Goodbye 2008

2008 was a challenging year for me and I wouldn’t have survived it if not for the family and friends who helped me go through everything. With that, I will always be grateful to all of you for making me whole again.

I echo an online friend’s plurk – GOOD RIDDANCE to 2008! I can only wish for the best and work harder this year to give myself and Basti a better and fuller life. It’s not going to be a smooth ride but I’m sure we’ll be just fine.

Happy New Year!


Fab Holiday Finds Week 5: Red and/or Green

Both my father and I believe in Feng Shui. I made some research and asked friends what would be our essential tools and deities for the year of the Ox. I actually got my charm bracelets and necklace last weekend. It is said that people born in the year of the rabbit are prone to being cheated and robbed so I got the recommended protective charms against it.

This is a Jade Ox that we placed near our main door to protect the whole family and household and to invite good wealth, health and fortune for everyone. We were given a big discount on this one because we bought a number of charms, bracelets and necklaces so they did not hesitate to give us a good discount on this one.

We believe in the power of Feng Shui but we don’t entrust our whole lives to it. The Chinese also says that Feng Shui is there only as a guide. We still need to work hard and do what we can to ensure that our lives get better. As Papa always tells me, “Life is what you make it” and he is definitely right.

Two more days to go and we’re off to 2009. Happy New Year!

A breeze

I appreciate the fact that driving through the roads in Manila have been a breeze since the holidays began. I’m sure this is not going to happen ever again – at least not in the very near future.

However, on my way to work this morning, a lot of these motorcycle drivers have been hogging the roads to themselves without regard for the other motorists. I am waiting for that day when these motorcycle drivers would really have be responsible motorists so that accidents will be lessened. We do not have offices similar to what Seattle injury lawyers have that cater primarily on injuries caused by accidents or work.

I would be totally happy if every day will be a breeze for all motorists. But I guess that is a dream for now – at least here in the Philippines.

Disciplined truck drivers

..this is a dream that every motorist would like to see. I still have yet to see a truck driver who is technically knowledgeable on truck driving rules and regulations. Here in the Philippines, you don’t need to go through formal schooling to earn your driving license. More often than not, with just a couple of hundreds of pesos and a good connection, even a 20-year old can be issued the professional driver’s license – the one held by truck drivers all over the country.

In the US and in other countries, persons who’d like to drive trucks will have to go through truck driver training or a course on commercially-driven vehicles called the CDL training before you are issued a license. Not only will your technical know-how be gauged but the governments are strictly implementing the qualifications and rules needed to be passed by the individual who wants to be a certified and licensed truck driver. They are one of the best drivers in their field and of course, one of the highest-paid too.

Now if only we could do that here then maybe things will be better for those on the road. Our roads laden with disciplined and knowledgeable drivers – now that would really be heaven for me.

Just thinking

When I came back to work last week, I received an e-mail about the upgrade of our health insurance benefits which also included our dependents for that matter. I didn’t have to give it much thought since I have been contemplating on removing my erstwhile spouse from my list of dependents. However, I couldn’t get a verified answer to my query, even from the managers on the floor.

We also have a group insurance policy, similar to a no exam life insurance where we can enroll a specific number of beneficiaries. I wanted the spouse to be removed from the list but apparently, none of them has done that before.

I know that I may sound harsh because I have to resort to this thing, but I feel that I’m just being fair to myself. Others may feel otherwise but then again, I’m just thinking out loud.

I gifted myself

I came home at the break of dawn today and slept a couple of hours before hitting the malls again with Papa. I woke up with a very sore throat and I’m once again on the verge of being voiceless. I had to preserve whatever sound I can still produce from my vocal cords so I was kinda quiet today. LOL!

First, we had to get the bracelets and charms we ordered specific for each of our Chinese astrological signs. We ate lunch at Max’s and then went to Cash and Carry to buy some more stuff for the house. We went home feeling a little bit spent because we both lacked sleep. I decided to go to SM and after giving it a serious thought, I have finally arrived at the decision to myself a little something for Christmas – something that I can say I deserve after a long period of time.

It’s not really something big but they can ease the day’s pressures away.

The songs in the albums bring back a lot of my memories as a teenager. I love Lea’s and Joey’s songs. I didn’t make a mistake in getting these albums. Now I have new stuff to listen to in the car and sing along to, that is, if I get my voice back to do so.

I’m one happy gal today!

Talking about the Big C

It’s not easy to talk about cancer or diabetes but since both run in our family, I can’t help but do so. When I was diagnosed with diabetes, I had to research on stuff and keep abreast (somehow) on the latest developments in the treatment so that I will be in the know regarding my options. One thing is certain though, diabetes has totally changed the way I am seeing my life and myself.

I was browsing through my medical prescriptions and files when I saw that I have to undergo another series of blood work by January to check on how my blood sugar is and to see whether the medicines are helping. I then suddenly remembered that January is always a crucial month for me because this is the time when I have to undergo my yearly breast ultrasound for prevention and early detection of breast cancer. I think I have mentioned before that two of my aunts and my very own half sister are survivors of breast cancer. Thinking about going through the ultrasound actually makes me shudder at the thought that I’m like anticipating that I’m going to have it as my risk of contracting it is high given the figures in our family.

I know that by doing so, I become a pessimist and it invites negative vibes and energy into my system. I guess it’s an understandable if I feel and think that way. It’s like people afflicted with mesothelioma having expected that they may have the disease someday because of their exposure to asbestos. Maybe they also felt the feeling I’m having this very moment.

I’m known to be a person who always has a positive take on every thing. However, there are things that will make you think and feel otherwise and I am no exception to that. I need to turn things around and rely on God’s plan for me. I’m sure every thing will be just fine.