A New Spa in Town

I am someone who works 12-13 hours in a day, not because I am obliged to but because I’m used to doing it already. Of course, this causes me to be stressed and very tired by the end of the work week.

Going to the spa for a relaxing massage or facial is something I always jot down or schedule on my planner but more often than not, I end up not doing it because of time or travel constraints. Right now, all I can say is that my body’s really demanding that I pamper it and just give it a break.

I used to frequent 2 spas located at the Mall of Asia because I practically lived 5 minutes away from them. However, after moving back to the family home here in Paranaque, I have stopped going to one because I kinda got lazy to plan my spa days and I don’t like traveling especially when I’m tired.

Then I learned about this place called the BlueWater Day Spa at Capitol Hills in Quezon City. I lived in QC for more than half of my life so I’m quite familiar with the place. I have read a number of good feedback about it and I would definitely like to try their Traditional Filipino massage (which I used to get in one of the spas at MOA) and their Facial Collagen Revival facial treatment. I am enticed to try out the place because I feel that I will really be able to relax and enjoy some quality “me” time despite the traffic I will I actually go through upon going there. I’d like to experience what it’s like to see luscious green scenery and of course be pampered like a queen after a very long week at work. If going there would mean a more relaxed and happy me after my spa treatments, then I’m sure the trip from Parañaque to Quezon City would be ALL WORTH IT.

The area where BlueWater Day Spa stands now is not an unknown territory to me. In fact, I used to pass by this area as an alternative route going home from Katipunan when I was in college. Although it’s been years since I last traveled to that area, it would be really exciting to go there once more, this time to experience something new and fascinating to my senses even if it entails me to travel 20+ or so kilometers from where I live. It’s a kind of adventure I’m willing to take especially if it means relaxation and time away from all the stress of my home and office life. It’s always nice to try something like that.

Incidentally, there’s an ongoing competition for bloggers that you might be interested in joining. There will be 20 lucky bloggers who will be pampered and will be able to experience spa services that are world-class.

With or without a competition, I would really like to try out their services. I just need to find the time for it and of course, money to splurge on my preferred spa treatments. Hopefully, I’ll be one of the lucky 20. If not, then I’ll still go and try it out when I have time in my hands and in the company of friends, too.

BlueWater Day Spa Capitol Hills Branch

Capitol GreenStreet Commercial Center, Capitol Hills Golf Annex Building, Capitol Hills Drive, Old Balara, Quezon City

Telephone Numbers: +63 (2) 4730455, 9524829, 4350114


Basti’s Unusual Dream

We went grocery shopping yesterday at the nearby SM to fill the supplies we have already ran out of. Upon going back home, Basti was there by the garage, “assisting” the driver to properly park the car. When we came down from the car, he said: “Ang galing ko bang mag-parking boy?” (Am I a good parking attendant?)

Fast forward to today, on our way to Harbour Square for dinner and coffee, this was how our conversation went:

Me: Basti, what would you like to be when you grow up?
Basti: a parking boy…magaling naman ako dun diba? (A parking attendant. I’m good at it, right?)

After the chuckles he received from me and my Dad, I remembered what my girl best friend told me about her nieces wanting to be a crossing guard and a bus driver.

Ahhhh kids! Sometimes I can’t understand their logic and trains of thought. In their innocence, they see beyond the money that they will earn from these jobs. These are jobs that are worth doing and they know they will be very good at in the future.

I must admit that this afternoon was a bit of an eye opener for me. I have complaints about my job and I take them seriously at times. Now if only I’ll learn to love my work and reduce my rants, then probably I’ll have that same sense of pride and fulfillment that these kids see in the jobs of a crossing guard, a bus driver and a parking attendant.

Post Earth Hour 2009

We participated – it was a full hour with our lights off. Although there was one TV set that was running, we had our dinner with candles on the table and I saw some neighbors passing by who tried to see what was going on in our house. Probably they were thinking that Meralco had our electricity cut off because we didn’t pay. LOL!

No pictures were taken. I forgot to charge Sly’s batteries. 😦

Basti was fidgety while waiting for the lights to be lit. He was counting the minutes when the lights will be back. I told him why we had to do it. And he asked: “Bakit Mommy, magkakaroon na ba tayo ng Ice Age?” (Why Mommy? Are we going to be in Ice Age?)

I told him that we might be in another ice age if we do not do this for the environment. He may not have a place to live if we do not help the environment regain it’s healthy status. Probably he figured living around ice so our discussion shifted to snow and making snowballs. But I guess, in his mind, he knew that this was very important because he did not bother to ask about the time anymore after the talk.

