Basti’s Singing and Dancing: THE VIDEOS

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This is my first time to be posting videos here in my blog and I’d like to thank Tej for sharing this wonderful site for uploading videos that I can show off in my blog. Last week, I had the chance to watch and take a couple of videos of Basti singing and dancing. The first video shows Basti singing Baa-Baa Black Sheep ABC together with the Sesame Street characters. I’m really no good in taking videos so please bear with me 🙂

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Basti singing On Top of Spaghetti with Mr. Snuffleupagus (which he never finished)…Oh well!

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Basti dancing and “singing” to She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain.


Nearing month’s end

I have been remiss in my duties as a layout artist for the past 2 weeks. Aside from the fact that I was in a terrible scrapping slump, real life matters came in and I had to deal with them first. Add to that the fact that I don’t really appreciate the summer heat that we’ve been experiencing for the past couple of days. If I’m not in the mall, I am in the comfort of my air-conditioned room sleeping or watching TV. The heat has been giving me so much discomfort because my migraines have gona from bad to worse (again).

The past couple of weeks have been a pain for me in the sense that my reliable XDA II has gone mad at me. For a number of times already, it did a hard reset on its own or when I am picking up a call or when I am answering text messages. I was thinking that it might have been the upgrade I made from using Microsoft ActiveSync 3.8 to 4.0. It’s a good thing that I was able to backup my contacts and other files in that phone but then even if I reverted to MS ActiveSync 3.8, the problem was still there although not as bad as it was before. I reinstalled everything and borrowed Papa’s 7610 for the meantime. This experience has taught me that using a PDA/Phone can be debilitating because you can be too dependent on it in the long run making you feel so comfortable that your cellphone will do all the dirty work of remembering phone numbers for you. I felt helpless everytime I would hear that hard reset tone because I didn’t memorize the phone number of the person I was speaking to. It dawned upon me that I should go back to the basics and start memorizing numbers again BY HEART!

I used the 7610 for more than a week and my oh my! I felt so dumb going back to using a Nokia phone again. I always screwed up in sending messages and I had a hard time looking for the contacts on the phone. I was soooooo slow to pick up calls that by the time I got to them, I already missed the call. I was texting like a typical 100-year old would. It took me a couple of days to get used to it.

Well, Papa decided that he wanted to give the phone to one of his “friends” and just decided to buy me a new one. He knew I wanted the N90 but after using a demo unit, I felt that it’s not for me considering that the phone entails you to twist and flip it. I decided to get this instead:
It’s a pretty cool phone and I’ll be able to use the 3G feature when it’s already fully-operational here in the Philippines. Just like my XDA II, I can sync it with my computer and surf the web with it. Of course it’s not as high-tech as my previous phone but it’s really okay for my needs for now. As for my XDA II, I still have it here with me. I tucked in a prepaid SIM with it and this time, my younger sister is the one using it. She got what she wanted too, FINALLY! One lucky little gal!!!

Monday last week, MH, Basti, Nikki and I went to the appliance store to order the airconditioning unit that will serve as replacement for our room AC. We went to Glorietta to get some snacks after then went to Macapagal Avenue and tried out one of the new restaurants there. For some strange reason, I forgot the name of the cafe but I think it sounds like Life Coffee and Tea something. The food was actually great and I think I’d like to go back there one of these days to relax and unwind. I got a text from Reggie that her Dad’s in the hospital again due to his recurring condition (diverticulosis if I remember it right). He needed blood donors right away, 6 at the least to compensate for the blood that he’s been getting from the hospital’s blood bank. I went there Tuesday with MH and Renel (another previous blood donor for Tito Raul) for screening. I’ve been turned down 2x since the last time I donated in 2002 (before I got pregnant with Basti). It’s a good thing that I was able to pass the screening this time and I got a new blood donor’s card. I had to ask MH to drive me home because I was kinda feeling weak and wasn’t really feeling good after I got sucked out of 400cc of blood. It was funny because I really hated needles and I felt weak as soon as I saw the needle that was poked on my fatty self. But then again, I felt good because I’m helping another person with my blood. I planned to rest for the next 2 days but that didn’t happen.

Wednesday, I had to go back to the appliance store to replace the order that we made for the AC unit. Although I was feeling weak and kinda sick, I still managed to sneak in some quality time with Basti. He was bragging about his Care Bears countdown song and has been bugging me to buy a Care Bear toy. Such a cutie really! He knows how to charm me to bring him to the toy store. Being the “willing” Mom that I am, I finally got him his first Care Bear toy, Tenderheart Bear.

