Be Back Soon

I know I’ve been away again and have been missing out a lot in the cyberworld. Real life happenings have soared to greater heights and I don’t have enough time in my hands right now to share.

Just to keep it simple for everyone (for now), my old jolly self is sick and I hope to be back very soon. Until then, I’ll be away until I nurse myself back to good health.

Hugs to all!

A Bad Day

When it rains, it pours! This was the case of my day yesterday – May 4th. The Chinese believe that 4 is a very unlucky number as it is the Chinese’s number of death and bad luck. Yesterday was just that for me – very unlucky I should say.

My day started with bad news that there’s no way for me to be able to get back the money that my mother owes me for my brother’s plane fare. We had a clear verbal agreement that she will be returning it but now she decided to pass on the burden of paying to my brother who is still jobless in the UK. It was really a bad start for me. I burst into tears while taking a bath because I was just too angry at her. You know the feeling that you wanted to punch someone but couldn’t? That was how I felt yesterday. My mother knows that the money is for something else that’s very important but she dismissed it and I really can’t understand why she had to do it. I am just so sick and tired of that! I decided that it won’t be good to brood over it so I just decided to give her the cold treatment, dressed up and waited for the engineer who came in and inspected the AC unit that I’ve been complaining about for the past 3 weeks.

Upon conferring with Papa, we agreed for them to have the unit reprocessed and if it still fails to work properly, then they would have to replace it ASAP. I left shortly after lunch time to pick up Basti and MH. Since Basti’s appointment was at 3:45, we agreed to just get my international driving permit first at the Automobile Association of the Philippines before going to the hospital (a 5-10 minute drive depending on the traffic).

I left Basti and MH in the car because Basti fell asleep. 10 minutes into waiting, I got a call from MH telling me that he got figured in another car accident! I was like…”WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?” I immediately went out and saw Tisha’s left side has been rammed by a public jeepney! And darn it, Tisha’s only 2.5 months old!

I tried to compose myself but couldn’t. I was mad at MH because ever since he started driving both my cars, the accidents have just been endless and I always end up paying for the damage even though I wasn’t the one on the driver’s seat! I felt devastated because why does he have to get figured in another accident when Tisha still doesn’t have an insurance policy and this was another unexpected expense on my part and my Dad’s! All I did was to get my cellphone and let MH talk to Papa about the accident. I took the chance to get pictures for my file and for evidence.

Apparently, MH was trying to park in the slot vacated by another car so he won’t get in the way of the car parked behind us. While he was backing up, he just saw the jeepney speeding and when the driver tried to step on the breaks, it was too late, his jeepney already rammed Tisha’s left side.

What made me blow my top was the fact that the driver said that it was the fault of MH and it was MH who rammed his jeepney. I really don’t think it was that way because he was backing up and witnesses said that the jeepney was cruising at a speed that was way too fast for Aurora Boulevard. The accident created traffic that already reached Cubao (so the police said). The investigator came, took pictures and told the parties to remove the vehicles. I was suprised that the investigator did not make a sketch of what happened. They were more interested in removing the traffic jam created by the accident.

I have to tell you that the scene was very creepy to me. When I tried to confront the driver, I was so scared of what I saw. He looked like a demon to me! Oh man! I wanted to tell myself that I am just so stressed out and did a couple of deep breaths. But when I tried to take a second look at him, he still looked the same – eyes all red and he was like in flames and was so ugly! I don’t know what got into me but he really looked like a demon in my eyes!

I told MH that I needed to go back inside and get my permit. I got it in 10 minutes. I was told that we would need to go to the police station to get the statements and discuss things. I decided to just take the cab with Basti because I didn’t want to miss his doctor’s appointment. It was MH who just went to the police for whatever.

After the doctor’s appointment, that was when I realized that I haven’t eaten a meal for the entire day – and it was already 4:30pm. Basti and I went to Saints’ Cafe and I ordered adobo rice for both of us. I was so agitated but I was also starving at the same time. The day was just too much for me!

