Cleaning days

With the current move, I know that I’ll spending the rest of my week cleaning up the stuff that I brought back with me to my parents’ house. Over the one-and-a-half years that I spent living “independently” from them, I have accumulated more stuff that I could never imagine.

Since there’s a lot of stuff I need to arrange, a good vacuum cleaner would really help me clean up the dust and dirt I brought along with me during the move. Since I’m moving in to a much bigger space, I need to rearrange things and clean up before placing my things in their proper locations. There are parts of the house that were not used for a while and since I will be using the space, I need to, at least, dust it. It would be great if I’ll have a cleaner like the Ladybug steam cleaners available so that I can also disinfect the places I’ll be cleaning. For now, I have to do with the regular vacuum and manually disinfect the place with Domex and Lysol.

Moving is taxing but I feel good about it.


Life goes by

I’ve been busy packing my stuff for the move and I’m ready to leave the apartment and start anew back in the family home. There are so many things running through my mind right now, including the occasional worries but this will not, in any way, affect my decision.

Sometimes, life cruises at a speed that you can’t control and it makes you spin and tumble like crazy. So what do you do? Do you just sit and wait until someone comes along to help you? Or do you get out of it and start to help yourself? Either way, accepting the fact that you need help is a good step. Seeking help is not a sign of weakness, rather, it’s sign that you’re strong enough to accept the fact that you can’t do it alone.

This is the nth time I’ve stumbled in my life. It has shown me that anything’s possible no matter how stable I think I’ve become. I’m, again, at the lowest point in my life but I’m sure things will be better in no time.

Diet update

I’ve been partially successful in keeping with the diet I’ve been instructed to have. There were days when I veered away from it but most of the time, I was well in control of the kind of food I take in.

I’ll be going back to the doctor this week for my test results and hopefully things are better. I weighed myself and there wasn’t really any significant change. But at least, I’m getting there. I guess no amount of diet pills can really help. Discipline is really just the key. Now all I have to do is maintain a regular exercise regimen. Now, that is really one struggle for me.

The week that was

The first week of my 2-week leave ended in a not-so-good fashion. A lot of my appointments either got screwed up, got cancelled or rebooked. It kinda frustrated me because I was hoping to be on schedule for everything because I want to do as much as I can during the 2 weeks I will be away from work but I guess not all plans and schedules are meant to be followed.

Earlier in the week, I had an unexpected exam for a post within the company. The HR partner called late Friday night and scheduled the exam on a Monday. Since I went on a 12-hour fast for the blood work, I had to make some adjustments as to the time I needed to fast. I underestimated the time and went on more than 12 hours. Because of the Monday traffic, I got to the hospital a little later than when I was supposed to be there for the blood work. They still did the blood work anyway. However, I was informed the next day that they need to have the blood work redone so I decided to have it all together with my liver ultrasound that was also rescheduled later during the week.

I didn’t have a good time waiting for my liver ultrasound to be done. Good thing I brought along Twilight for me to read while waiting. The book may not be a female fat burner but it’s definitely something that can make you smile and feel good about falling in love despite adversities. It must have been the beautiful love story of Edward and Bella that made me patient enough to wait for 4 hours before I stood up and complained about the waiting time to their customer service representative. The procedure took a mere 20 minutes. This time, I made sure that the patient recommendation/suggestion form was completely filled out. I’ll be getting the results tomorrow and I’m just hoping for the best.

I was finally able to talk to the building administrator and I’m really pushing for an end-of-the-week move. I’m still doing what I can to make the payment this week. As for the arrangement with Basti, I have settled to have him during weekends. It may not be the best arrangement but it’s the most convenient for him taking into consideration his schooling.

I have spoken a little about the situation to Basti. It was kinda hard and heartbreaking to explain to him why I needed to go back to our family home and just have him over during weekends. I actually gave him a free hand to tell me where he wanted to stay during school days and during weekends. We came to an agreement that if he gets tired or he dislikes the setup, we will change it and I will have him over during weekdays and make him stay during weekends with my in-laws. He made it easier for me to decide because he was able to tell me what he wanted. Although it wasn’t what I wanted, I can’t let my personal feelings get in the way of what will be convenient, easy and acceptable to my son.

It’s not going to be an easy week for me. I might need to ask for an extension of my unpaid leave to settle everything. With everything that’s going on in my life, I know I deserve a little respite from the worries. I never knew this could really be hard. But in time, I know I’ll be able to bounce back and start anew.

