And China’s will was done

I woke up early this morning so I could catch and monitor the news about the 3 Filipinos who are going to be executed in China today.

Mornings@ANC had, as one of their guests, a former ABC Beijing chief correspondent and he gave very interesting insights about how the Chinese implement their laws and court decisions.

This afternoon, I caught the Ordinario family press con in the news and I was dismayed with the things I heard. I think it’s unfair for Sol Ordinario to say that the government didn’t do its best to save the lives of her sister and the two others who were executed. I’m sure the Chinese High Court dealt with the issue properly and according to what their laws are. Why does one have to use poverty as a reason for them not to be given all the help they deserve? For me, it’s very clear that everything was done. China just has the balls to stand up and implement their laws to anyone who are found violating them. I admire China for that. Let’s all learn from this. Dura lex sed lex. The law is harsh but it is the law.

Don’t get me wrong. I grieve and pray that the families will be healed in time. There are no words to console them who lost their loved ones. This is a big lesson for all of us. I just hope that the government will be able to address issues facing our OFWs and for our judiciary, may you be able to uphold all our laws no matter who the accused is.

Let what happened to the 3 Filipinos in China serve as a challenge to ALL our lawmakers and government officials to create laws that will enhance whatever benefits our OFWs have and protect them whenever they are outside our country. This is also a great opportunity for our airport and immigration officials to look into their current screening process to protect our country and our citizens from falling prey to these drug syndicates.

I pray that we will all be healed from this incident.

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Another motorcycle encounter

Before I got figured in my recent accident, a motorcycle hit my car’s side mirror on my way to work one night, in the middle of standstill traffic. What’s worse was the fact that he was even the one who had the guts to do the dirty finger on me when he was the one who squeezed in his bike despite the lack of road space for it.

Situations like that are normal in Metro Manila streets. There’s never a day when you wouldn’t hear of an accident involving motorcycles. From their deliberate non-wearing of riding helmets
to drunk driving and racing with trucks – accidents involving motorcycles are already part of our daily lives. And seriously, no matter how many times the motorcycle-riding public is reminded to follow safety and driving rules, I just don’t get it why they are constantly ignored.

Having said that, I just hope that I won’t have another encounter with a disrespectful motorcycle driver in the very near future.

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Let’s Help Our Dancers

I am reposting this so I can help spread the word. Please feel free to repost. Thank you!

*Do you know any Fil-Ams in Boston, Massachusetts who can provide free accommodations (and ground transport) for them?

*Do you know any Fil-Ams in Boston who can let them do rehearsals in a warm dance studio?

*Do you know anyone from any airline who can sponsor their airfare?
We have Pacquiao and Azkals for sports, but we also excel in the performing arts, let's do it!
Please forward this to all your benevolent and financially-capable-of-helping-out friends in the Philippines and in America (especially Boston).
Hurry! they don't have much time left! if they don't get the money, they won't be able to go! and no one will represent the Philippines in the competition!
E-mail Address:                       
Contact Nos.:0917-348-83-13 or 832-36-89
March 26, 2011

Dear Sir/Madam:
Good day! The Philippines is a very good source of talent when it comes to performing arts. Our singers, actors, and dancers are well-loved and respected around the world for their quality performances. Nevertheless, despite the efforts put in by our performing artists, the Philippines is still striving to keep the country's name afloat in the performing arts map.
To keep this spirit going, the undersigned dancers applied to the 1st Boston International Ballet Competition. We were then preselected from the video elimination round and will continue on in Boston, Massachusetts on May 12-16, 2011. It would be a good way to showcase the artists molded by our country.
However, since most of us dancers are only dependent on our meager salaries, we would like to count on your generosity by helping us with the attendant cost of said competition.
Last year, through the help of benevolent people like you, two of our Filipino dancers garnered recognition in the prestigious USA International Ballet Competition at Jackson, Mississippi. They were able to raise the name of the Philippines in the dance map. Candice Adea was the Silver Medalist while Jean Marc Cordero, the first Filipino male to compete in USAIBC, was a Semi-finalist. This year, we are adding two more dancers to the delegation: Cyril Fallar (1st Place Winner, NAMCYA Ballet Competition) and Philip Rocamora (3rd Place Winner, NAMCYA Ballet Competition.) Considering the level of competition, we will need the guidance of our very own Victor Ursabia, who will serve as our official coach.
We are currently trying to raise 13,200 USD. For your reference, below is the estimated breakdown of the projected expenses. 
Plane fare (round trip) to Boston, Massachusetts 1,800 USD x 5 persons = 9,000 USD
Accommodation 70 USD x 7 days x 5 persons 2,450 USD
Food and Transportation Allowance 50 USD x 7 days x 5 persons 1,750 USD
TOTAL 13,200 USD
We would forever be grateful for your help and that we would strengthen our resolve to do our best to win this competition and make the Philippines proud. Moreover, we will also make it a point to share our experiences and knowledge learned in the competition to fellow Filipino dancers to keep the spirit of excellence and distinction alive.
We are looking forward to partner with you in this endeavor. Thank you very much.
Truly yours,
Candice Adea
Silver Medalist, USAIBC Competition 2010    
Jean Marc Cordero
Semi-Finalist, USAIBC Competition 2010                    
Cyril Fallar
1st place Winner, NAMCYA Ballet Competition 2010

