WifeSpeaks is 2!

I got tagged at the Pinay Digiscrappers’ Forum for this meme. I was able to find WifeSpeaks through Aggie’s post. It’s another blog that I would love to read from time to time.

Anyway, since I still can’t sleep, I’m gonna do this right now. Here goes…


1. What is your (screen) name, and why did you choose that as your screen name?
** YaYaBa came from my Mom. It’s a short cut for “yayang mataba” (fat nanny) since at that time, I was the one taking care of my younger siblings. When I became a Mom in 2003, I decided to use MommyBa to describe me as being the “mommy na mataba” (fat mommy).

2. How long have you been married? Have kids?
** On paper we have been married for 6.5 years. But we have only been together for 4 years.

3. What is your favorite color? And how has your color preference influenced your life (if it has)?
** My favorite color is black. Well,, it has influenced my wardrobe for sure. But I have learned to add more color to my life by favoring brown, cream, white, beige, red, pink, blue, peach and yellow.

4. What are your hobbies?
** I am into digital scrapbooking, photography, reading, watching movies, dining out, blogging, and singing.

5. What is your motto in life?
** Life is what you make it.

6. Do you have pets?
** No. But I would like to have a shitzu for Basti and another aquarium full of fish real soon.

7. What are the three adjectives that best describe your spouse?
** insensitive, good sense of humour, a good Dad

8. Give three songs that best describe you.
** I don’t really have just 3 songs to best describe me but here are the 1st 3 I thought of:
+ The Winner Takes It All by ABBA
+ Wala Nang Hahanapin Pa by The Apo
+ (I’ve) Never Been to Me by Charlene Duncan

9. What satisfies you about the work that you do?
** When I’m doing my work as an analyst, it satisfies me to know that I’ve resolved the case with the hope that the cardmember wouldn’t be subjected to fraud again. As a layout artist doing digital scrapbook layouts, I feel that I’m able to beautifully document moments in our lives that may not happen again.

10. Do you blog? Where? Can we visit?
** I maintain this personal blog and I have a scrap blog. Everyone is free to visit.


1. Define Love.
** Can drive you crazy but it’s a great feeling!

2. Kakaibang talento mo.
** I know all the birth dates of my relatives, friends and ex-boyfriends..LOL! Kidding aside, I guess it’s the ability to keep me from aging fast despite the humongous problems I have in my life.

3. Share your adobo recipe.
** I don’t like cooking adobo because I get frustrated. I just ask my Dad or MIL to cook it for me 🙂

4. Describe your current screensaver/wallpaper.
** It was suggested to me by my brother. I loved the colors, orange and black. I found it at Zune.

5. During your teenage years, what fad/s did you follow? Why?
** LA Gear, Reebok and Vans shoes (had to beg my parents for that), leggings and legwarmers (Eeeeeeeew! and I don’t wanna be caught wearing those again), shoulder pads (another eeew!)

6. How many times have you had a broken heart? Which was the worst and how did you recover from it?
** I can only speak of the worst one which happened to be with my ex before I got married. Although I have forgiven him, the recovery process is still ongoing – until this day.

7. If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?
** The ability to be invisible so I can be anywhere at any time I would desire without anyone noticing/seeing me.

8. What frightens you about getting old?
** That I die alone.

9. Do you have a guilty pleasure?
** Yes – and it’s going to Starbucks and shopping for my digital kits and books.

10. What’s your favorite chore?
** Cooking.

11. Describe your wedding ring.
** I threw it away 6 years ago.

12. If you could have a tattoo, what would it look like?
** I’m a blood donor so I don’t even think about tattoos.

13. What book would you like to be made into a movie? Who would you like to star in it?
** Alamat ng Gubat by Bob Ong. I think it would be great if Michael V. would star in it. LOL!

14. Share something that you do not believe in.
** I do not believe in marrying because of an unwanted pregnancy.

15. What qualities are important to you in friendship?
** Loyalty and honesty.

16. So far, what WS topic have you found most helpful? Most entertaining? Most controversial?
** I don’t want to classify but I loved the topics on Divorce, Divulging Your Sex Life, On Prenuptial Agreements.


