Thursday Thirteen: 13 Things I’d Like to Do With My Body

I’ve been thinking about my health lately so I’m doing and trying my best to actually get back in shape. Not only is my health involved but also my skin which has been breaking out lately, highly-likely due to stress. These are the 13 things (and there are probably even more) that I’m planning to do with this body of mine.

01. Get into a regular exercise regimen. I walk whenever I can but I should do so on a regular basis.

02. Eat healthy. I am guilty of binge-eating lately so I have to get back to have a regular eating schedule and to eat only healthy food items.

03. Bring back calcium into my diet. This is the reason why I’ve been buying milk during our grocery sessions. I cannot really swallow those big calcium tablets so I just buy milk which is tastier and more tolerable for my palate.

04. Load up on Vitamin C. Papa bought for us a huge bottle of Vitamin C so that I can protect myself from weather changes that easily catches up on me. I haven’t taken a single tablet so my aim for next month would be to be able to take it once a day.

05. Get enough sleep. My body has started to get used again to having 3-4 hours of sleep for the past couple of months. I can feel that sleep is trying very hard to catch up on me and I fear that I might just collapse one day due to lack of it. I’m thinking of getting the help of melatonin tablets but I have to know first whether it’s okay for me to take it.

06. My face has been breaking up so much and it’s probably due to lack of sleep as well. I didn’t have pimples when I was a teenager and I’m frustrated that I’m having it now. I’ll try to keep a cleaner face and visit my dermatologist for treatment.

07. My skin has become totally dry and it’s highly-likely due to less exposure to sun and more exposure to dry air-conditioned air at home and at the office. I have started to sparingly apply moisturizer again and even got a good stretch marks cream to apply on areas that have the stretch marks and are getting a bit dry as well making them very visible.

08. 8-10 glasses of water isn’t enough now to keep ourselves hydrated. I try to take at least 12 glasses in a day to keep me from dehydrating.

09. Get that doctor’s appointment. I have planned to see my doctor next month to update my lab results and see where the diabetes is going. I have been remiss in keeping up with the quarterly doctor’s appointments so I’ll do my best to have it done this year.

10. Avoid drinking soda. Or at least just have the Zero ones if I do. LOL!

11. De-stress whenever I can.

12. Keep a positive and happy disposition in life all the time – no matter what the circumstances are. Stay away from people who exude negative vibes.

13. Keep that smile on my face. It’s the best face lift one can ever get.

Happy Thursday!


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