A virtue I have been able to practice religiously…

But some recent events have made me go into prayer for more.

And I keep telling myself, “Just a few more days and everything will be all right!”

And I just hope and pray that it will be so.

Holiday Date

It wasn’t our usual Sunday.  Since it’s a holiday today, we decided to have coffee and then went on with that unplanned movie date with Tom Hanks last night.  We wouldn’t have to worry about working on a Monday.

Random plans, they just work.  At least I know they do.

And after capping our date night with another round of coffee before heading home, I know that it will be one of those Sundays I would always remember.

Thank you for making my holiday weekend another one for the books.

Double Celebration

It’s been years since our last double celebration.  Too bad, my partner was not with us because he was under the weather after that out of town business trip.  We just had a simple one with the closest friends in the circle last night.  We’ve all aged but our relationships with each other have not changed a single bit.  If it did, we just became closer.

Happy birthday again to me and my brother.  Thank you for the gifts of friendship and family.

An Open Letter to a Birthday Boy

Dearest Gian,

Thank you for making my life more liveable.  Thank you for being the brother who’s always there to protect me no matter what.  We do not always connect the way we should as siblings but know that I will always be here for you no matter what.

On your 28th birthday, I only wish

… That you may be the best father you can be to Cai and Timmy.  May you be their pillar of strength just like how Papa is to all of us.

… That you will be able to pursue your dreams and be happy about the results.

… That you continue to be strong-willed, faithful, loyal and loving to your partner.

… That you will always be happy with the decisions you make in your life.

Know that I will always be there for you no matter what.

Happy birthday!

The Day After

I don’t like it when people leave.  Not that I have separation anxiety but somehow, it makes me uneasy knowing that one is far away and I feel like my comfort zone’s nowhere to be found.

I know it will only be just a couple of days.  You will be back soon.

Safe travels, my dearest!  Be home soon!

Birthday Wish Came True

2013-10-23 07.38.04

For the first time in years, I celebrated my birthday with a really huge smile on my face despite the adversities I’m facing.

I’d like to express my sincerest gratitude to everyone who remembered me on this special day.  I may not have replied right away to phone calls, text messages and other forms of greetings but definitely, I appreciate all of them and will try to acknowledge them soon.

To Papa, thank you for starting my day right with that early morning phone call and of course the birthday gift you gave me. 

To my friends and colleagues at work, thank you for the birthday cake and cupcake ü

To all my family members who remembered, it’s always nice hearing from you.

To my closest friends, here and abroad, for never failing to remember me on this special day every single year, thank you for the text messages, phone calls and e-mails.

And to my loving partner who fulfilled my birthday wish, thank you for making my birthday extra special.  Who would’ve thought that birthday wishes really do come true?ü

I have really been truly blessed this year.  And as the rains poured, like it does every single year on my birthday, thank you, Lord, for another year and praying for more blessings along the way.

Special thanks to my good friend, Chelo, for the photo above.  It was one of the cutest gifts I’ve ever received.