Philip Rocamora                                             3rd Place Winner, NAMCYA Ballet Competition 2007 and 2010                          
Victor Ursabia
Official Coach
Contact Information
E-mail Address:                       
Contact Nos.:0917-348-83-13 or 832-36-89

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Trying Times

It's been a while since you've heard from me. So many things have happened since January 20th until today. This would probably be a long post so brace yourselves.

It has been an interesting and challenging first quarter for me. Probably a lot more bad than the good stuff but I still consider them as blessings and learning experiences.

In good faith, I and some batchmates helped out an old high school classmate who turned out to be the best fraudster in the world. This story deserves a separate blog entry though.

I was so excited when February came because of the Indonesia getaway that has been in the works for the longest time. Thinking of seeing my brother, my sister-in-law, my nephew and nieces; the prospects of meeting new friends and catching up with the old ones; the Yogyakarta exploration; and spending Valentine's Day weekend in Bali made this trip worth looking forward to. But God had other plans though. The trip got cancelled all together the week before it was supposed to happen due to unforeseen circumstances. Probably Indonesia isn't part of God's plan for me this year.

Funny though, the Indonesia trip was re-routed to Iloilo. It was an unplanned trip for a sad reason. The father of a dear friend died and I wanted to be there for him during those hard times. I traveled alone to an unknown land but it became one of my best travel experiences ever. I will be sparing a blog post for that memorable trip soon.

A week after that Iloilo trip, a bad asthma attack made me spend Valentine's Day weekend at the hospital. So much for even a single lady's night out on V-day!

After that, I thought things were gonna be much better for me but shortly after March began, I got figured in an accident at my own home. I slipped and hit my back and head very hard. Luckily, I didn't have any fracture but the accident strained my neck, shoulder and lower back areas badly. I've been undergoing physical therapy sessions as my left arm and hand were numbed by the accident and I've been wearing a neck collar since then. I'm hoping to be well soon enough to go back to work and be able to go back to my normal routine.

Depressed? May be a bit. But it won't be enough to knock me out. I'm surrounded by the most wonderful friends one can have and my family's been there for me no matter how grumpy I become. I know that this is just a phase – a test that I have to go through in life. I'll make it through these trying times.

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Mushy Music and Memories

I had a bad fall yesterday morning. I hit my back and head so hard that for a moment there I thought I blacked out. Luckily, I’m still here writing this piece. And as they say, there’s always a reason for everything.

And because I was advised to get at least 2 days of complete bed rest, I have been struggling to keep my sanity intact. I kept on thinking of something productive that I can do while I follow the advice of the ER doctor. Then it hit me to play some mushy music from my iTunes playlist while I do that.

I know how I can be so affected just by hearing one song that I have associated with a certain person or event from the past. Hearing these songs become instant triggers for me to remember the joys and pains of my life. These emotions and feelings from the past remind me of my vulnerability and weaknesses. They remind me of how my lapses in judgement, my slips, my indecisiveness, my ignorance and even my stupidity brought about the person that I am right now and the circumstances I’m in at the moment. After which, catharsis sets in.

And after all the mushy songs have been played and the feelings have been felt again, I assure myself that nobody will hurt me that much ever again.