Birthday Month and a Contest

There are 3 of us celebrating our birthdays this month. This post will be up as my first entry until the 24th, which is my brother’s birthday. My sister’s birthday is on the 23rd and I am turning 33 on the 22nd (out of the calendar but still within Power Lotto! LOL!)

I would like to share my love for the Twilight saga so I decided to put up a contest that’s connected with the book and movie. The movie is showing on November 21st and I just can’t wait to watch it. Although I’m still 3 books behind finishing the saga (because my reading time was cut due to the move), I am definitely looking forward to finish all 4 books before the movie is shown.

To join, drop me a comment on this post stating why you are or you are not looking forward to the Twilight movie in no more than 71 words. Why 71? That’s the total of the birthday celebrants’ ages. All I ask is that there will be no cussing in the comments. There will be 2 winners who will get a copy each of the Twilight book. Participation is not limited to Philippine bloggers. Anyone may join and if you win, I will send the book wherever you are for free.

I have a special prize waiting for all those who will join and are residents of the Philippines. I will be announcing the winner and the prize on October 24th.

This entry is cross-posted to my Multiply account and can also be read at Facebook. So people who’d like to use those avenues instead of my blog are also included. But you’re only allowed to post one time in any of the three sites. Last day for posting your comments will be on October 24th, 11:59pm Manila time.

I am really excited to read all the comments. I would appreciate it if you could repost the contest to your site and let me know if you did it so I could drop by and take a look. It’s gonna be much more fun to have more entries to read.

This excitement heightened after I got to finally see the trailer of the movie. If all vampires are like Edward, I would definitely love to become a vampire to be with him.

Twilight HD Exclusive Trailer


Going Gothic

Where in the world would you find a chubby gothic girl in Manila? Well, there was one today at our office and that was me. Of course, I didn’t make a career out of the theme but I exerted a little effort by dressing up in black (which wasn’t really unusual for me) and a little heavy makeup on the eyes (which wasn’t really that heavy in the pictures). The other teams really made an effort to dress up their respective space in the town hall venue and dressed up as real goths. It was fun looking at them. The people in the office really take themes like this seriously.

And I can’t wait ’til next week for our Halloween pah-tee!

Money matters

The financial crisis has left a lot of people worrying and wondering what will happen next and in the near future for all of us. I have the same concerns too but I just didn’t want to spend so much time on that because clearly, for now, there’s nothing much I can do except to sit and wait.

I wasn’t really aware that there were companies like futures trading operating locally. I was once asked to invest in foreign exchange trading and stocks. However, since I have very little knowledge on the subject, I decided not to invest anything until I have completely studied at least the basic ins and outs of the business. Upon consultation with Papa, it was indeed a good move for me not to invest in such, at least for the time being.

I know that money’s scarce these days and we can only hope for the best. I just hope that in time things will be better for everyone in terms of living conditions and living expenses.

Family updates

It’s rare that I get to speak with my mother when it comes to dealing with problems. Ever since they got back to the US, things have been a little different between us.

Most of you know how difficult it is to be living with a mother like her. I’ve written about our spats and how indifferent I feel about her. But I guess, for the first time in my life’s history, I am able to sympathize with her.

They have a very weird living arrangement with my brother and it resulted to a spat between my SIL and her. My SIL’s kinda difficult to deal with too. But I’ve managed to be neutral (an advantage I get being far away from them). A cousin of mine has recommended for my mother to take one of those Vegas vacations being offered to her for a break. But I guess it’s too early to take a break after being back for only a month. They’ve moved to a bigger place but believe me, they seldom talk to each other.

I don’t know how big the gap is now as I haven’t spoken to my brother yet. But I hope, in time, things will be better.

Butterfly Awardee

Thanks to Willa who handed me this precious blog award. Thank you for thinking about me, dear!