I texted MH and asked him what’s happening. He told me that the policemen were asking the sketch from him. I told MH that we are not supposed to be the one to provide the sketch of the accident and that it was their job to do that. In the first place, I did not ask for the investigators to remove the vehicles from the accident scene but they insisted because it was already causing traffic. Also, they were telling MH why we didn’t pay for the pictures. I asked about the pictures in the accident scene and was willing to pay for it but the investigator did not give the film for us to have the film developed. They told us that it was not necessary and now they’re blaming us for not paying? The policemen even told MH that without the sketch we can’t do anything about it and even the pictures will not be enough. Also, the driver’s companion said that it was MH who rammed the jeepney and not the other way around. The companion also said that it was a head-on collision. It’s like he knew what a head-on collision was! Geez, what the hell is wrong with these people?

They were telling MH that he will be given a ticket for not bringing the original certificate of registration and official receipt of the car’s registration. I was like…WHAT? First of all, who in his/her right mind would bring the original papers of a car’s registration in a country that’s full of carjackers, huh? And lastly, is there such a thing in the traffic code? Ever since I started driving, I never brought original papers in the car but I always had photocopies stashed in the glove compartment for whatever. Even Papa does not bring along with him original papers in the car.

I asked MH to write down the names of the policemen in the EDSA-Kamuning station. Apparently, it was useless. MH told me that the policemen were not wearing their true name patches/plates on their uniforms. MH said that earlier on, a woman was trying to look for certain policemen who owed her boss some money for the perfumes they bought. They all told the lady that they were not there. After the lady left, the policemen laughed and one of them said that they were able to fool her, including the investigator that was handling our accident. I was fuming mad at these men! I really feel that they are just going to extort money from us eventually!

I told MH to just leave the station and those damn sons of bitches and just pick us up from the hospital. Things were just way out of hand for us and it was getting late. I’ve had too much stress to handle for the day.

On our way back to the office, MH and I were discussing about the bad luck we had. And I remembered a dream that I had last week about my car being wrecked and I was like being strangled. He told me that just right after the jeepney slammed Tisha, he got a text. When he read it while waiting for the investigator’s instructions in the accident scene, the message was this:

“We r all driving in our own STREET called LIFE… and I’m so glad dat in one of the intersections I met a nice FRIEND like you!”

I did not sleep well last night although I felt very tired and stressed out. I woke up with a heavy feeling but I think I’m better now after writing. I took a look at Tisha this morning and the photo I took last night was not lying – a portion of the rammed bumper went back to its original state and from what I saw, most of the work will have to be on aligning the bumper and the hood with the rest of the car. It’s also possible to have the bumper replaced.

It got me thinking in the shower, what does this all mean? I prayed this morning and I felt better. I prayed for forgiveness for having a short temper and for being so impatient. I am just thankful that nothing bad happened to Basti and to MH. I am still one lucky girl after all.

More updates…

I’ve been away from the blogging scene for a couple of weeks now. I’ve been busy with personal stuff and for the first time in almost a year, scrapping took a back seat even for just a couple of days.

It’s Kim’s birthday last April 22. Papa treated us to dinner at Friday’s Glorietta. Kimberly was all smiles when the Friday’s group greeted her with a song and a free dessert for her birthday. It was a very simple, no-fuss birthday celebration but I saw in her eyes the happiness and contentment. We gave her 10 packs of Neopets Trading Cards as a gift. She was really a joyful sight to look at.

For what seemed to be a sudden change of heart on gadgets, Papa splurged on his very own iPod Nano and gave Nicole her very own iPod Shuffle. I have to admit that I was smitten by these small devices that played good music to my ears when I tested them and added songs for listening pleasure. Since its introduction in the market, I have never placed an iPod on my wish list. I wasn’t too interested about what it can do. For me it was just horrendously priced like the PDA/Phones in the market. But after testing it out for myself, now I fully understand why people are crazy over this thing called the iPod.

