My loot

Isn’t it wonderful when you’re able to get hold of a loot where every thing you like is there?

I got this loot last weekend. I’ve finished reading Angel Viloria’s book while waiting for someone important last Wednesday. It was a well-spent two hours reading her book. Reading this book was just perfect timing for me. God really has His ways to knock sense into my head. Thank you, Angel!

I hope I will be able to finish the two other books in the coming days. I’ve read a few pages of Eat, Pray, Love and if only I have more time, I wouldn’t want to leave it unread. Papa’s even giving copies of this book to some of his friends. It’s a beautiful book – believe me!

Now who wouldn’t be happy with this loot??


Better opportunity

With the impending recession in the US, it is feared that there might be a lot of people who are going to lose their jobs and face an uncertain future.

Although my brother is already a regular employee, he can’t help but still feel uncertain about his future. That’s why we told him that he might want to reconsider relocating to another state and try to seek opportunities there. He has been looking for jobs in Atlanta and in Vegas. But still, this is a big move to make so he wants to get all his options weighed and screened.

We are all experiencing the effects of the financial crisis. Let us just hope and pray that after this, better opportunities will be there for all of us.

Birthday Contest Winners

I would like to apologize for the delay in the announcement of the winners for my birthday contest. There were 8 entries who vied for the prizes. It was difficult for me to decide among all the entries because they were all so good reasons to watch or not to watch Twilight. So I decided to just leave it to fate and asked my nephew to pick the two winners of the book.(drum roll please….)

Congratulations to Evi and Yan for winning a copy of the book. I’ve already e-mailed you to send me your mailing address so I can send the books right away.

Now, for that special prize I promised. I have been truly blessed despite everything I’m going through right now so I will be giving 2 tickets to watch Twilight. These may not be as pricey as Ferrari parts but I’m sure the experience would be priceless.

Congratulations to Girlie Villarica for winning the tickets!

Thank you to everyone who participated and I’m looking forward to your participation in my upcoming ones.

Have a great week ahead!

Texas living

My mother and siblings used to live in Texas. I know that it is a nice state to live because of the lower cost of living compared to California or New York. But how does it differ in terms of opportunities for growth?

I know of someone who lives in Dallas but never really had anything good to say about the state. I was kinda surprised because I wasn’t expecting to hear very negative comments about the city. Eventually, I learned that maybe this person doesn’t just want to stretch the limits of what he can do so he is not getting good opportunities along the way.

If he wasn’t successful in Dallas, maybe he would have tried to relocate to another city within the state where he might find the opportunity he’s looking for. He mentioned about the numerous Austin jobs available from one website. But still, he didn’t budge a bit.

I could only teach him how to fish but I will never fish for him. I lost touch with this person and I just hope that he’s in a better position now after all the whining and ranting he had done. Texas is a beautiful state. My siblings have only good words for it. I guess it’s just a matter of grabbing the correct opportunities for you to succeed there.

3 weeks after

…I posted about my birthday contest, I am back writing my first real entry for November. So, what the hell happened to me again?

Nothing much really. I was just immersed in work and more work – working 12-14 hours a day with only 10 hours being paid. By working, I get to adjust to my personal quest of trying to look for significant things to do. I went back to scrapbooking and was even able to finish a couple of albums and Christmas giveaways. I was dead set on meeting my personal deadlines, most of which I am still working on.

I had drafts of blog entries that I made but somehow, I couldn’t find them now. I have attempted to rewrite some and you’ll see them as I update my site.

I am still financially broke but I have to say that I’m on my way to recovery – I was able to get my cellphone service back, partially paid some of my overdue bills and some debts I owe to some people. I still have a lot more on my to-pay list but gradually, one day at a time, I’ll get there.

Thanks for all the prayers and support. As I read them through your private messages or text messages from friends, I feel so loved and I know that this too shall pass.

I am better now – way better than when I was still with him. We’re civil to each other but nothing romantic anymore. We talk because we need to talk about our son. But other than that, there’s nothing else involved. I’m seriously moving on with my life. I feel liberated from all the anxiety and the anguish. I look at the mirror and I see a much better picture of myself than when I was a couple of months back.

And now I’m starting to learn to love myself again.

A millionaire’s sport

In the Philippines, equestrian training is limited to millionaires who have the money to provide for a horse and equipment like english saddles and even the uniforms. I find equestrians to be dignified and good looking especially during competitions.

I was able to watch a program in ANC about the lifestyle gifts you can give to those who already have everything. A horse costs at least 1 million pesos. It even costs more than a regular mid-range car and you can’t even bring it to work. LOL!

It’s nice to see and watch equestrian games. But I think I’ll just limit myself to that.

Pinoy Top Ten: A Catch-Up Post

I need to catch up on three weeks worth of Pinoy Top Ten so here goes my list.

Top Ten Filipino Food (I am going to list down my favorites):
01. Kare-Kare (my all-time favorite)
02. Adobo (Chicken or Pork)
03. Afritada (Chicken or Pork)
04. Beef Steak
05. Sinigang (pork or beef)
06. My mother-in-law’s Sarciadong Baka (the best I’ve ever tasted)
07. Menudo
08. Pancit Palabok
09. Pancit Lucban
10. Lechon

Top Ten Most Beautiful Places in the Philippines (Some I’ve been to and some I want to visit some day):
01. Boracay (I’m in love with this place! Literally!)
02. Palawan
03. Lucban, Quezon (my paternal grandmother’s birth place – the perfect place to live a life in the countryside with a great view of Mt. Banahaw)
04. Cebu (I’d like to get the chance to visit my paternal grandfather’s birth place)
05. Roxas City (a quaint town with the best seafoods in the country)
06. Pagudpod
07. Batanes
08. Baguio
09. Tagaytay
10. Camiguin

Top Ten Filipino Celebrities (not necessarily my favorites but I’ve watched their films)
01. Richard Gomez
02. Marian Rivera
03. Lorna Tolentino
04. Christopher de Leon
05. Aga Muhlach
06. Vilma Santos
07. Regine Velasquez
08. Sharon Cuneta
09. John Lloyd Cruz
10. Bea Alonzo

Top Ten Filipino Games
01. Patintero
02. Jackstones
03. Taguan (hide and seek)
04. Chess
05. Basketball
06. Habulan Base
07. Palo Sebo
08. Tumbang Preso
09. Luksong Tinik
10. Chinese Garter