Spa and Me

It’s been a while since I last pampered myself with a visit to a spa and for a massage. I actually miss it but of course, priorities should always be followed.

I remember asking my masseuse how she was able to master her craft. For one she attended one of the massage therapy schools here in Manila. She actually intends to go abroad where her skills are paid much higher than the average over here. I really can’t blame her. For sure she has a family to feed and she has goals that she thinks would only be realized when she has gone abroad and earned more.

Aside from the great massage I get from her. I learn a lot of things about life and other people’s perspective of it. It may just be an hour but that was one hour worth of thinking and listening at the same time. That’s one of the things I like about my trips to the spa.


Litratong Pinoy : Hugis ay Pahaba

Ito ang unang linggo na sasali ako sa Litratong Pinoy. Pinag-isipan kong mabuti kung ako ba ay talagang sasali dahil nga sa ako ay medyo abala sa trabaho at sa iba pang bagay dito sa bahay. Baka kasi ‘di ko makayanan ang sumali sa lingguhang tema nito. Pero na-engganyo na rin ako kasi natutuwa akong makita ang mga naggagandahang litrato ng aking mga kapwa Pinoy na talagang mahilig sa pagkuha ng mga litrato.
This is the first week that I’ll be joining Litratong Pinoy. I gave it much thought to join because I am busy with work and other matters and I might not be able to join in the weekly themes by the meme. But then I was encouraged anyway because I loved seeing the beautiful photos of my fellow Filipinos who just love to take pictures.

Sa linggong ito, ang tema ay “hugis ay pahaba.” Kakagaling lang namin sa Subic at meron akong nakitang litrato na bagay sa tema. Kuha ito sa Zoobic Safari kung saan sumakay kami ng tren upang makapunta sa iba’t ibang lugar na sakop ng Zoobic Safari. Hindi ko pinalampas ang pagkakataon na makuhanan ang anak kong si Basti na unang beses nakapunta rito.

This week, the theme is “elongated shape.” We just came back from Subic and I saw a photo that fit the theme. It was taken at the Zoobic Safari where we rode a train to see the different areas of the place. I didn’t pass on the chance to take a photo of my son, Basti, since it’s his first time to visit the place.


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Refurbished items

When I was in the UK, the catering business I worked for offered new and refurbished items for sale. I am not so much a fan of refurbished items but as I’ve seen it over there, the refurbished items are quite in demand because of its price. And besides, you just have to find the stores that you can trust when it comes to getting items like these.

When it comes to computer products, I was actually not aware that we can also get refurbished items such as used cisco routers or voip products. I’m sure they’re much cheaper than buying new ones and a lot of companies actually get quotes for these. I am just wondering whether these work perfectly fine like the brand new ones.

My Computer

Unlike buying laptops, I am actually more of a barebones computer person than a branded computer person. I am not so much a fan of branded desktops because since time immemorial, I have preferred choosing the parts and specifications for my desktop needs. Computer technology is very dynamic and every month or so, a new product is launched or a replacement of an old product is released. That’s why what I do is that I buy the parts that are on the upper high-end of the scale so I wouldn’t need to upgrade right away. The idea worked for me so my computer is replaced every 3-4 years and there was even one that I was able to keep for 6 years. That’s not such a bad thing after all despite having to shell out more money than the usual.

Family Vacations

I haven’t “recovered” yet from our recent weekend getaway and now I’m starting to save up for another one in the next couple of weeks. I would really like to make it a regular habit so to speak because for one, I get to rest (no need to worry about work and my house chores) and I get to bond with DS who lacks so much attention from me.

If ever we’ll get the chance to go overseas for a getaway, I think I can consider going to the Branson private golf course for a lot more of green sceneries and at the same, I can get to practice playing golf.

Well, I know it’s indeed an expensive getaway but if I win in the lottery or maybe get a chance to win a million dollars, I don’t think that won’t be a bad idea to do after all, wouldn’t it?

On Leave

I’m on leave today after that quite tiring weekend we had at Subic. I actually took this leave to take on something very important (read: possible career move). However, half of the day’s almost over and I am still here lounging on my work station arranging the almost 600 photos that I’ve taken and uploading them to my photo site.

I will be posting a message here as soon as I’m done with them. In the meantime, I hope everyone’s having a wonderful start of the week.