1. First love never dies.
** False

2. You can change your partner once you’re married.
** False

3. The Philippines is worth it.
** False

4. Women are moodier than men.
** False

5. James Yap is innocent (Sorry Kris!).
** True! I’m not a Kris Aquino fan so I’m rooting for the underdog. LOL!

6. 80s fashion is coming back.
** True!

7. Angels.
** So true!

8. Good and bad luck come in threes.
** False!

9. Destiny.
** True!

10. It is better to have love and lost, than never to have loved at all.
** So true!

1. What is you favorite skin care product?
** Dove Unscented

2. What do you do to keep fit?
** None

3. Where do you do your bargain shopping?
** SM

4. Recommend an effective household cleaning item.
** Joy

5. Sex.
** What was that? LOL!

The week that was…

Monday, 19 March – 1st working “day” for the night shift after it was announced that the shift would work Monday to Friday nights instead of Tuesday to Saturday nights. Okay, that was a good thing (I think) but the 1 day break was just soooo not fair. But who says life’s fair, right?

Tuesday, 20 March – Received some wonderful news from Kuya Rene. I’m planting seeds right now and hopefully, I’ll be able to reap great things soon.

Wednesday, 21 March – Another work-home-work day for me. And I wish it will change soon.

Thursday, 22 March – Felt good after sleeping for 7 hours. I haven’t had that for the longest time!

Friday, 23 March – Helen celebrated her birthday today. She’s my new Mom! Of course, I’m kidding 🙂 LOL! I had an intimate talk with a friend. I just felt so blessed and lucky that he chose me over other people to talk to about his feelings. I know that he was really a very good person the moment I met him despite our gender differences. I just hope he finds the happiness he truly deserves after everything that happened to him.

Saturday, 24 March – I did some 2 hour OT work in the morning then went home feeling upset. How would you feel if you have worked your butt off for 10 hours then your erstwhile hubby wouldn’t want to drive and pick you up because he’s sleepy? A big and nasty DUH!!!

By Tuesday, I’m having satellite TV installed in my flat. I’m excited!!! I just hope nobody jinxes it this time.

I had my trip to the salon (that I missed last week) and had my hair cut, my nails cleaned and painted. I missed the foot spa because my regular foot spa lady wasn’t there. I’ll just save it for next week. It really feels so good to relax and enjoy that “me” time.

Sunday, 25 March – I slept the whole day and woke up at 3pm. I did a couple of layouts last night and spoke the whole night long with my best friend, Pam, over the phone. I haven’t been on the phone for 6 hours for the longest time now. Despite that, I still miss her. How I wish Canada’s just in Makati then maybe it would be a different scenario for us. I envision us having our cups of coffee outside in our comfy jackets while I smoke and we chat the day/night away. Ahhh…these are the times when I wanna just fly back to Canada and do all these.

I was surprised to see a private message from one of the moderators in ClikChicDesigns. The message just informed me that I am a finalist for the site’s Color Challenge this month. The voting started on the 22nd (I think). I hope you can drop by and vote for my layout called Naughty Justin. You can also see this entry in my scrap blog.

I had a shopping spree for the kits that I needed and wanted to buy. Now, all I need to do is grab all my photo cds and scrap those photos from my stay in the UK and the others that I still need to scrap.

We went to Glorietta and got the new set of lenses for my specs. I can see better now!!! I should’ve gotten it last Monday but I was just too lazy to go back.

I bought a couple of books from the Shepherd’s Staff: Something to Smile About by Zig Ziglar and High Maintenance Relationships by Les Parrott III, Ph.D. I started reading some pages from both books and I can honestly say that I think I’m going to learn and re-learn a lot about life from there. I can’t wait to read the books in their entirety.

Finally, I’m able to watch The Italian Job and The Minority Report in its entirety! Great movies I shoudl say 🙂 Seeing the former made me miss the UKwhere it’s but normal to see Mini Coopers on the road. I found the latter to high-tech for me though. I still can’t imagine having a pre-crime department to prevent crime. Oh geez!

Happy birthday to my sister and to my friends, Fritz, Ellaine and Liza – may all of you have lots more years to come and all of you enjoyed your special day.