We were in the car when Basti started singing “On Top of Spaghetti” to me with his signature pout. I was laughing so hard because he really looked so cute while doing that. We brought him back to the office and I spent about an hour just watching Basti sing along with his favorite Sesame Street characters. I took a couple of videos that I will be posting later on. I left the office and then dropped off MH to meet my Dad at a nearby night club to drink and be with their “women.” Hey, no kidding here, huh!

Thursday was spent literally in bed the whole day. I felt weaker and just had to rest the whole day. Suzanne kept me company during my waking hours and it was great talking to her even if it’s just through text. We were both rambling about our laziness which we can’t seem to stike off our system. LOL!

The weekend was spent mostly at home. But I finally decided to go back to the parlor and have a minor makeover. I decided to style my hair a bit (went back to the layered look) and had it protein treated; had a foot spa, manicure, pedicure and a massage that lulled me to sleep; and most of all, I had my brows groomed. I don’t usually take pictures of myself but since I felt great after coming out of the parlor and I haven’t felt this good in the last couple of months, I decided to focus that phone on my siopao face and took a couple of photos. It felt so weird and I felt very selfish but I guess it’s okay for as long as I don’t overdo it. LOL! I still have the same old voluptuous body that became my identity but at least I still look beautiful (duh and LOL!). And look at those feet – ahhh they look like feet again! LOL!

I was able to come out of my scrapping slump to be able to get all caught up with my kit assignments. Just a little more push on my tush to get things completed! 😀

I need to get some sleep now. I’ll see ya later.

The Week That Was…

I was kinda unproductive last week – scrapping wise. As I’ve said in my earlier entry, my body’s already complaining of the long hours I’ve been spending in front of my computer. This week, I was in a scrapping slump BIG TIME!

Monday, I had another invitation by Miss Casino High Roller to play. It was qutie bad because the machines weren’t giving out as much. Papa lost a couple of thousands that night. I won about 20,000 but gave it all to Papa and of course, some to Miss CHR. I guess the only consolation I got was a sumptuous lunch and dinner courtesy of the hotel. Of course, my body fats were rejoicing at the cholesterol-laden meals that I had. I won’t be surprised if one day I’ll be caught dead! LOL! I was just happy that the money I lost wasn’t mine at all. I wouldn’t shell out money just to be spent at the casino. I will be feeling guilty all my life if I do that.

Wednesday, I decided to go to the penguin show at Star City with the kiddos at home. Aside from the fact that a weekday is the best time to go to Star City (especially if you hate crowds like I do), I was excited to go and see it because I haven’t seen a penguin in my entire life except for pictures. Unfortunately, Basti went home to Valenzuela and wasn’t able to go with us. Anyway, I will just be scheduling another trip there for him to see the show.

I was disappointed because the penguins that were there were not the penguins I was expecting to see. They were of the smaller breed and there were only 5 of them. One was even “sick” because it’s changing its feathers. I was actually not thinking anyway so there’s really no justification for my disappointment. LOL! I can just imagine if they were of the bigger specie. It might even be bigger than me! ROFL!

Anyway, I really had fun looking at them swim, eat and walk around the stage. The staff seemed knowledgeable about the animals which is really cool. We spent almost an hour just watching them. I have taken at least 100 photos (I think). I was very eager to take some cool shots of them in action.

After viewing the penguins, we decided to have some snacks and rest for a while. And then for another hour, we went around the carnival grounds for a couple of more pictures of Nikki and Kim. I’ll be posting them real soon (READ: Hopefully I’ll have the time to resize them for faster uploading!!!).

We went to Tapa King for dinner that night and then, of course, went to Starbucks for my usual coffee fix. I wasn’t able to sleep that night and I spent the whole night working on a paper pack that I’m offering as a freebie to everyone at my scrap blog. I even finished another set of papers but I am still making some elements for it since I would like to give it out as a complete kit.

Thursday was spent at home. I was able to sleep right after Papa left for the office. I slept the whole day and was practically lifeless! I was able to get to my senses in the afternoon although only for a short while. I tried to keep myself awake since my mind was willing to scrap the whole night. However, my body was too weak to function and so I gave in.

Friday, I was back to normal and tried to scrap a couple of pages to complete requirements for my teams. I was a bit productive and was able to come up with a couple of decent layouts that you can view at my scrap blog.

