I have a deadline to meet for my case book on Thursday. So far, I have only rewritten its table of contents. I haven’t read a single page of the things I’m supposed to read. My deadline will penultimately be the mid-terms on the 2nd and 3rd of February. It’s not that far from today, really!

Last night, I was burning with fever – the culprit was my throat. My tonsils are bulging mad again. I know I have to go to my ENT and have them checked. Last night, when MH checked ’em, they were very red and very big. My cough is really bad and a nasty headache has been kicking on and off for the past couple of days already. I had a timetable but that timetable has been defeated. I better get my act straight or I’ll be doomed.

The announcement for the annual salary appraisal is coming very, very soon. It was moved from Thursday, then Friday, then finally, they say, it’s going to be on Monday. I am not keeping my hopes high anymore. Promises were made to be broken anyway. Wait, let me change that. They didn’t promise, we were left with blank plans about it. They heard us but doing something about what they heard is another story. I have chosen to be part of that another story. Bureaucracy is something we have to live with. And the deadline to beat that? I guess there’s none really.

I shouldn’t be in front of the computer. Instead, I should already be resting for another hectic day tomorrow. I think I’m on the brink of losing my voice again but I’m still hoping for the best.

Whatever happens on Monday will be another deadline for me. I have a deadline to finalize my plans and to think about what the future lies ahead.

Linky Love

Suzanne tagged me to do this Linky Love thingy. It’s similar to some tags I’ve done before but nevertheless, it’s something that’s really cool to do. They say it’s going to increase my Technorati authority and my blog’s page rank (that has stayed at 0 after that update Google made on blogs with paid posts). Well, whichever way it works, it’s nice to be seeing new links that I can visit sometime soon.

Here’s the rule: Copy the list below and add your blog’s name and link at the end. (Do not replace, just keep on adding! Yes we hope it will be a long list!) And then, tag 5 friends and that’s it! It’s really easy! Tag others and see your Technorati Authority increase exponentially!

The benefits of Viral Linking:
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There might have been a lot of you already who have done this tag. Just in case you still haven’t done it, then, right now is the best time.

Enjoy! 🙂

Big time gift giving

I once watched an episode of Rated K in channel 2 where they featured the most expensive gifts you can give to people who may already have practically everything here on earth. There was a Mercedes for your toddler, waches that can already buy one a decent home with all the basic things in it, equestrian stuff and the like. What fascinated me was the watch because I really can’t believe that people are buying stuff like that. It’s pretty ironic how a bigger part of our population claims poverty while there is that portion of the pie who actually splurges on things like this. I can only envy these rich beings for the luxuries that they have but the reality of life cannot stop me from dreaming of owning even just one.

Since I don’t intend to buy DS his own Mercedes, maybe I can just buy a Hublot big bang watch for myself. It’s a luxury watch made of stainless steel and diamonds on a rubber strap. Since I’m allergic to most metals, this is just the perfect watch for me. I like the style, I love the design. For now, the only way I can own this is to win the lottery. But I guess I would first have to buy that winning lottery ticket for that to come true. LOL!

My Zodiac Sign

I’m fond of reading horoscopes for the fun of it. So when I got tagged by Rach to do this cool stuff, I just obliged.

Reading through what’s in store for the year, I actually had some mixed emotions about it. Anyway, I always think that these things are just guides for us by our stars. It really wouldn’t hurt to look forward to some of them and heed the warnings if they are quite on the negative side.

I am tagging Suzanne, JennyL and Darlene for this one.

Thanks Rach for the tag and enjoy reading my horoscope for the year.

Libra Horoscope 2008 promises monetary gains for the people born under this sun sign for the coming year. Highest financial gains can be witnessed from the month of July to November. The horoscope talks of chances of Libra people gaining money from legacy likely in the second part of the year. In short, the horoscope 2008 talks of only positive things in terms of money and finances for Libra people. However the horoscope also warns people to be a little judicious. Secondly the Libra horoscope 2008 terms accountability and responsibility to be the themes for the year ahead.

The horoscope 2008 urges Libra people to take accountability of everything they do, be it in any sphere of life. This theme also applies to the career front of Libra people for the year 2008.

The true worth of a Libra person would be put to test in terms of professional matters in the year ahead.

The love life of the people born under the zodiac sign Libra would blossom further as per the stars. People who are in love would find the relationship getting better and exciting. While those who are in search of true love would definitely meet someone special. Marriage is also on cards for people who are unmarried and have decided to tie the knot.

According to the horoscope, success would come to those Libra people who have complete confidence in themselves. Victory would come to those who will maintain a healthy as well as positive approach towards life.

