Finally…some updates

It’s been almost a month since I last posted an entry in this blog. I’ve been very busy with real life stuff that I’ve actually neglected most of my computer stuff. I haven’t been doing much layouts like I used to because I’ve been going out almost everyday doing errands and other stuff here at home and outside. If there’s one very, very good thing that came out of this was that I have been spending a lot of time with Basti. I’ve been visiting him almost daily and we’ve been doing a lot of stuff together lately – mostly just eating out and having our Starbucks fix. He’s “addicted” to the Starbucks lollies and the baristas at our favorite Harbour Square location already knows that once we’re with this little guy, they would have to punch 2 or 3 of those in our bill. How I wish there’d be a day when they’d give it for free but I doubt if it will happen! LOL!

Holy Week passed without much fuss at home. Last April 13, my brother finally flew back to the UK. We had dinner together Wednesday night at Tony Roma’s and had a couple of pictures taken. Hopefully, this time, he would do his homework now and get his life straightened out. I’m wishing him all the best. We were supposed to go to Tagaytay but postponed it for Saturday.

Good Friday was spent at home watching TV and sleeping. As most of you know, sleep is already a luxury for me. Black Saturday was spent in Tagaytay with Papa, Nikki, my in-laws, my BIL, Ahyee and Basti. We had a mid-morning snack at Delifrance at the Shell station. Then we had a sumptuous feast at Leslie’s. Their bulalo is still the best thing ever served in that place! The guys had a couple of beers while I took the opportunity to take photos. It was my first time to bring Sly on an out of town trip and surely I’ve had the greatest photos from Tagaytay with him 🙂 We also went to Chateau Royale in Nasugbu. My father’s boss owns the place and we met the general managers and we were given a tour around the leisure park. I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to go on a weekend getaway with all the amenities you need. I particularly like their spa and their log cabins (which I find really, really cool!). The place is operational but there are still areas that are being built. You can view photos from our trip here.

This week was pretty hectic for me. I was in Glorietta for 3 straight days. I had to bring my phone back to the Nokia store because Smart couldn’t get my phone to work on 3G mode. Nokia had to flash and upgrade my phone’s software. I finally got my phone configured for 3G after talking to a wonderful gentleman named John Ronquillo from Smart who gave that extra mile for me to have my phone configured in the middle of the night. Believe it or not, prior to talking with Mr. Ronquillo, a certain Miss Soriben told me that since I can’t change from GSM to dual mode I would need to return my phone back to Nokia and have my phone checked again as Nokia might not have upgraded the phone software properly. I know for myself that the phone is working perfectly fine and I just followed what their senior technician told me that right after flashing the phone, I would need to have the phone configured by my provider for the correct settings. Making me go back to Nokia was the easiest excuse to terminate the call. But of course, I know better than that that’s why I called back and was received by Mr. Ronquillo. I called back Smart the other night and asked for a supervisor to complain Miss Soriben and commend Mr. Ronquillo for a job well-done. This guy surely knows how to do his job very well.

Wednesday, we met my cousin’s husband who’s here in Manila for a vacation. He will be going back to the US on Sunday. We treated him out for dinner at the Seaside Mart along Macapagal Avenue and had a feast of mouth-watering seafood dishes while listening to band music. Of course, the night wouldn’t be complete without pictures! We will be meeting him at the airport on Sunday to deliver the box that we will be sending to my brother. Ryan would surely make a fortune out of that box when he sells his stuff at EBay!

Thursday, we went to Harbour Square and tried out the newest treat from Starbucks upon invitation by Lyn (one of my favorite baristas at the branch). Their newest summer drink, the Banana Cream blended frappucino drinks and banana chocolate chip bread would definitely entice you to forget your diet for a while and just indulge! I just had a wonderful time sipping through my venti cup of this sinful treat!

Friday, Basti, MH and I went to Star City and had a fun-filled afternoon riding the fair rides and going to the Penguin show again because it was a promise I made to him. He surely enjoyed spending the time with the penguins! There were only 4 left because one of them is pregnant and had to be brought back to their natural habitat to survive the pregnancy. I took close to 200 photos of that trip to Star City. Seeing Basti enjoy every minute of our stay in the fair grounds was just heavenly!

Hapee Toothpaste sponsored a concert at the Harbour Square Grounds where Brown Man Revival and Bamboo played. I wasn’t able to watch Bamboo because it was already very late but I had the chance to listen to Brown Man Revival for the very first time in my entire existence. I actually liked their music but I did not fall in love with it. It was great to listen to but I won’t break my arm or leg for them. As they always say, “There’s a first time for everything” and that night introduced me to the beautiful beat of Reggae music. You can view photos from the concert here.

It was a week full of happy things – for a change. And good things are always wonderful to remember. That’s it for now.