I’ve been tagged…

Buge tagged me and here goes…

A – Available or single: Neither
B – Best friend: Actually, I have 2 best friends, a boy and a girl: Dhong who’s here in the Philippines and Pam who lives in Canada.
C – Cake or pie: Either will do just as long as it’s yummy.
D – Drink of choice: Water
E – Essential item you use everyday: My mobile phone
F – Favorite color: I prefer to say colors – black, white, blue, red and pink
G – Gummy bears or worms: Gummy bears
H – Hometown: Philippines
I – Indulgence: Starbucks coffee and pastries
J – January or February: January
K – Kids & names: Adriel Sebastian Vicente C. Israel a.k.a Basti
L – Life is incomplete without? Papa Jesus and the family.
M – Marriage date: 12 September 2000
N – Number of siblings: I have 13 other siblings and I don’t know if there’s still more to come! LOL!
O – Oranges or apples: Apples
P – Phobias or fears: Snakes and other reptiles
Q – Fave quote: Drink, smoke and be merry, for tomorrow you die. LOL!
R – Reason to smile: My problems – because I know Papa Jesus loves me that’s why He gives me those
S – Season: Winter
T – Tag 3 people: Jo, Cess and Markie
U – Unknown fact about me: Not so many people know that I had a budding singing career way, way back. But I opted to choose a life outside the kleig lights and be an ordinary person
V – Vegetable you don’t like: bitter gourd a.k.a. ampalaya
W – Worst habit: I’d like to think it’s smoking and nailbiting
X – Xrays: last November as part of my pre-employment requirements
Y – Your fave food: pasta and Japanese food
Z – Zodiac sign: Libra


What if?

Naramdaman mo na ba na gumising ka na sobrang ganda ng pakiramdam mo and then you feel so pretty after fixing yourself up to start your day? I haven’t felt that way for the longest time until that particular Wednesday morning. I felt so good about myself and my day and I was pretty amazed by it. That was also the day I decided to have breakfast with DS and MH at McDonald’s Makati Cinema Square before going to work.

Pagpasok ko ng McDonald’s, sobrang kinabahan ako. Ibang-iba ang kabog ng dibdib ko. For some strange reason, my gaze got locked on to a certain person that I wasn’t expecting to see at that particular moment, not even at that time of the day. In a split second, marami akong naisip, at marami rin akong naging tanong.

“Sya ba yun?”

“Anong ginagawa nya rito kung sya nga yun?”

“Nakita kaya nya ‘ko?”

“At sya nga ba talaga yun?”

Umoorder kami ni MH habang paulit-ulit kong tinatanong yan sa isip ko. Gusto ko syang lingunin para lang masiguro na ‘di ako namamalik-mata. Alam mo naman na minsan, kahit 4 na ang mata mo, posible pa rin namang magkamali ka.

Napansin ni MH na nakatingin ako sa taong yun habang kumakain kami. At ang ngiti ko, it gave me away. Nakangiti pala ako habang tinitingnan sya ng palihim. ‘Di ko alam kung bakit pero nahuli ko ang sarili ko na nakangiti. Mukha talaga akong gaga!

Dumaan sya sa harapan namin nang lumabas sya, nakatingin pa rin ako. MH asked me kung bakit ko tinitingnan yung tao pero nakatawa sya. Iisa lang ang taong nasa isip namin pareho. Nahuli nya ‘kong nakatingin at sa ‘kin naman, alam kong tiningnan din sya ni MH at pareho ang mga tanong na nasa isip namin.

Isang buong araw kong inisip kung sya nga yun. Nawindang ang utak ko sa kakaisip kung sya nga ang nakita ko. ‘Di ko napigilan ang sarili ko at tinext ko ang best friend ko na nasa Canada. Tinanong ko kung umuwi ba ng Pilipinas ang taong nakita ko diumano sa McDonald’s. Tinext nya ‘ko na nagkita raw sila sa mall nung nagdaang weekend at napag-usapan nila na baka nga umuwi sya dahil napayagan daw syang mag-leave sa trabaho. Ayokong pagtagpi-tagpiin dahil ayokong maging assuming. Pero mahirap talagang itanggi na sya nga ata ang nakita ko. Wala syang twin brother at wala akong alam na kapatid nya sa labas. Pero imposible naman na ang isang tao eh merong isang kamukhang-kamukha pero ‘di naman sila kambal, diba? Atsaka, nagduda rin ako dahil kung umuwi nga sya, ano naman ang ginagawa nya sa Makati that early eh ang alam ko yung family ng asawa nya sa Pasig nakatira at ang mga magulang naman nya sa QC. Eh di syempre either of the 2 places lang sya pwedeng mag-stay lalo pa’t ang aga pa para tumambay sa Makati. Anyway, my best friend told me that she’ll find out the truth for me.