And into the game…

It has been a while since I last went to a casino. I actually miss the different kinds of people you encounter in there and the various reasons why they are there, spending nights and even days just to get that jackpot prize.

One of my friends have been indulging himself in the electronic side of the casinos. He told me that it’s way better compared to the regular ones because winning is easier. I still haven’t had the chance to visit an online casino but PAGCOR already has certain sites in the Manila where you can actually play and win. Maybe one of these days I’ll try them out but I’d like to be more “conservative” about it because I don’t want to be a victim of identity theft and go bankrupt.

I know that in other countries, this is already the “in” thing. Eventually, if I find that I can be comfortable doing my games online, I guess I could consider it. In the meantime, I will just go to the regular casinos if I want to. At least, I don’t have to worry about identity theft that much.

Online Shopping

I am into shopping online – mainly for my digital kits and sending out pictures to family members and friends abroad. I have encountered different kinds of ecommerce software that they use for their stores. It may seem to be an easy thing to manage but believe me, by experience, that’s not always the case.

When I was still with Scrapping Garden, one of their main concerns was the software to use for their online store. I guess most digiscrapping sites have availed of the different online shopping applications available. Before, I thought that there were just one or two kinds to choose from, but lo and behold, the options are just endless.

I have plans of putting up an online store for my excess stuff – sort of like an online garage store. And one of my choices for my online store would be AShop primarily because they have a 10-day trial period without the need for me to expose my credit card details. It’s always a good thing to know that I have choices. It’s just up to me to decide which of these stores I will eventually consider.

Reminiscing the Rush

I was asleep before 7pm last night due to a headache. I’ve been awake since half past 1 and I can’t find the time to concentrate on my readings and cases. So here I am, at 3:25 in the morning, accessing my Friendster account and searching for some interesting things to read.

After reading my mail, I finally decided to check out Chico’s blog. I’ve been meaning to read his blog for some time now but I found today as the perfect time to do it.

As expected, I knew I will be liking everything that’s on there. I’ve been a fan of Chico and Delamar way back in the mid-90’s doing the Morning Rush over at RX 93.1. Everyday, I would tune in on my way to school and just enjoy the ride from Paranaque to Manila with them as my driving companions. We were called Rushers (until now their followers are called such if I’m not mistaken) and even had a web page dedicated to us that I found here and my name is the first Rusher on that list. The details escape me now but I participated in one of their segments before where my ex got the biggest surprise of his life. Those were the Kikoy and Kikay days if my memory serves me right. I was never able to attend a tea party and until now it’s a dream I want to fulfill.

I actually wanted to send them an e-mail but I keep on groping for words and of course, there’s that great possibility that they might not even remember me anymore. But maybe I’ll give it a shot soon and make known to them that I’m still existing.

11.5 years, a failed relationship, additional 95 pounds, a failing marriage and a 4-year old son since the time I first encountered Chico and Delamar, I still find myself listening to them every morning. Their endless bickering still amazes me and leaves that silly smile on my face. I don’t anymore get the chance to participate in their segments like the Top 10 nor am I able to start and finish their daily morning program but that 20-minute drive to work will always be worth it knowing that there’s another day to listen to them again.

How time flies! I really feel older now after this post, especially after seeing that 1999 Rushers website! LOL!

09 December 2007 – Christmas Party at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza

I found the perfect dress, I was made up perfectly for the event courtesy of Marionnaud Mall of Asia, the pair of shoes fit me perfectly – it was worth it! It was my only party for 2007 and it was made special because I was with close friends I’ve been working with for more than a year now. Although we were hungry because the food was not appropriate for a company Christmas party, I can say that I still enjoyed.

I have uploaded the photos in my Friendster account and now, FINALLY, I have linked the photos here in my blog. Enjoy!

P.S.: If the album doesn’t load, click here to view the photos.

On Pets

The web has welcomed dogs and cats as part of their members. You will even see blogs “written” by them. DS adopted a street cat he named “Garfield” at my in-laws place. He named it such because it was a fat cat and is colored orange.

Just like dog lovers, cat lovers also spend so much time grooming their pets and giving them the best. A lot of these even buy cat furniture to give their feline companions the best that the comfortable life has to offer. I’ve seen a lot of pictures of cats who live the lives of queens and kings basking in the comfort that we also enjoy. It may be absurd to some but for me, it’s really understandable and acceptable.

It’s a big responsibility to be caring for a pet and by doing so, one should always accord the respect and care that our pets deserve. I’m proud of those people who do fight for their pets’ rights and give them the best care they could offer. And I am glad that at such an early age, DS is already aware of that responsibility.