Bad News

So, there I was, standing and staring right at my MRI results.

“This is not good.  See this?  That’s a big tear on your knee.  You need to undergo surgery at the soonest time possible.”

Dumbfounded.  Speechless.

I’m off to a cardiac clearance on Monday.  And yes, I will have to undergo this surgery to save whatever’s left of my knee.

This was more surprising than my partner’s outburst this evening.  I can only pray for courage to undergo the knife more than anything else.


To Mama…On Her Birthday

It’s an open fact that Mama and I do not have that kind of mother-daughter relationship that we can boast of.  We dislike each other to the point of not wanting to see each other.  However, my Mom will always be my Mom.  I owe her my life and I will be forever grateful to her for that.  We bash each other and I guess that’s what makes our relationship unique and special.  I have to say that her strong personality has rubbed on me throughout the years, without me knowing it.  That makes me a lot like her in that area.  And I am proud that she made me that.  

To the one who taught me how to write legibly, to the one who has been my vocal coach and the stage mother in every singing contest that I joined (though she does not know how to sing), to the one whose eyes my only son was able to get, to the one who always knew what’s best for us, I can only pray and wish for a longer life and better health for you.  We may not be the perfect mother-daughter tandem there is the world but one thing is for sure, you are and will be the only mother that I have and I will be forever your daughter who loves and cares for you though you feel that I sometimes don’t.

Happy, happy birthday, Mama! I love you!

My Encounter With Pope Francis

In my solitude, I took part in seeing Pope Francis on TV and have heard and listened to his messages for us on hope, love, mercy and compassion.

As I listened intently to his homilies and read the transcripts online, I couldn’t help but cry my heart out once again and lifted up all my burdens to the Lord.  Pope Francis spoke to me through these messages that are just so timely and have touched me in more ways than one.  Pope Francis has encouraged me to humbly admit to my being human – that I could cry to cleanse my soul, that I deserve mercy and compassion just like everyone else.  And that we should give the same to those who need it.

It was a personal decision not to subject myself to the physical challenges to see the Pope.  And I know it won’t make me less lovable in the eyes of God.  I took these days off for a recollection and a retreat of sorts.  It was well worth it.  

My admiration and pride go out to my fellow Filipinos who braved these challenges so as to take part in this spiritual journey.  Hats off to all of you.

And with this, I pray for all of us that after Pope Francis’ visit, his messages and words won’t remain just that.  If we start living the word of God spoken to us through Pope Francis, I would like to believe that we will all get to improve our attitudes towards our fellowmen and our own lives.  We will be of service to others guided by our faith and always with God’s grace.  We will all be the missionaries of light not just to our country but also to the whole world.

Meet My New Baby

After almost 18 years of waiting, Victoria became a big sister to the newest baby of my family. I’m pretty sure we’ll make so many memories together just like what I have with your big sister.

Welcome to my world, Ross! Be a good boy, okay?

And how could I forget to thank a very good friend for helping me get Ross and for bringing Victoria home tonight.