Win prizes!

There’s this new and text-based online auction where you can win a lot of cool prizes such as an Apple iPhone, a 42″ plasma TV and even a 2007 BMW.

What’s great about this game is that your lowest unique bid can win you the prize of your dreams. The site has an arcade section where you can play sweepstake-like games that gives you the chance to win a certain amount of cash prize every month. When members bid, points are accumulated and will also entitle you for free gifts.

Exciting, fun and entertaining! It’s worth the shot of signing up.


It’s another Monday…

Surprisingly, I woke up this morning not feeling sleepy. I’ve had a good weekend (and hope everyone did too) and it was something that I looked forward to – a hassle-free one.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m bringing a white board with me to help me get through my work without my voice. Although we have an office-based messaging system, sometimes I don’t really use it because it’s also monitored, unless I’m saying something that’s office-related. Let’s see how I’ll go through this week without my voice.

On Friday, I’m going back to my doctor for another follow-up. Visiting the doctor can oftentimes be a pain but hopefully by next week, I can already talk again.

Gotta scoot. I’ll see you all later 🙂

The latest on my medical condition

I came back to my ENT yesterday and we discussed the results of my throat culture and sensitivity examination. It turned out to be normal so I guess that’s one good news for me. However, I had to undergo a rigid laryngeal endoscopy to check on what’s causing me to be losing my voice. I can barely be heard and it’s really difficult for me to speak. My vocal cords are fine as per the results of the test but she gave strict orders for me to be on TOTAL VOICE REST for one full week to enable my voice to recover from all the infection I got. When she said total she meant, not even a whisper should come out of my mouth. Now I’m wondering how I can keep my mouth good smelling if I don’t speak for a week. And now I’m wondering how I can keep my saliva from spoiling! LOL!

About my tonsillar cyst, my doctor told me that I’m the only one who can decide on whether or not I’ll have my tonsils removed. She is not recommending surgery because she thinks and she sees that the cyst is benign. However, she really couldn’t confirm that unless a full examination of the cyst is made and the only way for that to be done is to have my tonsils removed. What she told me to do is to closely observe for any changes on the cyst. And if anything weird happens, I can always go back to her and have her look on it. Ultimately, if I decide to have my tonsils removed, then we can talk about it.

After my check-up, I went to my team’s GA at All Star Bar and Cafe in Manila. I arrived about an hour late because I got held up at my HMO’s office in the hospital. I know I totally missed a full hour of laughter and jokes with the team but at least I still made it. For all that it’s worth, I decided to give it one last shot to sing before I totally rest my voice for a whole week. I know I may never be able to sing the way I used to before but what’s important is that I can still sing after I’m cleared of whatever’s bothering my throat.

I had so much fun with my team and got to mingle with them on a more personal level. It’s often hard to talk to them while at work because we’re all busy doing our stuff and if we do talk, mostly it’s because of work. I just love Aston Martin!! My team mates are my main reason why I always look forward to work. I don’t need to drag myself out of bed (at least 95% of the time) because I’m always looking forward to Marky’s singing, to Thea’s green jokes, to Geri’s witty comments, to Kat’s unbelievable warmth as a person, to our TM Tope’s “pagtataray” with a twist (that is, he’s just always kidding). I am looking forward to more team building sessions (read: drinking and karaoke…*giggles*) with them.

Anyway, I decided to buy a small white board to serve as my voice. I know how to write so I’m using that. I’m bringing it with me to work so I won’t really need to force my voice to whisper. It’s gonna be weird but what the heck!

Travel to Europe

While we’re already into the rainy season, the other side of the world is preparing for the coming of summer. It’s the season where a lot of people travel to different places to relax, enjoy and unwind. And a favorite travel destination is Europe.

Nowadays, traveling is made easier and more accessible because we can now book it online. You will be able to choose from a lot of great deals in hotels and other services. I have been pondering on going to Barcelona because my sister told me that it’s really beautiful there. She fell in love with the place and just by looking at her photos, I know I would love it there too. Another favorite destination is London. It may be expensive but a lot of people go there because of great entertainment and the interesting places to go to. I’ve been there and since it’s a very busy city, a lot of the hotels and companies prefer that their clients have prior reservations online for great deals and discounts. Now, if you’re planning to go to Rome, you may choose to check in at the hotel of the month and enjoy the luxuries of a wonderful hotel experience. offers a wide variety of hotels in various European destinations and you simply can’t go wrong using it.

Congratulations Jordin and other Idol news…

I wasn’t able to watch in full the live telecast of the American Idol finals night. I was able to catch it for like 15 minutes during my 1st break. I was just so happy when my TM confirmed that Jordin won the title over Blake Lewis in an unprecedented turnout of 74 million votes for the finale. I’m very happy about the results!!! Again, congratulations Jordin!

I have to confess that I’m smitten by Elliott Yamin and I’m head over heels in love with his debut single, “Wait For You,” which he sang live in American Idol. I asked MH to call Music One and Tower Records but both still don’t have the album in their store. And with that, I did not have second thoughts of buying the album online. It’s not a physical CD but at least it’s an album that I got legitimately online. LOL! Elliot’s voice is just … I don’t know.. I can’t describe it. I’m AWED and I totally LOVE his voice! I don’t care about the hair – he’s just an awesome singer!

By the way, I also bought Jordin’s MP3, it’s another worth it purchase.

And here I am, looking forward to the next American Idol…

Top 5 on Friday #3

I am no big fan of bands especially those that dabble in heavy metal and reggae stuff. But I have been “encouraged” by MH to actually listen to them and maybe I will change my mind about them.

Top 5 Bands/Albums That I Should Really Listen To More

Master of Puppets by Metallica

Led Zeppelin 1

One Love: The Very Best of Bob Marley & the Wailers

Bob Marley-Greatest Hits

Houses of the Holy by Led Zeppelin

PPP Launches PPP Direct

I am part of 3 paid blogging programs but so far, I’ve been participating a lot more at PayPerPost. The opportunities are diverse and more importantly, I can relate to a lot of them in more ways than one.

I was actually excited to see this newest program for paid blog advertising at PPP. PPP Direct will allow advertisers to directly get in touch with posties to write special blog posts about them. This is really great because you get to set the rate you want to be paid as opposed to the advertisers setting the rate. Isn’t that a cool feature?? I definitely find it to be one!

As opposed to other blogging programs that keep as much as half of your money when you blog for advertisers, PPP Direct only charges a 10% fee for this program, 5% of which goes to transaction fees for credit card and PayPal processing. That isn’t bad at all. In fact, it’s a great deal. And most of all, you’ll get to have all the fun out of blogging and earn at the same time.

Now is the time to get serious about blogging!