Today – Since I’m still blogging right now, definitely, I’m not yet sleepy and I’m waiting for the right time for my body to say:”GO TO BED AND REST!” As to what time that will be, I don’t know yet.

Have a safe and pleasant week to everyone!

Blog Fodder #4

Give an example of a meal that makes you happy.

Being a person who loves to eat, there are a lot of meals that can make me happy. For this purpose, I’ll write about 5 of them:

1. Spaghetti and coke (without the noodles being overcooked)
2. a cup or 2 of my favorite Starbucks coffee with banofee pie while smoking
3. any Japanese food with iced tea
4. pringles with water
5. any dessert made with graham crackers, especially those no-bake refrigerated ones.

Happy eating 🙂

Blog Fodder Banner Credits:
* folded ribbon by Tabby Lewis
* March 2007 Mega Kit of The Scrapping Garden
* Font: 2Peas Piano Recital

Thursday Thirteen Week 24

The past week has been hectic in all aspects of my life and now I have a little time to blabber a little before I scoot off for work. I really apologize to my TT family for not having visited the circle due to time constraints. I just hope that things will get better once I go back to the morning shift that I am SOOOOOOOO looking forward to by April.

For this week it’s just random things for me. Have fun and happy Thursday to everyone!

Thirteen Things you can find on my desk at this very moment

01. my headset w/ built-in microphone
02. my Xda II on its dock
03. Intensive Heel Repair Moisturising Balm
04. Incredible Hulk alarm clock
05. my Starbucks planner
06. correction fluid
07. data CDs
08. box of paper clips
09. ballpoint pen
10. my wallet
11. pack of bond paper
12. credit card statement
13. mobile phone statement

** and now you know how messy my desk is…LOL!

TT Banner Credits:
Josiah by Fiona Renwick @ Nuts4Digi
Font: 2Peas Distressed

Thursday Thirteen Week 23

Thirteen TV Programs from the 80’s that I Miss
(in no particular order)

01. – “come and knock on our door…we’ve been waiting for you…where the kisses are hers and hers and his…three’s company too…”

02. – didn’t you love her weird clothes and her freckles? *giggles*

03. – “the love boat, soon we’ll be making another run….”

04. – I remember how my mother would shoo me away from the telly because she didn’t want me to watch this. But I still watched it anyway and got my way when I got a mini-Alf from Papa. Unfortunately, I lost him when we moved to our own house 11 years ago.

05. – Bill Cosby – need I say more?

06. – I watched the kids grew up and Roseanne lose a little bit of the weight that she had. This show never failed to make me laugh with Roseanne’s witty comments/lines. I still watch re-runs when I catch them.

07. – I can still vividly remember Mr. T’s hair! LOL!

08. – it had a very catchy theme and of course, Jessica Fletcher always solved the mystery 🙂

09. – Thank you for being a friend…

10. – We all watched Alyssa Milano grow and bloom into the beautiful woman that she is today; and of course, who would forget Tony Micelli, the housekeeper. Re-runs have always been fun to watch.

11. – Who will forget Balki and Larry? If there’s one series I’d love to watch over and over again, this would be it. Of course, don’t forget the very catch tv theme 🙂

12. – I grew to like Cybill Shepherd because of this and Bruce Willis still had his hair then. The catchy theme by Al Jarreau still rings in my head ’til this day.

13. – I know that this bar still stands ’til this day. And I’ve been to the one in London. Kirstie Alley was just tops in this series.

That’s all for this week folks. It’s payday for most people so have fun but don’t forget to save some for the future.

Banner Credits:
St. Patrick’s Mini Kit by Miranda Reinhardt @ SBB
Font: 2Peas Gone Postal

Thursday Blues, Blog Fodder Week 3 & Thursday Thirteen Week 22

It’s my second week on the night shift but I can’t still properly attune my body clock to my working hours. I’m just glad that my work doesn’t require me to be on the phone for 8 hours since I have chronic laryngitis. But my current work has proven once more that if your work requires a lot of your brain power, then you are more likely to be DEAD TIRED by the end of your day – whether you’re working days or nights. 6am feels like forever but I’m still thankful that my co-workers have been so understanding and very helpful in keeping up with my boo-boos and other stuff.

