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Having your own home

Mortgages are quite important especially if you’re trying to build good credit. When you’re able to maintain your mortgage, that is, you are able to promptly pay the monthly payments, then, it’s going to be easy for one to get a new car or get that LCD HD TV you’ve been longing for.

At the rate I’m going, I would like to give myself about 10-15 years before I’m able to secure my own home. Here in the Philippines, it’s either you buy a house in cold cash, meaning, you’ll have to save, save and save until you’re able to buy that coveted dream house or you can risk getting a mortgage but you should have at least a 6-digit salary. My own parents were able to secure for us a good home through their hard-earned cash just a little more than 10 years ago. They didn’t want to subject themselves to a monthly payment for so many years so they just decided to save up and just give up all that savings when the right time came for them. At least, they’re enjoying the fruits of their labor. They’re living in a house that’s already been fully-paid.

I will not let go of my dream to have my own home. It’s one of the ways I can secure Basti’s future. I don’t want him to be worrying about monthly rent payments or where he’s going to live when I’m gone. At least, he’ll be having a house he could call his own.

10 Recent Things That Made Me Happy

Giving in to Suzanne’s tag, here goes my list:

01. My 3 credit cards have already been paid off and I only have to think of one to pay off in the next few months.

02. I was able to buy a new bag for myself.

03. I started my cellphone e-loading business.

04. My first time to have breakfast at Salcedo Park

05. ..with my colleagues from my former team, Aston Martin

06. My former Team Manager was promoted to Team Leader. Congratulations Tope!!!

07. I saw Ate Gina (a friend from Canada) after 8 years. And here’s one of the photos that were taken from yesterday.

08. I got some wonderful stuff and there were also some for Basti, courtesy of my best friend, Pam.

09. I saw Basti’s smile when he got his Krispy Kreme sugar doughnuts last Friday.

10. I received an e-mail from a fellow blogger that really made my day.

Team Breakfast at Salcedo Park

After almost a month of not seeing my mates from my former team, I was able to join them when I worked the night shift last Friday. It was really fun being with them again. We had a team breakfast at Salcedo Park yesterday morning after shift. I was excited because it was also my first time to go there. I was not dismayed except for some horrendously-priced food items like pasta and some other stuff. But still, I was able to buy breakfast items that filled me up before I went home.

Thank you, Yynn, for the rest of the photos.

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Web Host Thoughts

I already got a domain name for myself before the year ended but I still haven’t decided on whether to get my own web host for my site. I have utilized the free services and signed up on premium memberships for some of them. However, until now, I don’t know if it’s still a better decision to shell out money for premium services but still rely on a free web host.

I have made inquiries and researched a bit on the benefits and downsides of web hosting and based on a number of best web hosting services that have been referred to me previously, I might eventually decide to get one for myself. I think it would be more economical and at the same time, I can learn more about tweaking my own site without the need for signing up for other services. It might save me more money all along if and when I decide to get the service.

Until such time I’m able to decide, I will just use the web resources available to me. I would also need to look at my finances so it’s going to be a major decision for me if and when I eventually get my own web host.

A week has passed

I was back to work after a 2-week sick leave last Monday on a new schedule. The mid-shift transfer actually worked for me because I’m able to do my motherly duties to my foster children/nephews before I go to work. I’m able to prepare their day’s supply of food, bathe them, clean the house, etc. – basically making sure that they will be having a comfortable day even without me around.

Just to give you a passing summary of what has happened since the start of March, the youngest of the 5 children was hospitalized due to pneumonia and so was I. Yes, this big momma caught pneumonia and that was not only because my throat was super duper infected (read: I once again had acute exudative tonsillopharyngitis) but also my body resistance was so down due to STRESS. I knew it was coming but still I worked ’til my body couldn’t take it anymore.