I was disappointed because while we were having dinner by candlelight and the only other light that we had came from the small TV set that we have in the living room, all of our street lights were on and our neighbors never bothered to turn off their lights. And that’s when I thought that next year, I will definitely do something to make my neighbors participate in this very important step in preserving Mother Earth.

We all felt good after participating in the Earth Hour. We took a small step to help Mother Earth. And this is a step that the future generations will thank us for doing.

Earth Hour 2009

My family and I have been doing what we can, even in our own small ways to help save Mother Earth. Some ways by which we do this are the following:

1. Using the recyclable bags (green bags) we got from several establishments for our grocery shopping
2. We switched to CFL lights for all our lighting needs at home
3. Since my father and I are driving a car each, we make it a point to plan our trips to save up on gas. Also, I have personally volunteered to be a carpool driver to 4 of my colleagues. Transportation from work is not that reliable so I really thought that it would help them cut on their travel time going home. Another benefit? I have companions on my way home from a tiring day at work and it’s a nice way of bonding them even for just like 10-15 minutes.
4. We make sure that the vampire lights from our telly sets, computer, modem & router, printers, cellphone chargers and the like are constantly checked are switched or turned off to save up on electricity.

And to continue our family’s thrust in conserving energy and saving Mother Earth, we are joining Earth Hour 2009. We will be joining millions of people from around the globe who will be turning off their lights for one hour, starting from 8:30pm-9:30pm (your local time). I am excited about this because ever since it became a global event last year, there are even programs, musical and otherwise, being held to help in saving our Earth from the ill effects of global warming as a whole.

I’m doing this not only for myself but most especially for my son, his generation and the next ones after them so that they will still be able to live in this beautiful planet called Earth.

What the friend said

I met up with a friend whom I haven’t seen for the longest time. This friend happens to be psychic and he just blurted out things I haven’t told him yet about what’s been happening the past months. I can only laugh and confirm his statements.

It’s not that I follow and take everything that he says to the letter. He’s just there as a guide, so much like the horoscopes we read everyday. There were things that enlightened me and there were things that I needed to look after. But most of all, he reminded me to always pray to God for understanding, guidance and enlightenment in things that I’m still confused about.

Generally, I’m happier and more peaceful now. Love life is out (something that I have imposed upon myself) and that there are a lot of good things ahead of me in the coming months, including a number of travel deals and plans that I have been longing to take a plunge at. Yes, I might be able to travel a whole lot this year – not for work but for my much needed R & R! Woohoo!

And did I tell you how my hair raised and had goosebumps when he advised me not to get too lonely because I have someone always following me around, waiting for that right opportunity when I’m so down and low to get the best of me? Creepy, eh? But admittedly, I actually feel that too. Boo!

My horoscope for the week

I was browsing through the weekly horoscope from Jeanette Toral’s plurk and I just want to share it with you.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)
You are getting into a new opportunity enthusiastically despite your lack of experience. Perhaps the timing is right.

It’s not that I am obsessed with this kind of stuff but just like Zenaida Seva would always say, the horoscope just serves as a guide because we still have our free will and we should use it. I just like knowing what the stars have to say for me on any particular day.

Back to the reading, it’s intriguing, isn’t it? We’ll see.

I Walked the Green Mile in Style

Celebrities, models and other prominent personalities — overflowing with beautiful genes — joined us as we walked the green mile around the Fort area for the rehabilitation of our rain forests. The event was sponsored by Ipanema’s newest Gisele Bundchen’s Seeds collection and Haribon Foundation.

As a blogger, not only did I get another GC for a pair of free Ipanema’s (woohoo) but I also got to walk (read:exercise that I need to help keep my blood sugar low) and support the thrust of protecting and rehabilitating our environment. Would you believe that my father insisted that I go to this event? He is, in his own little way, an advocate of planting trees to help in rehabilitating our environment. He was “smitten” by Ipanema’s thrust so we’re both supporting Ipanema and Haribon for this.

After the walk, selected people enjoyed cocktails at the Le Souffle restaurant. We were all honored to be part of the select few and enjoyed another presentation by the Philippine Ballet Theater dancers. The presentation was capped by the kids modeling the kids line of Ipanema sandals.

It was a tiring day, especially for me, since I was up and about at 6am, went to the hospital and did some errands. But everything was all worth it.

This is by far the best event I’ve been to. I still have so many small stories to tell so just wait for my blog entry for that.

Enjoy the photos and be smitten! 🙂