Your Own Home

In these times when we need to really scrutinize where our money goes, investing our hard-earned money should be well thought-of and planned. I do plan to buy a house of my own. However, I think that I will need to work on that for a couple of more years so that I can already well afford to buy a house that’s easy on my budget and yet something that I have always dreamed about.

In the US, prospective and current house owners can very well get good appraisals or proposals through mortgage lenders. They are companies willing to help you sort any problems you may encounter in buying your new house. Their extensive expertise in the field will provide future clients better and more varied options to get that dream house you’ve been long wanting for.

Contact a mortgage lender today and see for yourself.

Litratong Pinoy: Ihip ng Hangin (Wind))

Kuha ito sa taunang Margam Park Balloon Festival sa Wales noong July 2006. Ang laki ng Thomas and Friends train na ginawang hot air balloon at naaliw ako sa kanya. Ang ganda nya kasi tingnan at nung nililipad sya ng hangin eh kala mo sya babagsak sa ‘min. Sobrang lakas kasi ang hangin ng araw na yun kaya medyo nahirapan ang mga hot air balloons na lumipad ng araw na yun. Pero maganda pa rin ang kinalabasan ng araw na yun para sa ‘min na nag-enjoy mag-picnic.

I took this photo during the annual Margam Park Balloon Festival in Wales last July 2006. There was this big Thomas and Friends train that they made into a hot air balloon and I was definitely amazed by it. It was a beautiful sight to see. I thought it was going to go down on us because it was very windy that day. The windy conditions made it hard for the other hot air balloons to fly but it was still a wonderful day anyway for picnic and family fun.

Basket of Candles

Two weeks ago, a colleague of mine got married in church rites and she was given by her friends a basket of candles as a gift. I looked it up on the web and I found out that this was usually given to the bride on her bridal shower. Each candle’s color symbolizes an event and the candle is to be lighted during that particular time, like the couple’s first night, or first married Valentine’s day, or even the couple’s first fight as married individuals.

I guess this would be a nice wedding gift for Karlyn from me and our other girl friends.

Secured Future

My mother pays for child life insurance plans for my three younger sisters. Having read through the policy before, I felt that I also wanted to get one for Basti because of the numerous benefits that it can give him, primarily, having something for him to use in the event that I pass away.

Morbid as it may seem, I still feel that it’s now a necessity for every family to prepare for life events such as death and accidents. I am seriously considering this option and I would like to start it once I have the means to do so.

In the meantime, I would just have to take very good care of myself and stay healthy.

Track where your assets are

Initially, it all started with finding people through mobile phones, then it came for cars and other vehicles. GPS has come a long way since then and in most first world countries, the GPS system has become a necessity in doing business and in ensuring safety.

The simple GPS tracker has evolved into something that can be used on a wider scope. With the introduction of gps fleet tracking, businessmen can now track where their business vehicles are and where their stuff and other assets are going. By tracking your assets, one can rest assured that if the fleet encounters problems, then a solution would be readily available for it.

But of course, assets don’t just mean vehicles and other things. This can be useful for your teenage drivers or your kids when they’re out with their friends or when they go camping or night outs. At least we’re assured that we can very well locate them when needed.

Don’t you just love technology? Others may view it as obstructive but personally, this is the kind of technology that I wanna be equipped with soon!

HSMS: Beauty and the Beast

The opposite of Beauty, and partner to Belle. Whether you have the mini type or the large type, show us Beast in your space.
This is George. The patriarch of the tigers at the Tiger Safari in Zoobic Safari (Wow! what a rhyme! LOL!). And I talked about him here.

Well, onward to someone lovely, whether we’re talking about the Sleeping variety or the one that was coupled with a monster like chap, either way we’re talking….Beauty. Show us Beauty in your space.
The blooms at the garden of Shakespeare’s Birthplace in Stratford. Taken in 2006. One of the photos that need to land in my scrapbook.
Happy weekend!

Trousers or Pants?

They’re called trousers by the Brits and pants by the Americans. But what does it take to say that you have a good pair?
If you have the makings of a TV commercial artist or you have a dream of creating one, now is the best time to do so because Dockers is sponsoring a TV commercial contest that is open to everyone. There have already been a number of entries that submitted and so far, I have this as one of my favorites:

This and the rest of the entries are all worth-watching. Truly there are a lot of talented soon-to-be TV commercial directors out there waiting to be discovered and be highlighted.

The Dockers contest is open to candidates 18 years old and above from the United States, who is required to make a 30-second TV commercial for one of the world’s leading brand of pants or trousers. Originality and creativity will play major key roles in determining the best among all the entries. The winner of this fun and exciting Dockers contest will have the chance for his or her commercial to be aired on the June 13 episode of The Jay Leno Show at NBC. Wouldn’t that be exciting?

This is a fun contest that I’m sure will tickle your imagination and bring the creative god or goddess in you. No matter how you term it, be it trousers or pants, being part of the promotion of one of the world’s best brands would be an honor. So what are you waiting for? Join now!

Sponsored by Dockers