Mom’s Birthday

2013-01-30 17.28.25

It has been years since we last celebrated my Mom’s birthday as a family. And it has also been years since we last had a family picture taken. She is already US-based so it’s now a very rare opportunity for us to have a get together.

Since it’s Mom’s birthday, we decided to have a family photo taken. We’re all older now but family never grows old anyway. Too bad we weren’t complete but at least this would do.

Although we do not have a relationship I could happily brag about, I’m grateful to her for the life she has given me.

Happy birthday, Mom!


And I Saw You Sad

I wasn’t expecting to see you being eaten by your weakness and your vulnerability. For two nights, over bottles of beer, all we talked about was the fact that you got dumped by the person you have loved after our own romantic episode. I am not used to seeing you that sad and lonely. For the first time, the person I sought strength from before is now seeking strength and “wisdom” from me. Funny how things can really take a 360-degree turn sometimes. I found it weird but I know I must be doing something right for him to come running to me for help.

There are other hopes and wishes running in my head right now after the turn of events, but for now, I will have to set them aside. I don’t want to be selfish and cruel at this point.┬áBut I know you’ll be fine. Hopefully, in time, you’ll be fine.

Happy New Year

2012 sucked for me. Let me leave it at that.

But you definitely made 2013 promising for me. I welcomed 2013 with the hope that I will eventually end up with someone whom I’ll celebrate and watch fireworks with every New Year’s Eve; someone who will hold my hand and assure me that every thing will be all right no matter how bad things are; someone who will accept my quirks and just be proud that I am me because of them; someone who will just stay beside me and say, “You’re the most beautiful person in my eyes!”

Someone like you…

Thank you for starting my 2013 right.