Litratong Pinoy – The Catch Up Post

Apat na linggo pala akong hindi nakapag-post sa LP. Na-miss ko ‘to nang husto!
(I haven’t been able to post for four weeks here on LP. I truly missed this one!)

‘Di bale, 4 na litrato rin ang ibabahagi ko sa inyo bago matapos ang Enero.
(Never mind that because I’ll be sharing 4 photos before January ends.)

Pula (Red)

Ang nag-iisa kong pares ng Havaianas
(My only pair of Havaianas)

Asul (Blue)

Gustung-gusto ko ‘tong Galactic Glue na ‘to.
(I love this Galactic Glue!)

Kahel (Orange)

‘Di ko alam na kahel pala ang Filipino ng orange. Bukod sa meron akong natutunang bago, naibahagi ko pa ang listahan ko ng mga dapat gawin para sa linggong ito.
(I didn’t know that kahel is the Filipino translation for the color orange. Aside from the fact that I learned something new, I was able to share my to-do list for this week.)

Lila (Violet)

Ito ang hitsura ng unang linggo ng Pebrero sa kalendaryo/planner ko. Sana nga ganyan lang muna yan para naman marami akong panahon na maibibigay sa pag-iiscrap.
(This is what the first week of February looks like on my calendar/planner. I hope it would stay this way so that I could give more time for scrapping.)

Yay!!! I finally caught up!

A dear friend’s birthday

Feisty, brutally frank, honest-to-goodness – that is how I describe Mayeth. She’s not someone to mess with. But inside her iron-clad personality is a bubbly and heartwarming person. She’s one of the dearest friends I have. She’s definitely a friend you can keep for life.

You know how much I love you, my friend. Thank you for being there for me in times when I just needed to rant and pour my heart out. You’ll never know how much I appreciated those times. And now that I’m starting a new chapter in my life, I’m glad that you’re with me in this new journey.

Happy birthday, darling! And here’s to more years ahead of you!

Globe is Unbelievable

Just 3 days after I had my internet connection back, I experienced intermittent and slow connection again and couldn’t use my VOIP service (again) last Wednesday; and by midnight of Thursday, I lost the connection. I started Thursday by talking to a supervisor until about 1:30am to have the crappy connection up and running. I had to save the files onto a USB flash drive to present the calendar I was doing for a group in the office.

Until now I couldn’t use my VOIP service and the connection is there but barely working for me. I am hanging on to a thread of promises. And I’m close to that point where I’d like to have this subscription canceled.

It was my Mom’s birthday yesterday and I had to resort to using my mobile phone to call her before the day ended. These are the times when I badly need the service and yet, even if we’re paying for it, I couldn’t use it.

Our services here are really unbelievable! Unbelievable in the sense that they’re impossible to deal with. Is Sky also of this kind?

Friday Fill-Ins

A new meme I came across while I was blog hopping. Join us!

1. I’d really like to shop right now.

2. Ouch is the word you’d most often hear me say if I stubbed my toe.

3. Possession is usually something material.

4. Hot= Captain Jack Sparrow.

5. Marshmallows and fire go together like ice cream and cake.

6. I can go on and on.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to scrap pages being completed, tomorrow my plans include going out and Sunday, I want to sleep the whole day!

Our First Family Day

Basti really knows how to charm his way to Mommy’s heart, such that he convinced me to come and attend with him (and his father) his first ever family day at school. If I had it my way, I wouldn’t have come. But I thought that it really wouldn’t be that bad to see and be with his father because I’m already used to not talking to him even when we were still together.

Someone’s coming

Isn’t it always nice to hear good news coming from friends? Oh yeah, I heard someone’s coming over for a visit in the next two months. I’m excited because I haven’t seen this person for more than year already. I can’t wait to see this person again!

I’m looking forward to spend quality time with him. He’s always been there for me through thick and thin. He would carry my never-ending luggages of sadness and tears for me. He will take on the bad things for me. And when I’m happy, he’s happier for me.

We’ll take time off from our busy schedules to catch up on each other. And I’m pretty sure the time off will be worth it.

23 people after

You can just imagine my frustration when I was able to have my internet connection back to normal only on Saturday night. Finally, I’m able to update stuff on my computer, download important things and answer e-mails that have been sitting in my mailbox for some time now. I think I lost a lot of weight more than I would taking Leptovox during that 9-day ordeal with Globe.

Just imagine talking to 23 different people mostly from the Technical Support Group and their Customer Service Department. I spent every single day calling these people to follow-up on the problem. This is just how bad customer service is here in the Philippines.

I am writing a detailed letter to their Technical Support Manager to tell him of the harrowing experience I had with their broadband service. It deserves to be documented and it deserves to be reported.

So far, almost 48 hours after they have restored my service, it’s working fine. I just don’t know how long this will last.

Sad stuff

When you hear that someone close to your heart is suffering from something really bad, you feel the same feeling they have. I want to absorb that pain, but I can only do so much.

I don’t like writing about sad stuff but it’s the reality of life. How I wish I could be there even just for emotional and moral support. I just want to let them know that I’ll be here for them despite the distance. I will always be there for the people I treat as my second family.

I just want to ask for prayers that will help their family go through all the pain and suffering they’re all experiencing right now. Everything happens for a reason and I know that they have already lifted this all up to God. Let His will be done.

