Random Thoughts: Decisions

Realizations come when you least expect them.  For some these may happen in an instant, for others, it takes time.  Either way, we come to certain conclusions after they have set in.

When things deviate from their usual, we hardly ever want to accept it.  More often than not, we justify with all means possible the reasons why they happened.  But we know to ourselves that most of these things don’t just happen overnight.  They are brought about by series of unfortunate events that led things to these changes we don’t want to see, more so, accept.  

The fact remains that things have changed.  It’s just sad that maybe it was not for the better or they are not what we wanted them to be for us.  Then decisions will have to be made.  That is actually more difficult than accepting the changes we are faced with.

It is never easy to make decisions that will eventually make everyone happy.  Eventually maybe or anytime soon it will, but not at the present moment.  We will get hurt and it will take some time before we settle into the outcome of these decisions.  Sometimes, all we need to do is make the decision, then see what the outcome will be. 

And all we can ever do is wait….