Saturday was spent at the mall. We went to Greenbelt for a change. I don’t really hate the place but it just makes me queasy knowing that the place is laden with either opportunistic Filipinos with their numerous shopping bags trying to find a way into their little hands because they are walking side-by-side with willing victims (read:foreigners from across the globe) or the place is just reeking with the legitimate socialites and socialites-to-be of our times. Believe me, I’ve had experiences wherein I was looked at from head to toe by those people I’m talking about just because I was looking at the windows of Gucci and Louis Vouitton wearing my favorite shorts, plain shirt and sneakers. I know I can’t afford to pay a plain black bag for 45,000 pesos but I’m telling you that even if I had the money and the bag is to drool for, I will think a million times before digging into my pocket for that amount. Discrimination is just as bad here as it is for some Pinoys living in other countries – believe me!

Anyway, I found the store that sells Neopets Trading Cards and I finally jumped in the bandwagon of Americans who are addicted to the stuff. I think I just found something I’d like to spend for aside from digital scrapbooking kits and albums. 🙂 I actually can’t seem to play the game so what I’m going to do is to just collect the cards and place them in an album – just like how my brothers used to do it with their NBA collectible cards. Now I understand the addiction they had with those cards!

We had dinner at Krocodile Grille and waited for Gian and Anna to arrive to join us. It really took them a while to get there but it was just okay. We were all filled to the brim and had fun. It was a great way to cap the hectic week that we all had. Incidentally, Basti turned 28 months last Saturday too. My baby’s just growing up so fast!

That’s all for the week that was. I feel that I’m still in a scrapping slump but hopefully, things will pick up for me this week.

Busy Weekend

I had a very busy weekend. Friday afternoon was spent with Basti at the zoo. It has been a long time since the last time I went there. Basti went there a couple of weeks ago with his grandparents but they didn’t take any pictures. I brought along Nikki with me because she wanted to join us too.

It was a great family day for us. I saw how much he enjoyed seeing the animals (he’s such an animal lover!) and had so much fun walking and running around the zoo grounds. You know, although our zoo is not as lavish and as pretty as those in other countries, I really found it very educational, especially for small kids like DS. I had fun taking pictures of the animals we saw and of course, Basti also had his share of the limelight too.

We entered the Kinder Zoo where we were able to “interact” with the animals. Nikki had fun playing with the red birds. There was the yellow python that I’ve been seeing in photos and the ostrich that you can ride on. They allow the animals inside the Kinder Zoo to be touched but I was like “NO WAY will I ever hold a python! Not ’til I’m dead anyway!” Even DS was curious but he didn’t want to hold it. Nikki’s feelings were mutual with us! Snakes are just plain ICKY! Period!!!

There was this hanging bridge that made me so dizzy. Not all of you know that I suffer from vestibular dysfunction that cause me to have vertigo and VERY BAD vertiginous migraines. This in turn prohibits me from having sudden changes in body clock (making me give up my call center career), riding carnival rides and pass by hanging bridges to name some. Yeah I know, I live a very dull life but that’s the way it is. Oh well, it took me a whole 5 minutes or so to get by what seemed to be an endless tunnel for me. As soon as I stepped on solid ground, everything was just spinning. I had to take a breather and stand still for about 10 minutes while holding on to MH. It was bad as I didn’t bring any medication with me. I almost threw up but I was glad that we had a bottle of water with us.

Anyway, after recovering from that, we had to leave as it was already almost closing time and DS was already tired. I took about more than 200 photos and I just gave myself lots of pictures to scrap! LOL! I still have to upload them. Somehow, I’m having a hard time uploading photos to my online photo album because of the file size and it’s gonna be one humongous work for me if I’m gonna resize each and one of them. I just have to be patient enough for those photos to be uploaded.

We brought back DS to the office because he was going home with my in-laws since it was a weekend. We then met Papa for dinner at Harbour Square and of course, capped the night with a trip to Starbucks. It was fun and I also took photos of that as well.

Saturday, we went to Glorietta after Papa’s class and splurged a bit. Papa bought this cool shirt and he asked me if I wanted a new pair of shoes. I was actually looking at this pair of light and comfy driving shoes. However, the price on the tag made me think twice about buying it. But being the generous father that he is, he told me to buy the pair anyway. He told me that it’s high time for me to buy a new pair since he doesn’t like the pair of sandals I’ve been wearing. Well, shoes and clothes slipped into the bottom of my priority list ever since I had Basti. But of course, I still welcome the fact that Papa still wants me to enjoy life’s perks once in a while. Being the aspiring photographer that I am, I took a picture of my new shoes and even made a layout about it 🙂 Sometimes I find it silly but any moment can be scrapped no matter how silly it may seem.