I wouldn’t want to go into the gory details of why the baby had pneumonia. Let’s just put it this way, my sister was just not responsible enough to follow-up on the medications given and was just totally not into taking care of her kids. Sabi nga nila, isang plema na lang ang ‘di pumipirma sa baga ng bata at paniguradong me pinaglamayan na sana kami. The baby stayed in the hospital for 4 days and I was there for a week recuperating. I barely recuperated because student nurses were checking up on me every 30 minutes. It was bad enough that I wasn’t comfortable with the IV dangling on my arm – they were all so annoying I couldn’t rest properly. I don’t think I’ll ever want to get hospitalized again!

During my stay at the hospital, my sister did something so terribly wrong and stupid. It was the reason that I requested for an earlier discharge. She was so surprised to see me at home that weekend and we had a fight that made me so mad I thought I would get a heart attack. It was that grave an offense that she made inside my home. After that encounter I thought everything would be all right and she would have already been knocked out of her senses. But lo and behold, last weekend, I woke up to the kids crying incessantly and that was when I knew that she wasn’t even at home. She left leaving a note that she can’t take care of her kids anymore at magpapakalayo na sya kasi ayaw na nya sa nangyayari sa buhay nya. I was dumbfounded and I couldn’t explain how I felt that Saturday noon. I instantly became a Mom to 5 abandoned kids.

I have reported everything to the DSWD and to the police. My parents want me to find her. I told them na mahirap hanapin ang taong ayaw magpahanap. I couldn’t help but tell my friends about what happened. It was my way of coping. I needed to vent or I might lose my sanity. I am lost as to how I will be able to give and provide them all the motherly care, love and attention that they need. This is something that came so suddenly. I was open to the fact that I needed to support an adult and 5 kids. But I was not prepared to be a working mom to 6 kids.

But I made it – at least, that’s how I feel. Since Saturday, me and MH were able to survive the ordeal despite a major fight last Sunday. Since Monday, MH brought and picked me up from work with all the kids in the car. I would go home physically and mentally spent. It felt like I was Superwoman but at the end of the day, I’m a sickly old lady who just wants to sleep ’til she dies. That’s how tired I felt since Monday. But you know, I found it funny because it’s like always going to a field trip whenever I leave. My car’s backseat is packed with kids of all ages. I’m thankful that I have the rest of the week off due to the Holy Week. But still, I have to work.

I’m thankful that a relative came forward and offered help to take in the youngest of the brood. I have to be practical. I know MH nor I can take very good care of a baby with the situation at hand. I can’t expect MH to be looking each of them all of the time. Although all the baby’s needs are provided, it’s still a different thing to be able to give full attention to a growing baby. He’s already 4 months old and yet he’s as small as a newborn – the only difference is that he’s no longer skin and bones just like when I first got him. I know that our relative will be able to fully take care of the baby. They wouldn’t volunteer if they really didn’t want to help and I need all the help I can get now. They don’t have a kid of their own and knowing how much they want to have a kid in the house, he is a blessing to them just as much as he is a blessing to me.

I now only have 4 kids with me, the youngest being a year and a half. I’m desperately looking for a nanny. I initially needed 2 but I guess with the baby already with our relative, I think I would need just one to be an all around. But until I’m able to find one who can accept my terms, I’m still the Superwoman I’ve instantly become.

I’m not happy with the way everything has turned out because the losers here are the kids. There are questions in my mind that are still left unanswered and it came to a point where I questioned God as to why He had to do this to me. I was texting a friend last Sunday about it during the fight that I had with MH. I came to my senses right away after questioning God. I know He has a purpose for everything and He wouldn’t give me something that I will not be able to survive and pass. Eventually, I’m leaving it all up to Him. I recently realized that after thinking and feeling such, I felt better and more willing to take care of the situation as much as I can handle it. Indeed, everything’s starting to fall into place. The relative who wanted to help is just the beginning. I knew it was just God’s way of telling me that I have to trust Him and things will be okay.

Have a blessed Holy Week!