Day 30 – NaBloPoMo (Moving Again)

I might have to move again by January. I have been seriously giving much thought about moving to a cheaper place within the area. Papa has been diligent and kind enough to pay for my rent and I really appreciated that. However, I know that I’m not the only child that he has and he has so much in his plate when it comes to expenses. Although I love my place and I have already fully settled. I have to re-align priorities and expenses to make ends meet somehow.

MH told me that the unit in front of their office is now vacant. I know it was kind of a spur of the moment decision but I told MH to have my MIL talk to the building administrator and reserve the place for me until such time I’m able to complete my contract by the end of December. Seriously, the place is not as new as the one that I have right now but it’s definitely much bigger (twice the size of my current unit) and definitely much cheaper by 70% inclusive of the parking fee. Also, I don’t have to worry about association dues. MIL offered to pay for my place until such time I’ve settled and able to pay.

I have to make a final decision until next week so that I could ensure that everything is settled before I leave, if I eventually decide to leave. I still have to speak to the real estate agent who handles this unit so that I could very well settle matters with the owner if I do leave.

As NaBloPoMo comes to an end, I might need to face another beginning. And moving forward, I am optimistic that this change will be for the better. MH is still deaf about paying for the rent but what the heck, at least I know that I’m better off than he is in more ways than one.

Day 29 – NaBloPoMo (Thursday Thirteen Week 43

I can’t believe that NaBloPoMo’s almost over. And only one more day to go for me to be able to say that I was able to finish the challenge. Looking back, I realized that I wasn’t able to stick to my supposed theme to this challenge. However, what’s important is that, you read through the realities of my life. And this is really something that I’m always aiming to do when I write.

For this week’s TT edition, in line with the culmination of NaBloPoMo this week, I’m going to write about..

Thirteen Things I’ll Be Doing After NaBloPoMo
01. Blog about weight loss..still
02. Blog about my schooling…still
03. Workout regularly…
04. Blog about my routinary life…still
05. Try to see if I can go camping in the mountains complete with all the gear – camping bag, camping shoes, canvas tent, map, etc.
06. Scrap more…
07. Read more…
08. Try to complete the memes I participate in every week
09. Blog hop more
10. Complete my Christmas gift list
11. Start sending out those holiday cards
12. Find a new and more affordable place…
13. Prepare for the next NaBloPoMo next year…

Happy Thursday!

Who wants beer?

I know of someone whom I’d like to call mr beer. He claims that he wants to have a new life and start anew, without the alcohol. He claims that he underwent serious withdrawal symptoms due to abruptly stopping his alcohol intake. He was “missing” for a couple of days and then we saw him again.

I have noticed the drastic changes in his personality. He’s not the person I once knew. He has become annoying – something that turned me off. And I’m not the only one being annoyed with his weird attitude. Am I being such a bad friend at that? I don’t think so. It’s just that I don’t have the time to bug him about why he still has to drink whereas he claims that he’s already withdrawing from alcohol intake? Why does he have to initiate the invitation to drink when he claims that he gets hospitalized when he drinks too much. I thought he is under medication and isn’t it that medication is worthless and useless if combined with alcohol?

I have expressed my concern about his drinking and smoking. I have even come to that point where I had to tell him that I feel that he’s just fooling all of us and questioned his medical claims. I know that I’ve been harsh but I’m just being honest about how I feel for him as a concerned friend.

Excessive drinking and smoking isn’t doing him any good. And I hope and pray he realizes that very soon.

Day 28 – NaBloPoMo (Glad to be back!)

After a week, I was able to go back to the gym and do my regular routine. I felt great and surprisingly enough, I missed working out. I really should set a good schedule for an hour to an hour-and-a-half of gym time every day!

The day wasn’t really so bad though it was tiring. I have slept on my readings the past couple of nights and I don’t know where I’ll be on Saturday. I’m not even close to reading all the assigned cases for the subjects. In the meantime, I’d like to enjoy the cool weather we’re having tonight. It’s raining and I love it!

Chika Minute

I was able to catch Showbiz Central last Sunday after school and I got to watch the interview of Royette Padilla and his mom, Ms. Eva CariƱo. I was not surprised to see Royette in such a state because there have been a lot of talk before about him being into drugs and alcohol. I just didn’t know that he has already been in and out of alcohol rehabs for quite a while now.

