Random Morning Thought 3

There are things that are probably just meant to happen only once that’s why they always say that you have to savor the moment while it’s there and while it lasts.

And when you go back to recall every bit of detail of those moments – how it started, the feelings and thoughts that went with it – sometimes you can’t help but fervently wish they happen again, if only to re-live the wonderful feelings it gave you the first time.

And then you’ll realize that they are now just memories because they are simply meant to be as such.

The Accident

Just minutes before reaching home, shortly before midnight, I got rear-ended by an intoxicated driver without license.

And for what seemed like a plan, he and his also intoxicated companion sped off, right past the noses of authorities who “came to my rescue.”

It was one of the longest nights I had to endure.  No one would ever want to be in such a situation.  I wouldn’t wish for such a thing to happen to anyone.

For a week, I will be enduring the pain brought about by the collision and my neck will be supported by a collar after sustaining another whiplash injury.

This isn’t a good way to start the weekend but I know that for whatever it’s worth, this is part of a plan for me.

Accidents happen but I know they have a purpose.  And I think, yeah, I was able to see one.

Get well soon to me.

Random Morning Thought 2

I did not lower my standards.  I just learned not to expect too much from anyone or anything.  This made me more grounded to reality and certain truths about life.

Having said that, now I know there are really only a handful of people who are able to look beyond what they see and truly accepts the real me.  I’m okay with that because even with those handful, I know I’ll be just fine.