It’s almost December

I was looking at my calendar when I woke up this morning and I just realized that on Friday, it’s already December and already 30 more days to go before the new year. Geez! Time really flies that fast nowadays. My Christmas list just remained a list as of this writing. And the only thing I’ve done are my personalized Christmas cards that I’ve already printed out and are ready to be sent as soon as I get my allowance. Oh yeah! I’m still dependent on my allowance – so much for being independent! LOL!

Anyway, I slept at 4am this morning for some strange reason so what I did was to scrap a little more and was able to create 2 quick pages for the Charity Garden Challenge at Scrapping Garden. The layouts I did in the middle of the night are all posted in my scrap blog. I hope you could leave me some love in there 🙂

I saw a Creative Team call for Raechel Knight over at SBB. It was a last minute application. Unfortunately, I failed to make it to the team. However, I was so happy to receive a letter from her giving a 30% discount to her store until the end of December for taking the time out to apply. I really think that was so generous of her. I was looking into her store last night and I’d like to buy all her products! I especially love her templates. I just need to replenish funds and I’ll hop right into her store and shop!

Last week, I had another laugh while Basti did his song and dance number in front of us. We took a video of him. He was just hilarious! Please excuse MH for his voice – it just so happens that he loves to sing but singing isn’t in any way interested to love him. LOL!

Blogger has a scheduled outage in about 5 minutes so I better wrap this up. I’ll be meeting up a friend from Davao and I’ll be out the whole day. Pictures of the meeting will be posted tonight.

Have a great day everyone!


Musubi – YaYaBa’s Version

A couple of days ago, Bambi shared her Musubi recipe and I dared myself to do one from her recipe. It wasn’t as neat as how she did it but my sisters told me that they were good. Of course, I consider it as an accomplishment being a first-time Japanese food maker.

I used Spam Bacon for this one. I was able to make 15 pieces last night and believe it or not, I wasn’t able to eat even a piece. I guess they all got hungry of waiting! LOL! The photos were taken while I was preparing the dish. I’m gonna do another set tonight or tomorrow, depending on my mood.

I’m off to watch Happy Feet today with Basti. It was supposed to be last Wednesday but we changed our minds. Now, I just need the motivation to get my butt off from this chair and stop watching Grey’s Anatomy from the DVD player!

Thursday Thirteen Week 18

Thirteen Things That Happened To Me This Week

I just want to share with you these things that either made or broke my days this week.

01. I was scrapping ’til 3am. I don’t know if it was good or bad but just the same, I accomplished some things that I wanted to do. Hopefully, the layouts are worth the look.

02. Last Tuesday, I went to the US Embassy to have some papers notarized. There isn’t enough parking space so I asked MH to park the car for me while he waited outside (because companions aren’t allowed in). An hour after, my car was clamped and I had to pay PhP900 for the city hall to release the car. MH allegedly committed illegal parking although there were more than 10 cars parked in that area. It was just plain STUPID!

03. I had my period after 28 days! YAY! That was a miracle. For this year, this is the 3rd time I had it and it was a record breaker. I normally just have my period once or twice in a year. This calls for a celebration!

04. I completed my pre-employment requirements for the new job I’ll be starting on next week – the story of which, I’ll be writing about in another entry.

05. I redesigned my blog and I like the way it looks – simple and very girly (because of the pink).

06. I went karaoke singing to relax a bit. I haven’t done it for 2 weeks now! LOL!

07. Basti did another song and dance number for me. It was HILARIOUS and the video will be uploaded soon!

08. For 3 straight days, I had my Starbucks coffee fix! YUMMY!

09. Just something about piracy – what would you say if you see a floor full of stalls selling pirated stuff (DVDs, CDs, etc.) right under the floor where the National Bureau of Investigation clearance division is located? I was shocked, all right! But I couldn’t help but laugh too! Go figure!

10. For my scrapping hobby, I am now part of the Admin Team for Scrapping Garden. I haven’t really done my part as a member of their Creative Team but I’m just glad that Cheryl and Robin still believed that I can do a lot for the team. I’m excited and nervous at the same time but I’m looking forward to working actively again for the team.

11. I just got word that my online friend, Suzanne, and her family are planning to spend the upcoming Christmas holidays here in Manila. I have already met her husband, Wes, during his trips here in Manila. I just hope that everything will fall into place and I will finally get to meet her and their adorable daughter, Therese.

12. Bills have been coming in this week. I am just wondering when they will end!

13. My e-mail is messing me up big time! My brother sent me an SMS that a couple of his e-mails to me have bounced. My former boss also told me that he hasn’t received my reply to his e-mail. I phoned my DSL provider and they told me that their technical team will follow-up on the query and they will just call me. I just hope they do because 99% of the time, they don’t!

Happy Thursday and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the United States!

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Background paper and mat by Jen Reed
Flower element by Jeanine Baechtold
* both from the ScrapDish December 2006 Collaborative Kit
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Basti’s Question of the Day

Last Friday, MH told me about a conversation that happened between him and Basti.

MH: “Basti, mag-behave ka ha!” (Basti, please behave!)

Basti: “Bakit mo pinakekealaman buhay ko?” (Why are you meddling with my life?)

MH: “At bakit ko ‘di pakikialaman ang buhay mo?” (And why won’t I meddle with your life?)

MH admitted that for the first time in his lifetime as a father, he was shocked and was speechless after hearing those words. MIL overheard the conversation and told Basti that it wasn’t a right thing to say.

