First and Last

I was that gutsy to have said something very personal via SMS.  It’s one that I wouldn’t really do at all.  But I just had to say it and for a change, do something that’s out of the ordinary for me.

And so I did. As I anxiously waited for a reply, a lot of things just went on in my mind. Then there was the reply.

After reading it, I never bothered to delve deeper or maybe ask more questions after that.  Suffice it to say, I was distraught by the answer.  This would be the first and the last time I’ll ever do something like that again.

Yes, I was very much disappointed.  I shouldn’t have done it in the first place.  I shouldn’t have expected.  I felt unwanted and not needed.  And I felt like I was slapped.  And only because I became honest.


Gifts From A Trip

2013-07-27 23.47.11

Thank you for always giving me a little something from your trips.  You just don’t know how much I appreciate them.

2013-07-27 23.34.52

And for never failing to give me a full tummy with your tasty treats.  Did I tell you that I love hopia? Hehehe!

Happy that you’re back home!

A Different Kind of Weekend

Driving from work to the airport was not really a breeze.  Rain was falling like there’s no tomorrow.

But more than that melancholic feel that the rains brought along the way, I knew I was up to something different.  That easily took away everything that I was thinking of during the drive.  Besides, I was very eager to go on a trip that I haven’t had in a very long while.

A trip to Old Manila…

Despite the rains and under an umbrella that could only fit one, we were brought back in time even for just a short while.  Walking under the rain with someone you love is just really sweet!  Seriously, I’m pretty sure a whole lot of other couples would be dying to be under the same circumstances if given the chance.

But more than going back to our rich history and hearing the bits of trivia that you were sharing during the stroll, I had other things in mind.  Not that  I wasn’t interested.  In fact, I very much welcomed the new pieces of information you shared from your recent reads.  It’s just that I also had some recollection of thoughts that I had the last time I was in the same place some 15 years ago.

I was captivated by the place when I first went there 15 years ago.  I found it as one of my perfect places to seek solitude – a place where I could just be myself, think my thoughts out loud and just enjoy the silence.  Although I am from the metro, I knew that it would take some time before I could go back.  So I told myself then that my next visit would and should be with someone close to my heart.

Fast forward to 15 years later, there you were on the phone, telling me that you wanted to go there for a change.

Despite the fact that I screwed up history by associating Darth Vader with one of the statues, the close to an hour stroll under the rain only gave me great memories of a place that I thought would be long gone in my books.  And although I still shun the use of umbrellas, you have made it easier for me to appreciate it now as I will always associate it with being and feeling secured and loved by you.

Thank you for making this weekend different and extra special.  And yes, I’m getting an umbrella soon.ü


A long day at work, pressure on certain things, personal issues that I’m battling with, add to that questions that are haunting me about my own being…

For the first time in my 37 years of existence, I was literally on the verge of crying due to exhaustion.

I felt helpless yet I fought off the tears that welled in my eyes on my way home about midnight.  I really wished Victoria had an auto-drive mode with a speed of 150kph and then she would just throw me out of my seat straight to my bed.  I was really that tired and spent.

And yes,  I was that exhausted and I was alone.

And I just totally wished you were here.

A Rainy Night

As always, he was late.  Almost an hour to be exact.

The coffee maker at one of our favorite coffee spots was busted.  No choice but to have Starbucks instead.  My 5th cup for today.

The rains were pouring hard.  Yet, we decided to walk two blocks to get some of his medicines and just enjoyed the time walking together under one umbrella.  As one who shuns umbrellas, I didn’t know that doing such a thing would actually be something nice.  I really appreciated that.

He’s leaving again tomorrow for business.  It’s going to be a shorter trip but still, I know that he’s not somewhere near.  It’s still a very different feeling knowing that he’s just there somewhere as against him being in a place outside of the metro.  Talk about being clingy?  Not at all.  It’s just feeling weird about it, that’s all.  The rains haven’t stopped but we had to go home for him to get moving with the things that he needed to do before his trip.

I kinda felt guilty having subjected him to a 2-hour traffic on his way home from our coffee night.  I am just glad he got home safe and sound though quite late already.

Work calls, I know.  Just have a safe flight, Honey.  I’ll see you this weekend.

After the Fourth

The sumptuous Hainanese chicken dinner with that yummy tea that I had for the first time…

A movie date with Johnny Depp (sorry, I dozed off again)…

Exchanges and moments along that favorite hangout of ours ’til the wee hours of the morning…

Thank you for all of these…

Thank you for making our 4th month special and memorable…




A Mother’s Birthday

Never mind that my day started out crappy.

Never mind that I’m still sporting a splint on my left hand after that minor bathroom accident yesterday.

Never mind that I have just taken my allergy meds after gorging on seafoods for dinner.

At least, my day was capped having a wonderful time over dinner with my partner and his family to celebrate his Mom’s birthday.

Longer life, a clean bill of health, more happiness and love are my wishes for you.

Thank you for raising wonderful and beautiful children, especially for raising a fine man in the person of your son.

Many happy returns of the day.ü