Eye Opener

I thought that you were excited to see me because we haven’t seen each other for days already.

And then I thought I could handle your hot-headedness and it was only because I had to stay a little bit longer for a family member’s birthday, with which there was a standing invitation for you to come, simply because, you are considered as family already.

Tonight was no different from the nights that we were having our usual fights but it was an eye opener for me.

You hit me again and there I was – with a blood clot on my eye.

Once again, tonight, my eyes were opened to the fact that I am a nobody to you. It hurts so bad. But that’s the truth.


An Ordinary Day

I thought my birthday this year would be different and special.

I tried to make it as that but I failed.

I thought you were going to make up for what you did last year. But you have just proven to me how consistent  you are in making me feel unimportant and unloved.

Yes, the birthday that I had was just an ordinary day. And just like any ordinary day in our lives, you never fail to make me cry.

And so the big question is: Why? Why am I allowing you to treat me this way?

Love can just sometimes make a smart person dumb.

Happy 37th to me!


And Then There Was P-Noy

After weeks of working long gruelling hours, my boss’s project has formally been launched, with no less than H.E. President Benigno S. Aquino III as the Guest of Honor.

First time to go to Tarlac, first time to get flagged by NLEX traffic enforcers because of a busted tail light (that I didn’t even notice before I left), first time to see the President in person. Not bad for someone like me, an ordinary citizen of the Republic of the Philippines.


And here’s part of the team that made it all possible:

Good job to all of us!