I found it hard to believe that Papa has moved into the digital age – FINALLY! The best purchase of the month for me would be his brand new N91 from Nokia.
I was awed by its style, design and features but of course it was too pricey for an unemployed person like me. He had to think about it but finally gave in. This li’l mean machine has 4GB of space that’s big enough for 3000 songs and other stuff. His 1-week old iPod Nano fell into my waiting hands. As Papa officially became part of the digital world, I have inducted myself into the wonderful world of iPod fanatics.

However, we were disappointed about Papa’s phone because it froze on him the next day. It turns out that the store gave us a defective unit. They immediately replaced it 22 hours after we bought it. Good thing they did with no questions asked because we would have demanded for a refund. Now, Papa’s enjoying his phone without any hassle and problem. He’s such a trendy geek-wannabe! I’m envious but I love my N70 🙂

Apple has released their newest mean machine called MacBook Pro, the price of which starts at a whopping US$2,799! Papa cut out the article from the newspaper and gave it to me. He knows that this powerful machine will be enjoyed by a digital scrapbooker like me. I told him that it was too much of a price for a notebook. He told me to save up for it. Now…that got me thinking! LOL! It’s definitely in my wish list but I guess I’ll be able to buy that when they release a much newer version of it. Hehehehe!

I got bitten by the flu bug last week. Basti went to Bicol on Wednesday and came back last Saturday. I was supposed to go with them but I couldn’t because I had to catch up on a lot of things. But it turned out that the bed wanted company and made me stay there most of the time. However, my good ol’ mother made matters worse for me. While running a fever, I drove myself to Valenzuela where MH was staying. Mama made another issue out of something. I easily blew my top and just drove myself out of the house. It was the reason why my recovery was slow. I bounced back only last weekend and I’m on my last day of antibiotic treatment for laryngitis. I had dinner with family on Friday at the seaside market along Macapagal Avenue. I then had to drink a capsule of Benadryl AH together with my other medicines when I got home because I was already starting to itch and have a reaction to the sumptuous seafood feast that we had. I love seafoods but they feel otherwise for me! LOL!

Saturday was spent at the salon for my regular foot spa, manicure and pedicure. Too bad I didn’t have my weekly reflexology session with Estee.

Sunday, we had dinner with my in-laws and Basti at Heaven n Eggs – our alternative to Tony Roma’s and Friday’s when we just like good food sans the fancy price. I surely missed my son! Too bad he didn’t have pictures of his trip. I regret not being able to go!

We kicked off the new month by meeting Dhong and having an afternoon at the mall. We then transferred to Harbour Square for their round of drinks. I enjoyed taking photos of the sunset and had a couple of “fine” pictures of myself. Not bad for someone who’s always behind the camera.

Yesterday was spent yakking on the phone and waiting for follow-up reports on our defective air-conditioning unit. The month-old split-type A/C has been running defectively just after a week that we bought it. And it’s been about 2.5 weeks since this issue has started harassing me and had me run out of patience. We have been demanding for a replacement and until now nothing has been done to rectify the problem. Hopefully later I’ll be able to settle this issue once and for all. We’ll wait and see.

It’s Papa’s birthday today! He turns 73 today but he looks a lot younger than his age. Oh well! I don’t think I’ll be able to give him the brag book on time but I’ll still give it anyway later on.

I have been closely watching “Gulong ng Palad” and “Sa Piling Mo’ when I get the chance. There are rumors about Piolo being gay but he’s still a hunk in my eyes and I adore his very beautiful voice! I’ve been listening to his songs and he just got me hooked!

This season’s American Idol is fast approaching the final night. I have a strong feeling that it’s either Elliot or Chris who’s going to bring home the title this year. Too bad Kelly Pickler didn’t make it. I love her voice and her accent but she just didn’t choose the right songs for her.

My eyelids are dropping and I’ve only had 2 hours of sleep since Monday night. I have some things to attend to in the morning and I’ll be out of most of the day. Now I am lost as to how I’ll be able to manage and finish all my errands in time. Let’s just see how it goes for me this week. I haven’t scrapped a bit since I got sick. Oh well…