Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I’d Love to Accomplish This Weekend

Since DS is sick, I don’t think I can accomplish much this weekend. However, I’d still would like to share the things I’d like to accomplish with the hope that I can do at least a couple of them.

01. Update my scrap blog
02. Update my Project 365 blog
03. Update this blog
04. Organize the photos in my sd cards and mobile phone (long overdue!!!)
05. Make a backup of my digital kits
06. Scrap pages for my photo book project
07. Write entries for the Sheriff
08. Get a hot oil for my curly hair
09. Get my hair colored
10. Organize my bills (they really never seem to end)
11. Get a much-needed massage
12. Organize my schedule for next week
13. Get enough sleep this weekend

Happy Thursday!


My car needs attention

For the longest time, my car has been craving for attention from me. It has been a while since I last paid attention to the things that are “missing” from her like her busted lights, my portable car lifts that were not returned after they were used by my Dad on his car and interior detailing – a thing that’s been overdue for 5 years now (maybe even more).

I love my car. She’s still working perfectly fine although she badly needs repainting and refurbishing. It would be hard for me to part with her because we’ve had so many good and bad times together just like how best friends are to each other. She has been witness to a lot of things you can imagine – even the naughty ones at that. LOL!

I have plans for her this year. And I’m just glad she hasn’t failed me. I love her just like Sly, my camera. If not for her, I wouldn’t be able to comfortably go to and from work or from wherever I want to go. She’s ultra reliable. If the time comes that she would need to eventually retire, I don’t think I can ever replace her. I can never replace her. She’s my one and only loyal partner.

Is Summer Here?

It’s been very hot and I wonder if summer’s here already. I can’t stand the heat and this means, I’ll probably prefer to stay in my room with the air conditioner on and watch whatever’s interesting on television.

Last night, Papa and I were talking about renovating the house, well, specifically, rehabilitating the roof and probably do some fence installation, too. When I went back here last year, I experienced rainy days with water dripping down from the roof. I had to place pails to gather the water from the roof leaks. Pathetic, I know. But I guess, it’s one place of this house that really needs some attention.

We have been given some price quotes on the possible renovation and as usual, my erstwhile mother gave her adamant “NO!” She prefers that we demolish the house and build a new one. As if it’s that easy to do such a thing. She has her point though as it would be cheaper to build a new one than renovate the house part by part. But at this time when money’s something to discuss and plan, renovation is a better option.

Hopefully, they’ll get to terms with what to do very soon. The summer’s here and it’s the perfect time to do everything before the rainy season sets in again in a couple of months.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy the cool atmosphere, provided by the air conditioner, in my own little nook here in the room.

Friday Fill-Ins

1. Give me respect and I’ll respect you back.

2. Whenever I am home, I want to sleep.

3. I wish I could be financially independent soon.

4. Desserts from the Ipanema Blogger Event at Le Souffle last Thursday was the last thing I ate that was utterly delicious. (and that crushed my diabetic’s diet)

5. To live in this world is still beautiful after all.

6. Other than this one, Jennie’s review about SM Marikina is the last blog I commented on.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to sleep early, tomorrow my plans include going out to wherever and Sunday, I want to probably just stay home and rest!

There’s always a first time for everything

I finally attended my first blogger event after almost 6 years of blogging. The food was fantastic (and my diabetic’s diet was ruined). I met a lot of wonderful & beautiful people (mommy bloggers, Ms. Janette Toral, new blogger friends, etc.). I won a t-shirt through the raffle for the first time in my 33 years of existence. And of course, the FREEBIES!!! Who will forget the gorgeous pair of Ipanema’s that I got from the new Gisele Bundchen line called Seeds??

The Philippine Ballet Theater dancers modeled and danced for all the attendees. Ballet dancers are really graceful and I just loved taking their photos. No flash photography was allowed and I used Sly’s manual settings. Hmm, I don’t know ha but the shots were cool, at least in my opinion (of course, I took the photos! Love your own, right?). The lighting was enough for me to take shots of the beautiful people that performed for us.

I will be joining their “Walk the Green Mile” campaign on March 21st at The Fort as well. I can’t wait. And I think Lyna and her sisters will be joining too! Yay!!

A lot of firsts for me this day and it’s something I will never ever forget!

Bad eyes

I’ve been experiencing something weird about my eyes for the past couple of months. I figured I’ve been working longer hours in front of the computer and I end up so tired and exhausted.

I noticed that my eyesight is not getting any better so a couple of weeks ago, I saw my mom’s ophthalmologist (specializing in diabetic eye care) and I was given this bottle of expensive eye drops that I’ll need to use as necessary when my eyes feel tired and dry. It’s good that my eyes are clear, meaning, no signs of cataract or diabetic retinopathy although I’ve experienced symptoms like constant blurring of my vision as a result of fluctuating sugar levels. He also checked my eyeglasses to see if they still fit my eyes to a T. So far, I’ve been asked to regulate my blood sugar levels so that my eyes would not be affected.

I have prepared myself for this because I’ve seen this with my mother and my other relatives who has diabetes that’s why I’m seeing specialists now. I really have to take care of myself now more than ever. The realities of the disease has given me the creeps and for as long as I can afford it, I’ll just do what I can to outlive it.

Friday Fill-Ins

1. It seems like forever when searching for true happiness.

2. Let me know when you’re done, please?

3. If I thought you were serious I’d think about being serious with you too!

4. “Will we ever have closure?” is what I think of most when I think of you.

5. To me, Valentine’s Day means a lot of concerts and heavy traffic on the roads.

6. The Lord gives me strength.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to an enjoyable night, tomorrow my plans include watching TV and Sunday, I want to update my blogs and scrap!