The Concert

I have been looking forward to last night for the past fortnight and all I wanted was for it to be memorable and special.

It was indeed memorable but not special though.

I remember more than a year ago that our first major spat happened at our first concert together.  It was also something that we were looking forward to and was excited about.

I’m sorry to have ruined your night.  You did the same too.  And though that didn’t stop me from enjoying the great music last night, I must admit that it was half-hearted.  My spirit was dampened.

And maybe you’re right.  Concerts are not for us.  Two out of two.  That’s a pretty good streak for a bad record.  But maybe in time, it won’t be that way anymore.

I am not one who would flare up just like that.  But there’s a plainly good reason for me to have done so.  And I can only hope that one day, some day soon, you will be able to understand and see where I was coming from.

For now, I’ll let you be.