Travel Plans Blues

A kid’s 7th birthday party is one of the highlights of a child’s life. Parents really spend time and effort making this milestone memorable and special. I vividly remember how I spent my 7th birthday. I was terribly sick when I turned 7. After my birthday party, I was confined for a couple of days in the hospital due to a viral infection.

It was a bummer of a birthday so I wouldn’t let that happen to DS who’s turning 7 in November. I’m planning a trip away from home for his birthday in the company of very close friends and family. I thought it would be best to have this trip instead of throwing a party because I always believed that the travel experience he can get out of this would be more memorable.

I still have time to save for the trip and at least I’ll have enough for shopping and his toys. I’m sure he’ll enjoy this trip as much as I will. I just hope everything will go according to plan. I can make this happen.


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