And so it begins…

It’s a bit late to have updated my blog’s look in the middle of the month but this was a promise that I made to myself, so I’m just glad that I was still able to do it. That’s one thing off from my to-do list. Shabby Miss Jen came up with this new blog pack that’s perfect for fall. Although we don’t have fall over here, it’s one of my 2 favorite seasons, the other one being winter.

The week went by pretty fast so I was so exhausted on Friday night that I slept earlier than the usual. Traffic was quite bad that day and the 15-minute trip in the morning going to the office turned out to be a 1.5-hour drive back home. I just have to remember and psych myself that Friday night is the worst day of the week. I didn’t wake up at 4am but I was already up at 6 and started my self-imposed holiday playing Neopets on my computer. The rest of the day, I spent having my car fixed that left a very big dent on my pocket. The car had her front tires changed and aligned, oil change, tune up and some other stuff that needed to be fixed.

I just noticed that it’s barely 2.5 months before Christmas. If not for some friends placing their early bird orders for Christmas giveaways and someone asking me twice about where to get promotional pens for a project she’s doing, I wouldn’t have noticed it. And in a month’s time, I’m gonna turn 33. With the sudden turn of events in my life, it has left me out of touch with a lot of things and people in my life.

My 2-week unpaid leave from work starts tomorrow and I just hope my trips to the hospital will bear me good news. I’d like to tell you more about the other things going on but I’ll have to do that at a later time.


My application for leave of absence has been approved. I will be able to attend to my medical needs and maybe start packing for my move back to our Paranaque home.

Yesterday, I was so sleepy at work but had to keep myself awake to do a lot more work. I’ll be gone for two weeks without pay. It’s gonna be difficult since I’ve missed out on most of my bill payments last month due to a previous 2-week medical LOA too. I know it’s not good to have this come-what-may attitude but that’s all I can do for now. Good thing my medical needs are covered by my health insurance. If not for that, I’ll probably just let things as they are and let nature take its course.

I am praying that things will be better. I know in time that they will.


I was out the whole Sunday with the family. My sisters are leaving soon and I thought it best to give in to their request of going to the malls again before they go back. Of course my mother didn’t go with us. It would have been nice but given the awkward situation that she brewed between my father and herself, that’s quite impossible.

It was their first time at Serendra (in 3 years) and we had an early lunch at Conti’s. We loved the food there the first time my Dad and I ate there and I’m glad that they did too. Considering that we were a big group, the bill was kinda surprisingly cheap and I would definitely love to eat there again with my friends next time.

We strolled Bonifacio High Street for about an hour just checking out stores and ended up buying a pair of Havaianas for my sister. I am no fan of Havaianas but Papa bought me one so who am I to complain? After years of avoiding the hype, I am now an owner of a pair of Havaianas. I haven’t taken it out of its package yet. Maybe I’ll try to find an occasion for me to wear it. I’ll be blogging about it when I do find that occasion.

We went to Glorietta afterwards and spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening there. I haven’t been to Glorietta for a while now or for any mall for that matter. It felt kinda weird being in the mall on a Sunday but it was a breather for me. I joined my sisters in playing at Timezone while the rest of the group stayed at Starbucks while waiting for us. We ended the day having an early dinner at Heaven n Eggs (which is one of Papa’s favorite restaurants).

As of this writing, Papa and my siblings are here with me, cramped inside my bedroom. My mother wasn’t home when they got there and they didn’t have the key. I turned in a little late last night waiting for someone to pick up the mobile phone that my sister left with her. I was a little worried but kept it to myself. When my mother leaves the house, she normally leaves one light on but this time, the house was pitch dark (as what they told me). They’re still sleeping now and I don’t think Papa will be working today. I am going to the office early today for my pre-shift OT and I just have to keep a close watch on them while I’m there. I don’t think I can get a nod from the big bosses to leave early from work but I’ll give it a shot. I just hope that nothing bad happened to my mother.

We have some pictures from yesterday and I’ll post it when I have the time this week. Hopefully, there’ll be some response now from our operations manager about my request for a leave of absence. Things are getting a little out of hand when it comes to our family issues but I’m still hoping and praying for the best. I’m like in futures trading wherein you invest a lot and yet there’s a possibility of your investments being on the negative. I’m normally not like that but at the rate things are going, I guess it’s allowable to feel this every once in a while.

I hope everyone will have a great week ahead. I’m hoping mine would be great somehow along the way.