Nitong nagdaang weekend, nagkausap na kami ni best friend. Meron syang kinwento sa ‘kin na ipinagtagal namin sa telepono for about 2 or 3 hours ata. Ang taong diumano’y nakita ko, me nakita rin daw na kamukha ko sa counter ng McDonald’s. Naikwento nya rin kung pa’no sya napunta ng Makati ng araw at oras na yun. Sobrang natatawa ako habang nagkukwento si best friend sa phone dahil pag tinahi mo ang mga naikwento ko na sa kanya at ang mga kinwento nitong other person, ‘di na maikakailang nakita namin ang isa’t isa ng araw na yun.

Marami pa ‘kong nalaman pero aaminin ko na lang na medyo nakurot pa rin ng konti ang puso ko sa mga sinabi nya. Sige na nga…kinilig ako sa mga sinabi nya. But it’s not something that MH should feel threatened about. Siguro na-excite lang din ako dahil after 5 long years, nakita ko sya. And I think, that feeling I felt confirmed lahat ng mga sinasabi ko sa sarili ko at sa mga kaibigan ko na okay na talaga ako after everything that happened. Napatawad ko na nga sya.

Sayang at ‘di kami nagkausap kung sya nga talaga yun. LOL! Kita mo nga at hanggang ngayon ‘di pa rin ako makapaniwala at ayokong i-confirm 200% na sya nga yun. Wala pa rin kaming closure pero siguro sa tamang panahon, mangyayari din yun at eventually pwede pa rin kami maging kaibigan. Wala namang problema sa ‘kin kung maging magkaibigan kami. Minsan naiisip ko pa rin kung ano’ng buhay ko ngayon kung sya nga ang napangasawa ko. Inisiip ko pa rin ang mga “what-ifs” pero sa tingin ko wala ng saysay na mag-isip nyan ngayon. Sana lang talaga at masaya na sya sa buhay na pinili nya. Ako, aaminin ko, I’m struggling with my life in all its aspects but I can still say that I’m happy and contented kahit papa’no. Babaero man ang asawa ko, eh tuloy pa rin ang buhay ko. Basta ang importante, andyan si Basti at super love namin ang isa’t isa.

Ito na yata ang pinakamasaya kong Pasko. Feeling ko everything’s falling into place already. ‘Di kaya malapit na ‘kong mamatay kaya ganito? LOL!

P.S.: Siguro napansin nyo na sumulat ako in Taglish. Wala lang, mas feel ko ngayon ang sumulat ng ganito eh atsaka, wala namang masama diba? Hehehehe!

Blog Fodder 1

I found this great meme called Blog Fodder from Teena, a regular of Thursday Thirteen. Every week, there’ll be one question you need to answer and it doesn’t necessarily have to be on a particular day. You leave a comment on the Blog Fodder site that you are participating and then visit the others who have done so too. It’s my first week so welcome to myself and here goes! LOL!

Do you have any memories of a childhood illness?

Oh definitely! When I was in first grade, I had a viral infection that debilitated me right on my 7th birthday. It was really bad that I was hospitalized and they had all sorts of tests done on me. Since then, I told myself never to get sick again during my birthday. So far, I’ve never been that sickly on my birthday. Thank goodness for that!

And thank God it’s Friday!!! Happy weekend!

Thursday Thirteen Week 20

I can’t believe that I’m already on my 20th week on Thursday Thirteen. I’m just glad that this meme has been an ongoing thing for me.

I’m on my 2nd week of training and so far I think I’m fine with the program. Not really okay, just fine. I can’t wait to go to transition but I’m scared of it at the same time. But like I said, I’m just taking it one day at a time.