I can ramble and rant about how the night shift is ruining my body clock and social life but I have to work so I guess that’s a fact I have to live with. I’m just looking forward to April because I’m going back to the day shift by then 🙂 YAY! And I just hope nobody jinxes it.

I have decided to accept the invitation for me to join one of the committees at work for employees’ activities; which reminds me that I have to answer the e-mail and formally give my nod to the invitation. Hehehe!

I have been in the scrapping mood the past week and I still have some pages on the way. I’ll post them as soon as I’m done.

Since it’s meme time, here goes by Blog Fodder and Thursday Thirteen posts for this week.

This week’s question: Where do you go to be alone?

You will know that I’d like to be alone when I sit in front of my computer to scrap and do my regular internet stuff (blogging, purging and answering e-mails, etc.). But if I don’t feel like doing that, I just head to my favorite Starbucks outlet near the bay, drown myself with my latte or frappuccino and smoke the hell out of my lungs.

Thirteen Things That I Need to Sort in my Flat

01. The laundry (a weekly task for me)
02. My paper stuff – READ: bills and statements (there’s a lot of them everywhere in the flat)
03. My Dad’s overflowing stacks of collared shirts and trousers
04. My pairs of shoes (you can find them wherever I took them off the last time I used ’em)
05. My sunglasses (they are everywhere! LOL!)
06. My groceries
07. My audio CDs
08. My DVDs
09. CDs of my digital scrapping kits/supplies
10. My toiletries
11. My scrapbooking magazines (that have been in my car since I moved out of our house)
12. My printed photos
13. My hard drive contents

I can feel the weekend’s near – moreso, pay day is very near! Hehehe!

Happy Thursday!

Banner Credits:
Neopolitan by Digital Illusions
Sweet Jane by Fiona Renwick
Four Seasons Calendar Kit 12×12 by Digital Illusions & Fiona Renwick
** all from Nuts4Digi

Blog Fodder 2

I’ve been remiss and now I’m trying to go back.

Here’s my second blog fodder and the question for the week is:

What do you see when you look out of your living room/kitchen/bedroom window? You can do this with photos if you would like.

The topic’s cool because yesterday, MH decided to take a photo of the sunset from the room and below are the photos:

And I’d like to think that I have a good view of the polluted city from my bedroom since I live in a high-rise condominium. LOL! So here goes:

The view of the port area from my bedroom.

The bay view from where I’m at

The busy street once you walk out of the building. Jeepneys and cabs everywhere.

The rooftops of the buildings you can see just from across my window. Notice the smog! LOL!

Have a happy weekend!!!

Thursday Thirteen Week 21

It’s been quite a while since my last Thursday Thirteen. As most of you have read, I went through a difficult phase in my life and now I’m just slowly bouncing back to what I’d like to call my normal life.

Anyway, since I’m in this new beginnings stuff, I will be sharing the ….

Thirteen Changes in My Life Since the Drama…

01. Lesser trips to Starbucks
02. Lesser shopping sprees – online and in malls
03. I began to appreciate my work more (although I have to admit that sometimes, I have to convince myself that I really appreciate it. Hehehe!)
04. Travel plans have been put on hold for the meantime
05. I have been learning how to budget my salary so as not to go hungry before the next one comes
06. I’ve been learning how to save electricity and water (since I now pay the bills that go with the use)
07. I have been controlling my mobile phone usage so as not to go over the budget
08. I value my sleeping time now more than ever.
09. I have been constantly trying to rebuild the relationship I have with my son now that we’re living together most of the time.
10. I only get to see my younger siblings during Sundays for like 5 minutes when we bring stuff over for them – and this is really sad.
11. I have been more inclined to cook than go out to eat.
12. I plan my city travels so that I can maximize the use of our cars to save on gas.
13. I value my quiet time now more than before. It helps me relax and think well.

And I sure hope that this will get me rolling with TT for the rest of the year.

Happy Thursday!

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Font: Cheryl’s Hand