I’m happy!

If you still haven’t noticed, I have already placed a weight loss ticker on top of my posts to update you of how I’m doing with my weight loss goal. I initially weighed in at 219 lbs (99.5 kg) when I started my workout program. And today, after two weeks of religiously going to the gym four times a week, I am now at 214.4 lbs, 4.6 pounds lighter than when I first came to the gym. It’s not really bad considering that a healthy weight loss for me would be at 1-2 pounds per week.

I was happy to tell MH about the improvement but I was just disappointed because he just laughed at it and told me that it’s nothing considering that I’ve been going to the gym almost everyday. For others, it may not be significant, but for me, it’s really something I value because I know that with the proper attitude and a change of lifestyle, I can do it.

It felt good knowing that I’m doing something right this time. I really don’t care if MH thinks otherwise but what’s important is that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing and at least there’s really something to look forward to in the next couple of weeks.


Another phone call

While I was at the gym yesterday, a telemarketer from a credit card company wanted to know whether I would like to convert my Visa card to a platinum one. I have been receiving calls from the same company for the past three weeks or so and they have become a nuisance to me already.

I actually asked the telemarketer what would be the edge of this card among all the cards in the market and if they could offer me a balance transfer at zero percent interest for the next 13 months just like Mint credit cards in the UK. She really couldn’t tell me anything except that this card will have a shared credit limit with my Visa card and I was even surprised because she doesn’t really have an idea about what a balance transfer is. Like duh?!?! Anyway, since the conversation was getting nowhere, I just told her to do whatever she needs to do but I wouldn’t really care if the card will be issued or not.

Oh dear! Earning money is really tough nowadays!

HS:MS – Drawer

Have you a favourite drawer – be it messy or tidy? I have lots of the two! So show us xx

This is one of my clothes drawers where I put my house clothes and shorts. My clothes aren’t folded that neatly but at least it’s not that messy.

To loan or not to loan

In the area where I work, you will see a lot of people handing out flyers inviting everyone to get a loan for any purpose. It’s quite tempting really but come to think of it, do you really need one?

I’ve had that dilemma before and I was dilly-dallying on whether to get one for myself – my reason was to pay off whatever credit card debt I owe. However, looking at the “more evil” side of things, paying off my card will not really stop me from using it, especially if there’s no cash available and all you can think of is to swipe the plastic. So eventually, your loan purpose will be defeated. It really didn’t make sense so I scrapped the idea.

I was also offered loans that will be secured against whatever property or bank account I have. I don’t think I could actually stomach that kind of arrangement, though. Although my brother mentioned that Secured Loans may be a better idea, basing it from word of mouth experiences of people in the UK, I still believed that it’s not going to be a wise thing to do especially if I know that I’m not that financially stable.

At the end of the day (to borrow my TM’s favorite tag line), I still think that getting a loan would really depend on your needs and your capacity to pay. Times may be tough nowadays, but I guess I’d prefer to tighten my belt and just let go of the luxuries I’m used to rather than to wallow myself deeper in debt.

HS:MS – Bedroom

Do you have a fave spot or piece of furniture in your bedroom? Show us what you got!

My computer area is my favorite area in the bedroom. It may be cluttered but I know where to find what I need. It’s my respite from all the stress. Although there are times when I don’t feel like opening it because I’ve been working 8 hours during the day, getting e-mails, blog hopping, doing my paid posts and participating in memes still keep me sane after all that stress at work.

Kids and sensitivity

Basti doesn’t like wearing much of Kids Pajamas when he goes to sleep. He prefers to be in shorts and loose shirt when sleeping. I guess it’s because he sweats easily. However, I always prod him to wear his pajamas because he’s such a magnet for insects and mosquitoes that’s why I don’t like him exposing his legs when sleeping. Just like me, insect bites leave dark spots on his skin so I always make it a point to have citronella oil or lotion around and dust mite spray to counter bugs and other insects in the house. If and when he already has bites (which he sometimes gets from my in-laws place when he plays in their garden), I cure them with Burt’s Bees Res-Q Ointment which is all natural and safe.

I have bought him a couple of cartoon character-designed pajamas so that he’ll be encouraged to wear them for sleeping. So far, the idea has worked but there are still times when I really can’t make him wear it. I do miss the baby who doesn’t complain when I wear him whatever I feel suits him best. Reality is now sinking in that my baby is growing up so fast and is beginning to know what he likes and what he doesn’t like. Time really flies so fast!

Jerseys and Stuff

My brothers are sports merchandise fanatics. They started collecting those NBA and NFL Jerseys a couple of years ago and until now, they are still doing it and are occasionally wearing them when they go out. I have lost count of how many of these stuff that they already have to a point that our mother has been complaining that they are wasting money over clothes that are not really worth buying.

My mom’s disgust over these things has not stopped them from moving on to buying more sports stuff for themselves. Personally, I felt that this has gone way overboard so I told them to just divert their money on other things that are more important than jerseys and stuff. It has come to a point that this topic became a source of conflict among us. Although I know that it is their money that they are spending, I told them that at this time when things are not really that stable, it would be wise to spend on things that aren’t too fancy. I just hope that sooner or later, when they get really older, they will stop and tell themselves that what they have is already enough.