When Life Tries You

Life has its way of pulling surprises. You go by your usual days, your normal routines, and then one day, things go 180 degrees when you least expect it.

Life begins to throw you challenges, one after the other, that change all the days and routines that you know. Then you feel that you’ve started to lose grip of the life that you’ve come to embrace. You start counting the days of how bad life has turned out to be. You lose sight of the beauty of life and things that we should be grateful about. You lose hope that these will pass. And you feel that it’s never going to end.

But the bleak times also pass. We start to have new routines and days and start living life again with it. There will always be a reason to smile and be grateful about the life that we have. And you realize that the challenges will only make us a stronger and, hopefully, a better person out of us.