And I Was Hit

As you claimed, I provoked you last night. I pushed you to your limit – over street directions again. I admit, I may have said things wrongly but your reaction was different and unexpected.

How I wish I didn’t see it but I did.

The flashback of my past appeared right before my very eyes – you’re only taller in height and bigger in size. Everything else was the same – the fear that I felt, the emotions and thoughts that ran through my heart and head. You, the one I love, personally brought back the memories of a bitter past. Something unexpected of you to do, especially on the night before our anniversary.

Are you really worth everything I’m going through? Are you really worthy of the love that I said will be given to that man who will love me back unconditionally?

Last night made me re-think about you – everything about you and us.

And this made me wonder in fear, when will you hit me next?


The Sign

I have always believed in asking for signs about things I have in mind. But there are just some that I intentionally disregard – not because I don’t want to believe them but because I would rather see if there would still be others that would come. 

Early this morning, one sign hit me unexpectedly. One that I should not think deeply about its meaning anymore. One that brought back too many memories of my ghostly past. One that I should not disregard at all.

I woke up this morning telling myself: “You know what to do. Heed the sign!”

Take the step – that first bold step! Now!