109 Days

It’s been that long.  And how time flew between us.

Today was supposed to be our third year together.  It did not happen though.

I may have felt a little sad today but it’s only because today reminded me that there never was never a March 15th that I did not cry over us.

Everything’s falling into its proper place now.  The tears have stopped falling a long time ago.  I wouldn’t have to cry over you anymore.

109 days and counting towards a happier and a better me.  No regrets on that one.



I was lost for a while.  But I found my way.  I found myself.”

~ Adie Valiente, The Love Affair

Our Forever

Tonight is one of those nights that I went back and re-read some messages from the past – when everything seemed true and sincere, at least that was how I felt about it.

5 days into what could have been our third year together, I, once again, went nostalgic.

I could only smile back on those days.  For a moment, I once again felt the love that at some point connected our souls, our beings.

But then again, I have put that behind me now.  Besides, I know that I am now the only one feeling that.  And it has been that way, probably, for the longest time.  I was so engrossed in the feeling that he slipped away.

Yes, he slipped away without me clearly noticing it.  And that would remain to be such.

That would be our forever.