Indonesia from a Filipino’s Eyes Part 4: The Food Trip

My brother and his family was so kind enough to bring us to Bandung. Bandung is around 218 km from Jakarta one way. It’s one of Indonesia’s shopping havens, especially for those shopaholics out there who are out to get great brands and huge bargains.

Going to Bandung took us around 3 hours one way. It used to be a 6-hour drive but after the government made a road cutting through the mountains, the trip was cut into half. I was amazed that despite the infrastructure milestone, the government was responsible enough to reforest the affected areas of the mountains and you will see small trees growing on the mountainside. Impressive if you ask me.

And what better way to enjoy that trip would be to be in a car with my nieces, Priyanka and Alea. They just so love being in front of the camera.

We arrived in Bandung just in time for lunch. Kuya René and Muna brought us to a Sudanese restaurant. They call the place Bancakan which means feast in Sudanese. It had a variety of food items ranging from seafoods, fish, beef and chicken. I tried their grilled squid and the fried fish. Good enough for me!

We tasted their famous drinks called gorobok and cincau hijau. Gorobok is a drink made of coconut milk and gelatin that’s made of glutinous rice. It’s colored pink. Cincau hijau is made almost the same except that the gelatin is colored green as it’s made from cincau leaves soaked in water. Both drinks can be compared to our samalamig. They’re refreshing and it’s sweet. I give 2 thumbs up for both drinks.

We also got to taste the village cake which is similar to the Japanese cakes sold here in Manila. It’s made of flour and sugar and is a good dessert treat after having a sumptuous lunch.

We headed to the hotel after lunch and rested for about half an hour before checking out the outlet stores in town. In between our shopping trips, we had snacks at the Just Sosis, a sausage stand and at De’risol. We tried out the different homemade sausages being sold and there were not spicy, somewhat spicy and very spicy ones. The sausages were really good. Risol is traditional snack in Indonesia. It’s sort of a pastry dish deep fried and covered in bread crumbs. The one I ate had cream and potatoes inside and was really very good. Coke Zero and risol was actually a good combination for me. YUMMY!

It was my first time to see a Coke Zero 250ml can that was sold for IDR 6000 (roughly US$0.60). It was pretty cute I should say.

The kids had dinner at Riung Sari where they had their favorite Nasi Goreng. Riung means together and sari means variety so I would like to think that the name means together for variety. They do carry a variety of meals but we didn’t get to taste them since we’re still too full from the snacks we had. The place was pretty cozy and had a very traditional feel. I actually liked it.

We went back to the hotel so the kids can rest. Then the 4 of us went to a nearby Italian restaurant where we had spaghetti and pizza. I love Italian food and their spaghetti was just perfect for my palate. Of course, more than the food, we had a great conversation over dinner. It was also the perfect time to thank my brother and his wonderful wife for everything.

More food tripping on the next installment.


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