The simple rule for this award is to put the logo on your blog, add a link to the person who awarded you. Nominate 10 other blogs. Add links to those on yours. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

And I am passing on this award to the following blogging friends of mine:

  • Ate Sienna
  • Fortuitous Faery
  • Mai
  • Sunshine
  • Joy
  • Jo
  • Julie
  • Cessna
  • Ate Girlie
  • Pinky

  • PTT: 10 bagay na aking pinagmamalaki bilang Filipino (10 Things That Makes Me Proud to Be a Filipino)

    I was invited to be part of this weekly meme and I really think that this is a good venue to meet more online friends and gain more insight about other Filipinos’ thoughts. Thanks for the invitation!

    (Naimbitahan akong sumali sa bagong meme na ito at sa tingin ko eh isa na naman itong magandang paraan para makakilala ng bagong kaibigan at malaman ang saloobin ng iba pang Pilipino tungkol sa mga bagay-bagay. Maraming salamat sa paanyaya!)

    At ito ang aking Top Ten sa linggong ito (And this is my Top Ten for this week):

    01. Mapagmahal at may takot sa Diyos (We all love and fear God)

    02. Mapagmahal at pinahahalagahan ang pamilya (Being family-oriented)

    03. Masayahin tayo (We’re basically a happy bunch of people)

    04. Masipag at matiyaga (We’re hardworking and diligent)

    05. Marunong tayo sumunod sa agos ng buhay (Resilient)

    06. Artistic tayo – marami sa atin ang magaling kumanta, umarte, sumayaw, mag-pinta, etc. (We’re artistic and we have a lot of world-class talents in the art of singing, dancing, acting, painting, etc.)

    07. Masarap magluto ang mga Pinoy. Marami tayong pagkain na world-class ang dating! (We love to cook and our food is world-class too!)

    08. Magaling tayo mag-English. (We are good English speakers.)

    09. Madali tayo makibagay saan man tayo andun. (Filipinos easily adapt to situations and/or cultures wherever they may be.)

    10. Mahal natin ang ating matatanda. (We love and care for our elderly.)

    Litratong Pinoy: Bago nga Kaya? (Is it new?)

    It’s very rare for one to find a household without a landline phone or mobile phone. But for us, it’s been almost 2 years since this household hasn’t had a landline phone. I pulled out the landline phone when I left. So they make every necessary call for water deliveries and other stuff from Papa’s mobile phone. It has made quite a significant expense for Papa but now that I’m back, that’s gonna change.

    (Bihira na tayo makakita ng bahay na walang telepono o cellphone. Pero sa ‘min, haslos 2 taon silang walang land line phone. Pinalipat ko kasi yung land line nung umalis ako sa ‘min. Kaya lahat ng mga kelangan tawagan tulad ng water delivery at kung ano pa eh ginawa nila gamit ang cellphone ni Papa. Medyo malaki ang naging bill ni Papa dahil dun pero ngayong andito na ‘ko ulit, magbabago na yun.)

    I recently applied for a new land line and broadband connection. Globe embarked on a house-to-house campaign a couple of days after I moved back here and their offer was something I couldn’t resist. I got a 1mpbs connection with a fixed landline service for a little more than half the amount I was paying before. I was happy because I only had to wait for the weekend to pass and come Monday that week, I already have a new phone installed. Although I shunned away the other features that I used to have, I have a better and faster connection.

    (Nag-apply ako para makakuha ng bagong land line at broadband connection. Nagbahay-bahay ang Globe mga ilang araw pagkatapos kong maglipat. Napakaganda ng offer nila at ‘di ko yun pinalampas. Nakakuha ako ng 1mbps at fixed land line sa halagang mataas lang ng konti sa kalahati ng dati kong binabayaran. Masaya ako nun kasi Sabado at Linggo lang ang hinintay ko para makabitan ako ng bagong linya. ‘Di man kasing packed ng features yung telepono ko ngayon, mas mabilis naman ang connection ko sa internet.)

    So here’s to the new phone that I have on my desk. Nothing fancy at all but I’ve begun to love it.

    (Cheers na lang po sa bago kong telepono. ‘Di man ganon ka-garbo, pero love ko na ‘to!).