At first, I thought it was hilarious – coming from a 3-year old boy. But I spoke to him about it and he just repeated what he told his Dada and chuckled afterwards. I told him to say sorry and he gladly approached his Dada to apologize.

I was wondering where he picked up the line and I it might be that he heard it on a program that he’s watching – I just can’t figure out where. It can be in one of those programs he watches in the evening. But just the same, I’m amazed at how my little guy picks up these things almost instantly. Now, we really should be careful in picking the programs that he sees on the telly.

And here goes another “Kids Say the Darnest Things” episode from Basti.

P.S.: My scrap blog is now located at

New Look

I was finally able to redesign my blog. It’s quite simpler than the one I had. I just had a hard time sorting the codes since I’m not so familiar with CSS and I think Blogger made it a more complicated matter for their users to redesign their homes. Hopefully, I’ll have the time to learn more about CSS so I can go further into redesigning my blog without any problems. Let me know your thoughts about my new layout. I’d love to hear your constructive criticisms.

Of course, the whole nation is rejoicing because Manny Pacquiao once again beat El Terrible, Erik Morales, when the latter was knocked out by Manny during the 3rd round in what was dubbed as The Grand Finale. I was able to watch the fight on the telly and it was very evident that Morales did what he can – he even hit Manny very hard in a lot of instances. But I guess he wasn’t really fit to fight him. It was a great fight though. Congratulations Pacman!

I hope everyone will have a great start of the week.

Baby Brother

Basti was watching Stuart Little when I arrived at the office to pick him up. Upon seeing me, he introduced me to his “baby brother.” Oh man! I was shocked and then he carried his “baby brother” to me and I realized that it was a doll that looked like a real baby from afar. And it is a doll that can laugh like there’s no tomorrow.

I asked him what the name of his baby brother was and he told me it was “Pig.” I asked him why he named him “Pig,” and Basti just gave me a chuckle. He later on put a mask on the doll (the one that Jack-Jack has in The Incredibles) and he later named his “baby brother” Jack-Jack. As usual, my son’s answers and doings never fail to amuse and amaze me.

Basti told me he wants pictures so I took 2 of them from my phone:

MH’s cousin teased me about making it a reality for Basti to have a baby brother (and not just have one through a doll) and I just shrugged it off with a laugh. But seriously, with what I saw, I know Basti will be a responsible and loving brother in God’s own time. I just hope that he doesn’t seriously name him/her “Pig” or “Jack-Jack” when that time comes. LOL!

Updates and my Thursday Thirteen Week 17

Last weekend was very busy for me. Last Friday, I went out with Basti to the Mall of Asia and I bought him his birthday present from Toy Kingdom. He wanted to eat at McDonald’s so we went there and had snacks. We even saw Ralph Souquet, The Kaiser of Billiards, and I was able to get his autograph. I have a picture taken by MH while I was waiting for him to finish signing the piece of paper I handed him. He was very gracious and very accommodating 🙂 Just pardon the photo of my humongous butt! LOL!

Friday night, we had dinner at Dad’s in Glorietta to send off my brother and my SIL back to Jakarta. It was a night full of jokes and laughter. They went back to Jakarta last Saturday and I really miss them a lot. Here are photos from the dinner.

Saturday was Basti’s 3rd birthday. I’m financially-challenged right now so I wasn’t able to give him a great party this year. My in-laws gave him a small party in Malabon and shouldered the food and cake and I shouldered the ice cream. It wasn’t a grand party for him but what’s important was that he was able to enjoy it and he had so much fun. You can find the photos here. The first couple of photos were from Jela’s (Basti’s cousin) first birthday. The rest of the photos were taken in Malabon.

It has been a terrible week for me to begin with. I lost the contents of my backup hard drive that contained 6000+ photos and other important files. It crushed my heart and I have been bugging people to help me try to recover the files that I lost.

So what happened? Monday morning, I have already planned to backup my drives on DVD because I was just too busy to do it last weekend. I turned on the monitor and there was a prompt asking me to restart my computer because there was a Microsoft update that was installed. I restarted the computer but to my shock, I was being asked for a password to enter my user account and I don’t have one for it to begin with.

I panicked a bit and phoned MH to look for that Microsoft KB article about the error I’ve been getting when I try to login to my user account. It was caused by a certain security update that was installed on my computer. I was able to resolve the issue but when I tried to access all my files, it’s all been gone. I really couldn’t breathe and when I gained composure, I started crying.

I was given hope by Aggie, a digiscrapper from the Philippine Digiscrappers Forum, when she pointed out to me a file recovery software that I can use for the humongous and almost seemingly impossible task. I tried out the tool and my hope was strengthened when it saw the files that it can recover. It can even recover files from way back!!! As I write, the software is still searching for more files and it’s been almost 24 hours since it’s been doing it. But I don’t really mind the long wait because I had the settings search for all kinds of files it can find. If I can recover even just the photos, I will be throwing a mini-party and I owe Aggie big time!

Basti, MH and I watched Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause last Tuesday and I was impressed with the movie. It’s a great movie for kids. It just reminded me the Christmas is just around the corner.

That night, we had dinner at Icebergs Harbour Square and capped the night at Starbucks. I’m just a few stickers away from getting my 2007 planner!

And now for my Thursday Thirteen for this week:

Basti was very goofy and playful that Tuesday night and I had the chance to take quite a number of photos showing how he was. Here are 13 of Basti’s most goofy and funniest photos taken on the 14th of November and the rest of the photos can be found here.

I just hope today will be a much better day, though it’s gloomy outside of this cold room.

Happy Thursday!

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