I like to watch movies when I have the time and I have a lot on my list that I can watch over and over again. For my TT this week (and it’s running a bit late already), I would like to share with you…

Thirteen of My Favorite Movies That Made Me Cry

01. The Sound of Music – Maria and the Von Trapp children are just awesome. And of course, who would forget the puppet show and that romantic scene between Maria and Capt. Von Trapp. That particular scene made me teary-eyed.
02. City of Angels – I cry every time I watch this movie. It had a sad ending but it’s a movie that teaches us to be responsible for actions and to accept consequences of our decisions no matter how good or bad they are.
03. Dirty Dancing – it’s a typical love story but I love the way it was presented on film. I’ve watched it more than 50 times already and I still don’t get tired of it. The scene where Baby had a little bit of confrontation with her father made me cry. The last scene, of course, was awesome and my most favorite part. And not to forget, the beautiful soundtrack – which, by the way, is also part of my CD collection.
04. Notting Hill – it’s just another love story with a little twist. The scene at the store where Anna said: “I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her,” definitely made me cry.
05. Chances Are – Reincarnation. Is it really possible? The circumstances of the story leads to a couple of twists and turns. This was one of Robert Downey, Jr.’s best films.
06. My Best Friend’s Wedding – ’nuff said.
07. Sleepless in Seattle – and I’m sure a lot of you also cried watching this movie
08. Stepmom – Oh my! I had a whole box of tissue with me every time I had the chance to watch this film. I can’t imagine myself being in that awkward situation.
09. Armageddon – Remember that scene where Harry says goodbye to Grace? That just crushed me and my tears just gave way!
10. Ladder 49 – One of John Travolta’s and Joaquin Phoenix’s best movies. I can’t imagine myself being the wife of a selfless firefighter. A lot of scenes in this movie just made me cry a bucket.
11. Jerry Maguire – “You had me at hello!” ’nuff said, again.
12. Only You – Who would forget Damon Bradley?
13. The Break-Up – When you get tired, the only way to go is out. Parts of this movie really moved me to tears, especially that scene where Gary tried to win Brooke back but it was already too late.

Happy Thursday!

TT Banner Credits:
Christmas Lights by Amy W
Angel Doodlesticker by Jen Wilson
Papers from Frosty Flakes by Doris Castle
Font: 2Peas Raspberry

Basti’s Question of the Day

Yesterday, Basti and MH picked me up from work and then we headed straight to Harbour Square where we waited for Papa to have dinner. We decided to just wait at Icebergs since I wanted some milkshake for a snack. While having a little conversation with MH, I asked him whether he has already shown Basti the picture of me and baby Xam during her christening last Sunday.

I was observing Basti while he peeked into his Dada’s phone and looked at the picture of me with Xam.

MH: “Basti, yan ang bagong baby girl ni Mommy. Hala, ‘di na ikaw ang baby. Me baby girl na sya.
Basti: “Baby? San nabili ni Mommy yan?

And that just cracked me up. To continue…

MH: “Basti, pano yan me bago ng baby si Mommy? ‘Di na ikaw ang baby nya.
Basti: “San bili ni Mommy yang baby girl? I’m still the baby. Bakit bili si Mommy ng baby?

And that cracked me up even more. That “buying” thing was just out of the blue and I was expecting more of a jealous reaction from what he saw. Well, the jealousy factor was there but I got totally sidetracked by the fact that he thought that a baby was a commodity we can buy from the store. I was thinking that it might have stemmed from the fact that he thought Xam was a doll just like his play “baby brother.” It’s a silly thought if that will come from an adult; but since he’s a kid, I’m giving him the license to get away with it.

The Misis Slumbook

I got this from Cess and I decided to tag myself! LOL!

1. screen name (and why did you choose that as your screen name)
** My screen name was a spin-off from my official “title,” Yayaba, which means yayang mataba (a fat nanny). My “loving” mom culled that name for me from wherever and that was how I was called by my younger siblings. After I gave birth to Basti, I decided to call myself MommyBa, being Mommy na mataba (a fat Mommy).

2. ilang taon ng sakal (kasal πŸ˜€ )
** Technically and legally, 6 years and 3 months tomorrow. But in reality, 4 years something lang.

3. pet name sa inyo ng asawa nyo (why?)
** MH and I call each other “Hon” (cheesy! LOL!) but he also calls me “Mi.” I guess that’s short for Mommy. LOL!