And I thought they were better

This is a shot at trying to post an entry since last week on my blog. I took 2 days off from work to have a long weekend and to finish all my online work and tasks. Unfortunately, my plans and schedule was derailed and it’s all because of my crappy internet connection. This may be a long post so hang on.

I was with PLDT for 8 years until I decided to terminate their services and switch to Globe when I went back to the family home. PLDT monopolized our area in Paranaque for so long and I was happy that Globe was able to penetrate the market and offer, supposedly, better and quicker service.

I was impressed by the efficiency of Globe in installing the needed facilities for my landline and internet service last October. I applied on a Friday and there they were the next Monday installing and making sure everything was working. I was impressed too with the fast internet connection. I never had problems except for the change in e-mail address. I reported the error in the e-mail address the very same night they installed the service. However, the issue was resolved more than a month after that 1st call and after speaking to several managers and agents from both their Customer Service Department and Technical Support.

Come December, I noticed that their supposedly fast internet connection started to fail on me and not just that, the connection always gets disconnected together with my dial tone. I have a wired telephone line with them so I was wondering what has been happening. I did report to them about the problems and there were a number of times that they walked me through resetting the modem and followed whatever they asked me to do. Having basic knowledge about this stuff, I didn’t always have to call them when the service is out because most of the time, I would be able to restore the connection on my own. I wrote down the procedure they walked me through before and combined them with my basic knowledge. The service gets back to normal during these times so I just thought they were just little slips in the service, which normally happens…or so I thought.

For the past 2 weeks, we have noticed that the connection has been faltering more often than before. I work on my internet stuff at night time and it is during this time that the internet gets disconnected. I would try to restore the connection but I would give up and just go to bed because I can’t spend the whole night figuring out what to do. For sure, the Globe people will just “file a report and refer the problem for follow-up.” I have heard this line so many times from them that it’s the last thing I want to hear when I’m desperate to get an important e-mail sent and I can’t do it because I don’t have any connection at all.

I took 2 days off from work last week to get some backlog work done and lo and behold, my connection was just practically useless. I thought it might be a problem with my computer because I might have caught a virus or something because everything in relation to the internet was practically useless. I did a clean and fresh installation of Vista on my PC and everything ran perfectly fine, except for the internet which was slower than a turtle. The Vista updates took more than a day to finish and most of the updates were still not installed because the connection would time out on me. The Yahoo main page takes about 2 minutes to load, GMail took almost the same time, I had to refresh Plurk every time I post because I couldn’t see the updates real time, I couldn’t use my VOIP service because the connection is timing out.

I have been calling the Technical Support team since Friday and I have already spoken with 5 different people. Friday morning, the phone didn’t have dial tone. Friday night, they told me that they were having a Luzon-wide maintenance thingy and my area was affected. I was asked to monitor my connection for 24 hours. I did that and come Saturday everything was worse than ever. I tried to check my broadband speed from but the readings did not match. From the site, my connection was good but anywhere I go, I can’t get the pages to load and the downloads take a whole day to finish. I called up Technical Support again from my and they told me that they’re making a follow-up and someone should call me. Nobody called – as I have already expected.

This morning I woke up and the kit I was downloading last night did not finish. I retried the download yet as of this writing, I still haven’t finished downloading the d@mn 20MB file I need for my layout.

Earlier, I downloaded an update for my audio driver that was about 30MB in size. 4 hours into download, it was still ongoing. I got back from grocery shopping 2 hours later and I still had to wait for a couple of more minutes before it was officially downloaded. Now, that’s really a super duper fast internet connection – super duper fast for the biggest and heaviest turtle in the world.

I don’t want to call Globe again because I’ll be hearing the same old line that goes: “Ma’am we apologize for the inconvenience, we will just make a follow-up on your report and will get in touch with you if everything’s done from our end.” It’s just a line from their Customer Service manual – something that I don’t want to hear for now as it might throw me into a raging bull again.

3 months into being a Globe subscriber and yet I’m experiencing things like this. I am now beginning to wonder if they’re affiliated with PLDT. I have been a patient customer but they have pushed me again to my limits. I’m paying 1500 a month for this kind of service. And I thought they were better. I just never learn!

So, has anyone of you tried Sky’s broadband service?


I will never forgive myself for being so stupid. I thought I was just stupid when it comes to love – you know, stupid choices and stupid decisions involving relationships, love and marriage. But I wasn’t expecting that I will be stupid in things that I am very careful about.

My computer’s been acting up lately and with my internet connection going on and off for a couple of days last week, I decided to do a fresh install of Vista. I know in my heart that I did a backup of my documents. But lo and behold, I actually forgot to save my precious…my precious PHOTOS!

I wanted to strangle myself for that stupidity. What was I thinking? Oh well, maybe I was preoccupied with the stuff I have to do at the office – that is, the refresher I need to conduct for the new hires on Tuesday. I was also busy coughing. I was busy arranging some stuff for my passport renewal, busy looking for money knowing that I’ll be about 6 days poorer when I receive my pay (and true enough, I can’t pay everything with the money I got from the recent pay period). How can I be that stupid?

And you know what makes this situation all the more irritating? I actually realized this mistake only yesterday!

I am trying to recover the files and it might take a while. I am hopeful but it will take a while, too, before I forget and forgive myself for being such a stupid and forgetful lady.