We also had a trip to the toys section because I had to buy a gift for Kyle, a dear friend’s son who’s celebrating his 1st birthday today. Of course, I wouldn’t leave the toy store without a little something for Basti. I had it gift wrapped because he loves opening gifts.

Sunday was spent with DS. I had to wake up very early because I still had to pick up Basti from my in-laws in Valenzuela. Upon reaching my in-laws’ place, Basti just finished taking a bath and I dressed him up. Of course, he was more curious about the gift than anything else in the world. So we let him open his gift and got Sly ready for some action.

We attended Kyle’s 1st birthday party at Max’s Glorietta 2. It was so much fun seeing the kids enjoy face painting, the magic show and games. Basti even had his arm painted too. He didn’t seem to be afraid of the mascot and even danced along with him. It’s just too cute to watch 🙂 I will be posting the photos soon 🙂

After the party, we had ice cream with Reggie, Julo and his nanny at the nearby Icebergs. It was a great time for our children to bond while we chat and relax for a while. It’s really a joy seeing kids play together. Look at the fun that they had together!

We had to bring Basti back to Valenzuela after the ice cream treat. I got home late in the afternoon already. It was a tiring day but it was all worth it. The complete pictures will be uploaded soon in my albums. Of course these will all be scrapped — in time 😀

I don’t know if I’ll have scrapping time this week since I have some errands to do. My body already complaining and has been giving signs that I need to sleep. I might be catching up on sleep in the next couple of days and give myself some scrapping break. I just don’t know if I’ll be able to do this anyway. LOL!

‘Til my next entry!

P.S.: If you noticed I used some cool stuff from PhotoBucket. 🙂 Well, at least my membership to this site paid off! I just love all the features they’re giving me! I love this site!

A Night in the Life of a Casino High Roller

She’s a small woman in her 50’s who’s neatly dressed and barely wearing any jewelry. She goes to the nearby hotel and casino whenever she wants to. There will be nights when she wouldn’t come home for days and would just go home to take a bath and change then go back to play some more.

She’s a VIP at the hotel and the casino. She’s given her own room everytime she goes there to play courtesy of the casino operator. She goes there always armed with high hopes that she will be the winner of that jackpot every casino player wants to get a hold of. One time she won nearly a million. But I know deep inside that it wasn’t enough to cover up for whatever losses she incurred by playing every day and night in that snake pit. She doesn’t even care about it.

I had the privilege of going into the snake pit last Monday. I started playing at a slot machine at 630pm. 20,000 slipped out of my hand in less than an hour. I decided to slow down a bit and play on Fire and Ice. It was addicting and the bets are not for the faint-hearted if you want to win big too. I started out with PhP150. I won some and lost some. She told me the things I needed to look out for and be braver in placing bets. She is used to betting 900 for a spin, the lowest would be 150. I saw how she played – 1000 slipped through the machine just like that in 1 spin (if you’re unlucky not to get a single combination). It came through as a shock for me. I can’t have gather even just 1/3 of her guts to bet 600 or 900 in a spin. It was too much for me and I might not be able to sleep.

I got the Ice Jackpot twice. It wasn’t really big but it was great to see that somehow you have that slightest hint of hope that you can win the big money posted on your screen – around 650,000. I know it’s just sheer luck but who knows?

Just the same – I heeded her advice. When I finally gathered enough strength to push that button to create the 600/bet combo, I got a combination that gave out 30,000++ worth of moolah for me to collect! I was so happy! I cashed it out and then stopped. I can’t anymore bear the thought of betting at least 150 to get the chance to have a “PLAY SUSPENDED” splashed on my screen.

Papa went home with more than 70,000 that night. But as soon as we got home, he counted his money and then just realized that he only won 5,000 in total. 65,000 was the total money he shelled out. And I was so thankful that we were able to get it back.

I don’t think we’ll be able to do that again – not in the longest time anyway. I can never be a casino high roller. It’s good to press those buttons when you have the extra, extra money you can shell out but I can never do what a high roller can do. I just don’t have the guts and the money. But it was a great experience. Great because I know that I can never be a casino high roller – ever, really! And I don’t think I’ll be able to do this ever again.