Phones and the Road

I used to not use a Bluetooth headset while driving. But as time went by, I realized that my multi-tasking skills would not suffice when driving because it takes more than just multi-tasking to do such feat. Driving skills are more complicated than just being on the computer 8 hours a day at work. Besides having a headset helps you to answer very important phone calls without the hassle of trying to figure out how you’re going to handle the phone with your two hands on the steering wheel.

I got into a minor accident a couple of years ago because the driver of the other car was busy chatting on her mobile while driving. I was at a stop when I heard a loud thump at the back of my car. And it was only then, too, that she realized she has crashed onto my car’s back and the damage has been done. She profusely apologized for being on her phone while driving but I was so pissed because I had to bear the consequence of her irresponsibility.

We already have a law prohibiting the use of mobile phones while driving. But because this is the Philippines, laws are just there, they are not implemented. However, please bear in mind the safety of other drivers. Eyes on the road and not on your mobile – PLEASE!


I’ve been missing in action again for the past two weeks and that’s because I have been a busy bee during those times. I would have wanted to blog about my experiences during these weeks but it was not just possible for me due to lack of time.

I can’t believe that Christmas is just around the corner and yet I am still not even halfway done on what I should be doing for the busiest time of the year. Again, I can only blame it on my lack of time management.

It’s disappointing that I haven’t kept my gym schedule this month and I’ve only gone to the gym twice. It was such a waste of money and I’ve completely disregarded my weight loss goal. I really need to go back to the gym soon.

I skipped my classes last week due to some uncontrollable circumstances which will merit another post in this blog so watch out for it. The company Christmas party last weekend will also get its own post very soon – with pictures, of course!

Today was our last day in school for the year and I’ve just completed my 2-day preliminary exams. All I can say is that I’ll make up for my lack of studying during mid-terms in January. It’s Christmas break and yet, I have on my desk about 50 cases sitting on my desk for my reading pleasure!

I’m moving to my new home in two weeks. I have exactly 15 more days here in this condo that I’ve learned to love despite the cramped space. I don’t really know how it would feel like to be living just about 10 steps away from my in-laws’ office but I guess that’s still much better rather than moving in with them. I just have to contend with about a week of having sleepless nights all because I will have to sync myself into my new home. Talk about “namamahay“! LOL!

Despite the STILL hectic schedule that I have, I can say that I feel relieved this week. I’ve no more cramming to do and that is such a good thing for me. I’ll be seeing some friends soon and I can sleep peacefully on my bed after work.

In the meantime, I’ve got to help Bomberman beat his foes. LOL!

The Ring

My mother has this thing for jewelry. While I understand that most women fancy jewelry, I can safely say that I’m not really one of them. It would be nice to own a couple of pieces but I wouldn’t want to invest so much on it.

If I will be buying my own set of jewelry, I would prefer to buy one or two diamond rings for myself. I know that MH will not be able to give me even half of the ring that I want so I will have to save up for it in the future. I would actually want something similar to my Mom’s princess cut diamond ring but I want it paired with a platinum body. It can be more expensive but I guess it would be all worth it.

Having that kind of ring on my finger would be so nice but that would have to wait.

Viva Las Vegas!

I was able to catch Wheel of Fortune a couple of days ago and it was their Las Vegas edition. I enjoy that show because I get to play along and I love it when I beat MH to guessing the phrases being asked for.

The game show featured a thing or two about Vegas and that just made me all the more interested to go there for a vacation. I guess it would really be nice to go to see the entertainment capital of the world in all its splendor. Aside from the fact that I won’t have to worry about a place to stay since there are so many hotels in Las Vegas, there is a wide variety of things to do over there too. Of course, I can go to the casino and try my luck in there and who knows? I might just win the big bucks!

Well, I envy the rest of the family because they have been there. Hopefully, in time, I’ll be able to join them in the fun.

On getting married

Some of my single friends have been contemplating on getting married by next year. In fact, some of them have already started to prepare for their gowns, photographers, the church, their entourage, wedding flowers, wedding reception and all the other stuff that will take up time planning and organizing. But what does it really take for one to say that he or she wants to spend the rest of his or her life with this one person? And what are the odds now of a marriage failing or succeeding in the next 50 years?

My own marriage wasn’t something that was planned. It wasn’t brought about by the usual feeling of wanting to spend the rest of my life with this person. I have to admit that it was one of the worst decisions I’ve made because I knew he wasn’t the one I loved and wanted to grow a family with. I knew it was a marriage that was doomed from the start and yet, why did I decide to go through it?

As I look back on the events that transpired, I still know, at the back of my mind, that God has His own reasons for letting me go through this. I was thinking that this might be His way to give me a child. Or maybe this is the way He wants to test my patience in dealing with a person who don’t take responsibilities seriously. I’m still quite at a loss for the purpose but I am definite that this will be seen by me at the right time.

These are but some of the things that I hope my friends, who are planning to get married, won’t have to go through. I hope they have learned some lessons from my constant sharing about the seemingly little things that can truly make or break a marriage. I, too, have learned a lot along the way. And these are life’s lessons that I had to learn the hard way – not by chance, but because this was my choice.

Krispy Kreme

Oh yes! I was surprised to see last Wednesday that Krispy Kreme now has its branch opened at the Mall of Asia. I was really excited and swore that I’m going back there this weekend to get a dozen.

Indeed, I gave in to my guilty pleasure. I don’t mind the extra calories I’ll be getting. Finally, Krispy Kreme is accessible and just 5-10 minutes away.

And I think I FINALLY found the perfect dress for the company Christmas party we’re having on the 9th. Hopefully, I could buy it this week and I personally requested Papa to pick my outfit for me. I’m excited! In fact, it’s fabulous that I’m able to find something without having to have it custom-made for me.