetheart. He’s really a darling in front of the camera and although most of his photos were stolen shots from all the running around that he did, he’s still one of my favorite subjects. 🙂

Basti was begging me for ice cream so we went to Icebergs to grab his fix. I got him a strawberry sundae without nuts and look at how much he loved his food fix for the day (aside from the New York Fries that we got him earlier at Shopwise). I took lots of photos while he was eating. It was fun watching him and capturing the moment at the same time.

Reggie arrived a couple of minutes past 8 and then we had our dinner. We had quite a feast and was satisfied. The bill took a while before it got to us. We transferred to Starbucks and I had a grand time taking more photos of Basti and his godmother laughing and playing together. It was a wonderful sight to look at. The laughter of a child is really priceless.

We parted ways around 10:30 since Reggie still has to go to work. I dropped off MH and Basti at the office and then went home. I felt exhausted upon reaching home. Looking back, it wasn’t a bad day after all. It was a fantastic break from the monotonous life I was living. I’m thankful that I still have the chance to enjoy life and be happy. It feels really good.

And before I end, here’s a photo of my brother and my SIL during their wedding last February 11th. I was laughing at the fact that my brother still insisted on having his hair done still a la Allen Iverson. But in the end, I still think that they are a lovely couple – don’t you think so?

Congratulations to the newly-weds and hopefully there’ll be another addition to the family real soon! 🙂

‘Til my next entry 🙂


Happy Hearts’ Day

Today is the highly-commercialized celebration of Valentine’s Day. I haven’t really enjoyed this “special” day of the hearts for the past couple of years though. As I’ve said, it’s too commercialized but I still keep that little hope in my heart that I will be able to spend even just one Valentine’s Day since the last time I had one (and I can’t even remember when was that! LOL!).

Anyway, I know most of you have grand plans for this day so I won’t spoil the fun for y’all. I am still on vacation and I’ll be back by tomorrow. It’s so nice wallowing in food and sleep in a cozy hotel room that’s free! I’ve been a sucker for free stuff because I know it doesn’t come your way all the time nowadays. I think I’ve gained enough pounds to make my doctor worry for the rest of my life! Hehehehe! Buffet stuff is so cool and you can’t resist it especially if you compare prices as against ordering a la carte. I’m bloated and I’m sleepy! Such a slack of a pig I am! LOL!

My brother got married last Saturday in California. Too bad we weren’t there to celebrate that “momentous” event with him. But he called me after they got to Las Vegas where they will be spending their honeymoon. I just hope they had fun. Which reminds me that I have to talk to him soon about some matters. For now, I’m letting him relish the moment 🙂 LOL!

By the way, I’ve got a new baby and her name is Tisha, Tish for short. I’m just so happy with her coming into my life because for sure she’s gonna save me a lot from stress and worries. She smells so good and she is definitely a darling 🙂 A picture of her will be coming soon in this blog and I can’t wait to show her off with all of you. 🙂

Another great news is that I got accepted as a Design Team member for a new site called Digiscrap Treasures. The site has some well-known designers like Arvita Mott, d2D (dedicated2Digital) and Jessica Dixon. I’m working on my 1st assignment with them and hopefully it will turn out all well. 🙂 I’m quite enjoying the freelance work I’ve been doing and so far I’ve been challenged to be more organized. So far everything’s under control and I’m loving it!

I’ve got 2 almost completed albums and hopefully I’ll be able to send them out before this week ends. It was intended to be a Valentine’s Day gift but I didn’t make it to my own deadline. My vacation got in the way! LOL! I just hope the recipients will appreciate the albums I made.

In an hour or so, I’ll be going down the restaurant again for my dinner. Oh geez! I’m gonna be eating again! I never really learn! LOL!

Happy Valentine’s Day and ’til my next entry!

Slacking again

I haven’t been around much. I’ve been a little busy in my own little world scrapping my heart out again – this time for Do It Digi. I’ve left my home at 3Scrapateers before January ended. I would have been staying there for 7 months last February 7. I will forever be grateful to 3S for everything. I felt sad leaving them behind but I’m happy that I’ve welcomed other opportunities for growth in my career as a layout artist and a professional archiver or memories (whatta term! LOL!).

So far everything’s been running smoothly in my little nook. Not much of those arguments between me and my mother have been going on. I guess she got tired of it too! LOL! Constant fighting is draining and I’m sure she has already felt that. Besides, we have fought about everything under the sun already. I just hope I don’t jinx the temporary heaven I’m feeling right now.

I have declared a vacation and I’m enjoying it tremendously despite my having a bad cough and cold together with a mild migraine attack. I slept the whole afternoon so I’m still up and about at this time. The weather’s been very weird and it took its toll on my health (add to that the couple of cigarette sticks I puffed last week). Hopefully, things will be better before Valentine’s Day (yeah right!).

I’m enjoying every bit of American Idol (as always and as usual!) and I can’t wait to see who will be this season’s Top 12! I’m gonna be glued to my TV during AI days at Star World! LOL!

Talks about the Ultra stampede last week are still very much active in all local networks and I’ve read a very interesting e-mail from a friend about it. I can only pray for the families of those who were left by the loved ones unexpectedly and those who are still recuperating from the injuries they sustained from the fateful event. I was stumped upon hearing the VERY, VERY strong words uttered by their spokesperson (who’s name slips my memory as of the moment). And it didn’t suprise me at all to hear Gabby Lopez protesting that stern guy’s statements. Oh well, I’m just waiting to see what will happen in this case. In the meantime, we all have to stop relying on game shows giving out millions in prizes to make us rich and full with food at least three times a day. We’ve been too fateful long enough – it’s time to work our butts off and try to survive in this cruel world!

I’ve been watching a lot of romantic and mushy movies with the hope that I’ll be in a romantic mood but to no avail! LOL! I guess I’ve turned into a rock of some sorts – a cute rock I should say! *bleh!*

It’s 4am and a lot of thoughts are running wildly through my mind right now. But I need to rest. ‘Til the next entry.