Our 18th

I could only sigh as today should have been celebrated.  I am one happy gal having you in my life.  And one and a half years with you is another milestone for us to be jubilant about.

For whatever it’s worth, you are in my thoughts – whatever you may be doing, whatever you may be thinking.  And if you are thinking about me or us, I’m already happy with that – even though we’re not talking.

I can only wish that things would be easy for us.  That this is just a rough time we’re going through.  Talk to me soon.  I need to hear from you.


Walking Out Of It All

I made an honest mistake.  I apologized.  But it was not enough.

You left me dumbfounded in the middle of a rainy night.

You walked out.

And I guess that was the best thing you thought you could do.

And I can only sigh in disbelief.