My Running Shoes


The sickly me

I woke up early Sunday morning with a very, very bad cough that made my back ache. I decided to just go into the emergency room for proper diagnosis. And true enough, I have another infection triggered by my throat. The ER doctor said that it might be an upper respiratory tract infection brewing but they couldn’t hear anything abnormal in my breathing.

I was given a set of medications to take, including antibiotics, and was advised to fully rest for at least 2-3 days. I told the doctor that it was not possible because the only time I can use my SL leave credits is when I am hospitalized. Anyway, I skipped class and just went on to sleep practically the whole afternoon after being discharged from the ER. The medicines made me groggy. I ate dinner then went back to bed.

We had work today so I had to force myself to go to work despite the condition. My cough was worse and I can hear myself wheezing a bit. But of course, I had to finish the shift and did not exert too much pressure on myself to work on cases. I was not really in the mood to work with the condition I have. I was coughing incessantly and it made my stomach ache already.

I have been in this sick mode for the past couple of weeks already. I guess the office needs to disinfect the whole place. A whole lot of people are sick in there! I think they better get air purifiers to help disinfect the place. If I have the money, I’ll get one for my house as well.

‘Til the next post.

Cutting edge

Personally, I don’t feel safe roaming the streets of Manila especially during odd hours. Even with a car, you just don’t know what can happen to you – on your way to the parking lot or going out of your car. Paranoid? I guess I am but that’s with a valid reason.

Nowadays, holdups and pickpockets don’t just take your property away, they are willing to kill just to have that cellphone in your bag, your watch or anything they think is of value – including your life. These criminals don’t give high regard for life anymore. They can kill if need be.

I still find it helpful to have a sharp object or any kind of small safety cutters that you can bring in your bag or just put in your pocket in the event that you’ll be attacked. One should always be aware of their surroundings and don’t go to a place which you feel and think is not safe.

I always pray for everyone’s safety, including mine. And I hope everyone’s gonna have a great week ahead.

Spreader of Love Award

I hope everyone’s having a great weekend. I have been subjected to the effects of weather changes and my throat has once again suffered. My voice is wearing out and my tonsils are way too big not to notice. Oh yeah – I’m on the verge of being voiceless once again with this husky voice of mine! 😦

Anyway, this week has been okay so far and I have started a quite regular routine at home with the 5 kids. I have a lot of fine tuning to do but I know that this cannot be done overnight. The kids are doing well and so far, they’ve been eating right. I’m off to a good start.

I’d like to thank Rachel for this sweet award. You really made my day, dear! Thank you very much!

And I’d like to pass this award to people who have been spreading the love, too, in their own little way – Joy, Ate Girlie, Mec, Jo and Dats.

Happy weekend!