“There will come a time in her life when she will realize that you were not meant to be a part of her life. This is the time when she will stop waiting for you to come back to her. She will stop waiting for you to call her and spend time with her. She will stop waiting to hear your explanations and your excuses because she will finally realize that you are not worth her precious time. She will cry, she will endure the pain deep in her heart and she will carry her wounded soul away from you. She will gradually move on and seek new love. And when she finds her true love she will never even remember the pain you gave her.”

~ Aarti Khurana


On Being Broken

Someone once told me that I am too broken as a person due to the things that happened to me in the past.  I disagreed.

Yes, I may have been broken too many times.  But it just made me a stronger and a more resilient person.  Being broken didn’t discourage me from continuing to love other people despite the fact that I know that I might get hurt over and over again.

My brokenness taught me a lot of things.  It may not be too evident that I learned but I keep those lessons close to my heart.  They serve as my signs so I would know what to do next.

Being broken doesn’t mean that I haven’t healed.  I have.  But the scars will always be there and I consider them as “badges” of my being.  I wouldn’t be who I am now if not for those experiences. 

I would like to share with you an article I read about broken people. And I agree to everything written here.  I hope that this would somehow clarify and correct notions about people like me.  

12 Reasons Why People Who Have Been Broken Bond Better Than Anyone Else

Being broken is still great after all.

The Family Test

IMG_2889Our family would like to thank everyone who reached out and prayed for Papa’s speedy recovery.  There may have been some kind of confusion regarding what happened to him so to set the record straight, we were at the hospital for 10 days as Papa suffered an ischemic stroke.   Luckily and because Our Lord has been protecting him, he only suffered numbness of his left limbs that needed rehabilitation and therapy during his stay.  He still looks handsome as he is!  Hehehe! The same will continue for the next few weeks as we do our best to have him go back to his usual routine, hopefully, after a month.

We appreciate and are very grateful for all the messages of concern, thoughts and sincere prayers from everyone who cares for him and loves him. To the people who took the time out of their very busy schedules to cheer him up and show their support and concern for him, we are grateful!!  Special mention is given to the management, his co-professors, and staff of the Arellano University School of Law for never failing to check up on him every once in a while and so much more.

To all of his students, thank you for showing your love and concern for your Tatay.  We are overwhelmed with delight.  He is doing better now and you will see him in the campus soon.  As I know you all wanted to see how he was doing, I would like to apologize if we restricted visitors, especially in large groups, as we wanted to maximize his recuperating period at the hospital.

To the medical staff of the Acute Stroke Unit of St. Luke’s Medical Center Global City, thank you for taking very good care of our Papa.  Thank you for your patience, understanding and hard work for him to get better every single day that he was there.

Again, thank you to everyone who prayed with us.  We are truly and forever grateful to the Lord that he’s now home!

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