A friend of mine sent me an SMS earlier about dropping by tomorrow to deliver some new stuff for me to use. My oh my! I can’t wait. I so love getting gifts and trying out new stuff!

I’ll let you in on what it is when I get the stuff tomorrow 🙂

Friday Fill-Ins #180

1. Resting feels great.

2. The solution is to take my meds and rest.

3. My meds made me fall asleep.

4. How about sending me some comfort food?

5. Watching Glee is something I highly recommend!

6. Imagine if there’s not frozen yogurt.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to more resting time, tomorrow my plans include nothing planned yet and Sunday, I want to hopefully be able to eat some decent meal after I’ve bounced back from the bug!

Sick on a weekend

I am indeed having a blast this weekend – a blast from the flu bug that caught up with me and a very bad case of acute exudative tonsillopharyngitis (read: very, very bad sore throat).

During the latter part of my shift last Wednesday, I felt that something bad was coming up. I was coughing and my throat was sore. I was already feverish by the time I got home and was in bed by 6pm. I woke up in the middle of night having chills, my neck all swollen and I was nursing a 39-degree fever. Add to that, I was once again voiceless. I wanted to go to work but I got a good sermon from my father upon attempting to take a bath and prepare for work. I slept the whole day yesterday since that time, waking up just to drink my medications for a full meal that I had. This was the crappiest I’ve been for the longest time.

Today, I woke up at 3am feeling not as crappy the past 2 days. I’m breathing better and my neck/throat swelling has subsided a bit. I still can’t speak well though. I have some things lined up to do today but I don’t think I can do everything in one go. The bed still calls upon me and my body is still dying to get some rest.

My weekend definitely sucks because I’m such a sick big baby but I know that there will be more weekends in store for me where I’ll feel much better and not under the weather.

Mid-Week Blues

The past couple of days have been quite a surprise to me because I find myself in bed by 9pm. For the longest time, this has been a dream. Dozing off while everybody else in the household is wide awake doing their thing has been a dream for quite some time now. My body has finally conquered and learned the art of sleeping.

But then again, today’s another different story. I was in bed by 9 last night and was wide awake at 2am. For the love of me – AWAKE AT 2AM and I have to be working 4 hours later!!!

Since it will just be a waste of time to try and go back to bed, I decided to work on some personal projects of mine. Projects that have been gathering dust on my desk. Somehow, I got my creative juices flowing and got some work done – including this post. Strangely, it has been a while since I worked during this ungodly hours of the morning. Normally, I would just find myself playing games on Facebook or watching TV to pass time until I drop and fall asleep. What happened was actually a good thing.

This week started out pretty bad for me just like last week and I woke up feeling all sad and blue. But right now, I think I’ll be fine. I’ll have to condition myself to be fine for the rest of the week.

And of course, being in bed by 9pm is probably one of the best things I’ve accomplished this week. For someone who’s not been sleeping good lately, this is one feat I’m proud of.

That’s My Answer

Do you think clowns are scary?
** Sometimes I think I do. I think they have this tendency to scare people – the white thingy on their faces, the weird looking makeup – recipes for disaster especially for children. But I do think, too, that they do make people laugh. I am actually impressed by the fact that they can still perform and make other people happy when there are times that they are hurting inside. How do they do it? Being able to laugh is one of the best wrinkle treatments ever made and probably the cheapest too. Aren’t you glad clowns can make us laugh?

Do you work with a financial planner?
** I would like to but probably not at this time. Financial planners cost money and from where I live, financial planners are only for the wealthy and I’m definitely not that. LOL!

What is the most vivid memory you have and why do you think you remember it?
** I have so many of these memories that are vividly running in my head. I remember it because they’re worth remembering.

Sunday Stealing: Another Question Meme

Today we ripped this meme off a blogger named Garamond Bophin at the blog Garamond Bophin’s Journal. He states that he took it from Sally Maria. But, it was probably stolen there as well. So, of course, that will be as far as we go.

1. It’s 2AM and you are not home. You are more than likely:
** With friends having a blast chatting and catching up

2. What’s the last thing you spent more than $100 on?
** Shoes

3. What do your bank checks look like?
** I don’t have bank checks anymore.

4. Where did the shirt you are currently wearing come from?
** This was sent by my best friend, Pam.

5. Name something that will be on your Christmas wish list:
** A Macbook Pro (probably)

6. What color is your toothbrush?
** Light green

7. Name something you collect and tell us about it.
** I’m a pack rat so I collect a lot of stuff. Right now I’m into collecting DVDs and sunglasses.

8. Last restaurant you ate at. Who were you with? How was it?
** Sushi-Ya, with my Dad. It was okay 🙂 Japanese food is the best!

9. Who was the last person you bought a birthday card for?
** None

10. What is your worst bad habit?
** Nailbiting

11. Name a magazine you subscribe to?
** YES Magazine

12. Your favorite pizza toppings?
** Mozzarella and pepperoni

13. Whose number were you looking up the last time you used a phone book?
** A colleague’s number

14. Other than family, who is the person that you love most?
** My best friend.

15. What is the last thing you cooked?
** Rice

16. Name something you wouldn’t want to buy used?
** Clothes

17. Which shoe do you put on first?
** The right one

18. What is the last thing you remember losing?
** My mind…LOL!

19. What is the ugliest piece of furniture in your house?
** My desktop table

20. Last thing you bought and ended up returning?
** None.

21. What perfume/cologne do you wear? If none, why?
** Versace Bright Crystal

22. Your favorite board game?
** Scrabble

23. What was the last board game you played?
** None.

24. Where did your vehicle come from?
** Hard-earned money

25. If a movie was made about your life what would the theme song be?
** This is a tough one…I have nothing in mind at the moment.

26. You’re sad, who can cheer you up easily?
** My son.

27. What was the color of the bridesmaid dresses of the last wedding you went to?
** I can’t remember the last wedding I went to.

28. What house cleaning chore do you hate to do the most?
** Bathroom cleaning

29. What is your favorite way to eat chicken?
** Fried

30. It is your birthday. You hope the cake is?
** Mocha cake!