There are places you’ll have to go back to, not because they are great places to be in but because of the memories you have with them.  

You live with the pain, you live with the memories. You have to deal with them in any way you can. These places may change but they will never be lost. These places will always have a mark in your life. At one point in the future, you will pass by them by chance or by choice. The feelings you felt in those places may go back. You may cry. You may feel angry and pained. That’s okay. But after that, you just have to head to another direction because the reality of it all is that, you have already taken different paths when it all ended.

Good or bad, the memories you have of these places will be relived in your thoughts and you cannot fight it. But if only to relieve you of the pain of a love that once was in those places, you will have to pass that way again to be able to move forward and go on with your life in another direction.

Some day soon, when you go back to these places, you will feel different about it. It will definitely be all nostalgic and sentimental but, hopefully, in time, it won’t hurt as much anymore.