I was teary-eyed while watching Mommy Eva’s interview because I can somehow relate to the pain that she’s going through right now. As Pia Guanio has put it, tough love is really hard but it has to be given to an erring child. I can’t imagine going through that kind of pain but of course, I know it has to be done because of the unconditional love that we have as mothers.

I remember a cardmember of mine who admitted during our conversation that it was his daughter who stole their card and used it for transactions. I felt the pain in his voice and I found it so brave of him to have faced that fact. Others may have just continued to claim the transactions as fraud and would curse me to death if I say otherwise due to the circumstances.

Going back to Royette’s issue, I just hope that someday soon, he will be able to see the light and just heed his mother and siblings’ advice. He’s lucky guy that his wife and family decided to be there for him, come what may. It’s not every day now that you see people willing to go through the ordeal of dealing with an alcoholic.

And to Mommy Eva, prayers will help a lot to give you more strength to go through this trial. Hats off to you for being a dedicated mother.

Day 27 – NaBloPoMo (A Hectic Day)

My day at work was hectic! I had to make a number of phone calls before our call window was over and I’m pressured to actually pull up my numbers. I don’t have a good set of numbers for my scorecard this month and although I’m really working very hard, this month was just different. Add to that the pressure of having the highest scorecard for our team last month, it’s just quite disappointing that this month was just totally its opposite.

I did go to my scheduled interview and it was a long interview – about an hour and a half long. I think that was the longest interview I’ve ever been to. I’m not pinning so much hope on that but let’s just see what will happen in the next couple of weeks.

It’s raining and I love the weather! I’m off to bed now.

Tina’s Tuesdays #10

Going to the Movies

1. What was the last movie you saw at the theater?
** I think it was Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

2. Did you enjoy watching it? Why or why not.
** I did! I actually loved it! Though the kids in the movie have grown, I still adore them!

3. What’s the next movie you wish to go see in the theater?
** I don’t know what’s showing in the cinemas right now so I don’t have the slightest idea. Besides, I have to find time to do that.

A Better Place To Be

I still haven’t gotten a hold of my godmother who lives in North Carolina. It would really be great to just speak with her. It’s been more than twenty years since the last time I saw her and I only get updates from Papa who’s still very much in touch with her husband, my godfather, through the phone calls that he regularly makes.

From what I know, my godmother and godsister (with her family) live in the area which they call the Outer Banks. I was telling my brother to actually try and see whether they could go on a trip to the east so that he’ll get to see how she’s doing. I guess that would really be a great reunion of sorts. He still doesn’t have the time to call them but he promised me that he will. I’ll also make that phone call too before Christmas.

I’m excited! I’m sure this will be quite a good reunion for us – though it’s just a phone call to begin with.

Day 26 – NaBloPoMo (Another challenge)

I was hoping I could go to the gym today but I had to meet Papa for dinner so it was postponed for tomorrow.

I got to donate blood today for our company’s blood drive in cooperation with St. Luke’s Medical Center. I was rejected as a donor last year because I traveled so I made sure that this time, I can get to donate. Blood donation is actually healthy and it’s my way of giving something to people who are needy. I’m not very fond of needles but this is one exception. I just don’t look at the big needle anymore so as not to faint.

After getting off from work this afternoon, I received a phone call from a financial company where I submitted my resume a couple of weeks ago. I was interviewed for about 20 minutes over the phone and the guy scheduled me for an interview tomorrow. I’m not so bent in getting a new job. However, I am not closing my doors on other opportunities either. Let’s just see where this will take me.

Dream about Florida

If given the opportunity, I would like to visit Florida. The Sunshine State is known for its beautiful beaches and its subtropical climate – which a lot of surfers and beach bums love. I’m no beach bum or surfer but I definitely appreciate the weather for photography reasons. It would be great to take photos of the sunset and the waters.

It’s always been a dream for me to go to Walt Disney World in Florida. Although it’s quite smaller compared to Disneyland in California (in which I would also love to go to), I’m sure I’m going to have a wonderful time over there taking pictures and having my photo taken with my favorite Disney characters. I know I won’t have a hard time looking for a place to stay because there are a lot of Orlando vacation rental homes that we could avail of that can save us a lot of money in return.

Hopefully, I will be able to fulfill this dream in the future.