4. pet name ng asawa (pwedeng screen name)
** I call MH by his nicknames, Ahyee or Yayi. When I’m mad at him, it’s Ariel, his real name.

5. ina ka ni………..(pwede din screen name)
** Adriel Sebastian Vicente. I call him my Sweetheart. His Dada calls him Babas or kamote, MIL calls him Buknoy and for my FIL he’s simply his cute little boy.

6. pinagkaka-abalahan bukod sa asawa (hobbies):
** blogging, digiscrapping, work, reading, writing, the internet and my e-mails

7. occupation:
** Risk Management Analyst by day (since I’m going to the office in the mornings right now) and layout artist by night

8. sinong kamukha mong artista
** My first ex called me Lea Salonga, my 3rd ex called me a look-alike of Dindi Gallardo para bolahin ako (during my college days), and MH calls me Buddha right now. LOL!

9. meron ka bang addiction na wholesome
** Starbucks, mocha cake, digiscrapping and internet

10. ano ang nasasabi mo pag nagugulat ka
** bad word eh! LOL!

11. three adjectives that best describe yourself.
** transparent
** straightforward
** masungit

12. most/least favorite part of your body
** Most – my eyes
** Least – my feet

13. specialty lutuin at specialty na sunugin
** Specialty lutuin: sinigang, adobo, nilaga, pasta and no-bake desserts
** Specialty sunugin: kanin pag di sa rice cooker niluto

14. fave song
** yung LSHS ko na lang: Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler

15. most embarassing moment
** nadapa ako sa harap ng classroom namin ng mga classmates ko sa law school..ganda pa naman ng porma ko – naka-heels, naka-business attire – at ayun, I fell flat on my face! Kakahiya! LOL!

16. ano favorite mong luto ng itlog (obvious ba na wala nang maisip? hehe)
** malasado or scrambled with milk and cheese

17. kakaibang talento
** censored! LOL!

18. what makes you unique as wife/mom
** I’m a cool Mom. I have a cardinal rule for MH: mambabae na sya, pero wag lang syang magpapahuli (eh ang kaso laging nagpapahuli! LOL!)

19. pangarap na gustong abutin
** to migrate to Canada

Just before a new week begins…

Another week has passed and what do you know? There’s only 15 more days left before Christmas and there’s only 21 more days to go before the new year starts. Have you finished your Christmas shopping? Don’t ask me because I haven’t even started yet.

Training for my work has been pretty okay so far. I’m taking everything one step and one day at a time – from learning the concepts, storing them in my head for long-term use in my line of work, and to establishing good relationships with my teammates.

I bought a couple of new clothing pieces to add to my business casual wardrobe that I started to “revive” when I got this job. Here in the Philippines, being a size 18 or 20 sucks because it’s SOOOO hard to get good-looking and acceptable stuff for me to wear. I went to SM and Robinson’s only to find that they offer some of the most disgusting clothing pattern and stuff I’ve ever seen for plus-sized women to wear. I wouldn’t even be caught wearing them! I did try to look at clothes from Dorothy Perkins but they only have size 14 as their biggest, as compared to their UK shops where they carry up to size 20 or 22 on some designs. Most shops here have clothes that will fit only at my calf or just until my elbows. LOL! I’m just glad that Papa and MH were patient enough to walk with me around the crowded malls and give their TOTALLY honest opinion about the clothes I wanna get. Finally, I was able to get a couple of great pieces from M&S in Glorietta and in Moda Plus at Walter Mart. I’m still on the lookout for a very good blazer and some other stuff that are on my list but that would have to wait for now.

I was able to complete only one layout this weekend. It’s one of Alan and Jenny’s photos during their trip here in Manila. You can view the layout here.

I went to a christening today at Sta. Rosa, Laguna despite the heavy rains. I was asked to be one of the godmothers of my close friend’s 3-month old daughter. And of course, I was honored to be chosen. πŸ™‚ To my beautiful goddaughter, Anikka Xam, welcome to the Christian world!

The group photos

Me with Xam and Ayie

It’s been a rainy weekend and I feel gloomy that my week’s gonna start out wet because of the bad weather. These photos made me feel a little better.

It’s way past my bedtime so I’m scootin’ off to my bed for a much-needed rest. Stay safe, keep warm and dry. Have a great start of the week tomorrow. And I’m hoping to wake up tomorrow without feeling grumpy. LOL!